C-stars Li Chen and Fan Bing Bing Announce End of Engagement and Break Up

Bad news either comes in pairs, or everyone in Asian entertainment is about to drop what would be big news but suddenly seems small thanks to the shocker of all shocker divorce announcement from K-ent this week. On the heels of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo getting divorced after less than 2 years of marriage, over in C-ent engaged for three years couple Li Chen and Fan Bing Bing announced together in concurrent SNS posts that they are broke up. Not engaged anymore and not together anymore. Their messages were very sweet though, totally planned together from the way it was in sync, talking about their friendship and how they will continue to support each other and thanking each other for the time together. Both ended with “we are not us anymore, but we are still us.” Basically they are not romantically involved anymore but still care about each other. Whatever went down, wishing each happiness in the future.


C-stars Li Chen and Fan Bing Bing Announce End of Engagement and Break Up — 13 Comments

  1. Any Korean or Chinese celeb needs to use this time to release any negative news while Asian tabloids are focused on the demise of the Song Song couple.

    • I agree. If any of Chinese/Korean celebrity couples need to announce their break up now – this is the best time. It will distract the attention away from themselves. Best wish to both couples.

    • This is so accurate, the SongSong divorce news is so huge it’s burying even the YG/Seungri scandals.

      Which is absurd, it’s just a short-lived marriage vs possibly the biggest scandal k-ent has ever seen involving actual criminal activity!

  2. Honestly, good for them for ending amicably at least to the public. SHK is getting raked over the coals in SK. Just goes to show how misogynistic South Korean culture is still. I heard SJK’s mom didn’t approve of her for being older. Talk about life imitating art with Encounter.

    • Divorces will always attract way more attention than the mere ending of a relationship. You do realize that there are cheating rumors surrounding her as well, right (lol @ life imitating Encounter)? I would wait until the facts come out before anointing SHK the poor victim of evil Korean society. Christ, if ever a word has lost its meaning, it’s misogyny!

      • You cant deny that SK culture is very sexist. Look at all the shit Sulli is getting or people calling Hyuna a predator for dating someone younger. Why does it offend your koreaboo heart?

  3. Like I said, I suspect that they have been broken up for a very long time. I hope that FBB still has a chance at a good marriage in the future if that is something she still want for herself. We all know that public break ups hurt women more.

  4. I read that they were planning to get married last year but because FBB was hit with the tax evasion scandal it didn’t happen. Can’t help but wonder if it didn’t happen would they be married? And also would they be happy? & Could this have turned into divorce news? But I’m glad that it was amicable and that they are still friends.

  5. It almost seems like she helped him to who he is now, but when she’s down to her lowest, he fled. On the otherhand, it could be true love, and she wanted the breakup because she doesn’t want him to be associated with her issue.

    Whatever the matter, the marriage is going through thick and thin together. Obviously, they were not meant for marriage.

  6. At least there was happy news over in C-entertainment with marriage of Zhang Ruo Yuo with his longtime sweetheart Tang Yixin. Their marriage photos are gorgeous.

    I guess that’s life, what’s meant to be is meant to be.

    The biggest shock for me, this first half of the year is still Andy Hui cheating on Sammi Cheng.

  7. He wasn’t exactly unknown before dating her. I’d love to see proof of how she helped him to where he is now (which is where, exactly?). Wow – even when a separation is announced respectfully, the man is still blamed. I’m surprised her tax evasion hasn’t been pinned on him yet.

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