Tabloids Say the Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo Split Happened Last Year When He Moved Out of Shared Home in September 2018, Divorce was a Long Time Coming

Now that the cat is out of the bag, everyone can pick their jaws off the ground on the shocking Song-Song couple divorce. Song Joong Ki filed for divorce and asked for court mediation, likely to resolve any open issues, and Song Hye Kyo is claiming personality differences led to the end of their 1 year 8 month marriage. Now the tabloids are on an open season and here’s what is likely true: Song Joong Ki reportedly moved out of the marital last year in September 2018 so the marriage didn’t even last a full year, both have been spotted frequently without their wedding ring since Jan 2019, and around that time Song Hye Kyo deleted all pictures of them from when they were dating from her Instagram.

Here a couple of rumors floating around: the reason for the split is due to Song Joong Ki wanting kids and Song Hye Kyo wanting to focus on her career and not taking time off to have kids, Song Joong Ki cheated on Song Hye Kyo with her coordi assistant, Song Hye Kyo cheated on Song Joong Ki with her Boyfriend costar Park Bo Gum, and Song Joong Ki is now dating his Arthdal Chronicles second female lead Kim Ok Bin. Process these tidbits how you will, and the timing if the couple really split last September would make either dating this year whatevers if you ask me. But overall I’m still so sad about it, silly I know, but I really wanted these two to have their happily ever after. Oh, and reportedly Park Bo Gum is going to take legal action against the rumors that he broke up the marriage.


Tabloids Say the Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo Split Happened Last Year When He Moved Out of Shared Home in September 2018, Divorce was a Long Time Coming — 114 Comments

  1. Well, its clear that these two had a whirlwind romance and when the rainbow colored filters were off and reality kicked in, things went downhill. Love is a starting point but marriages don’t purely last due to love, in fact two people who love each other less but care enough to understand and respect one another have better shot at a lasting marriage and it takes way more effort and consideration for your partner. Good luck to both. Hope they can find their happiness again. Shit happens, that’s life for you.

  2. I have read so many rumors about them not knowing what to believe and what not. I think none of them are involved in cheating. We don’t even knew who wanted child and who didn’t. I guess they couldn’t overcome the difference. Marriage is all about trust, determination, patience and compromise. Seems like both were too headstrong to put the foot down leading to divorce. I hope best for both of them. They both are receiving backlash for their this news. Knetz are roasting shk whereas inetz are critizing sjk. Hope they end this amicably without any mudsling.

    • Meh, shk now will hunting male actors going to eating. Crazy people still support her after sleeping with so many male actor, thats bitch can separate work and real life. Fucking bitch. I thought they enjoyed honeymoon in Kuba lol.

      • Your second last sentence reflects your character. So you think SJK was a virgin before he met SHK? Why direct so much bitterness at SHK? She dated 2 celebs before SJK and you are shaming her for that? Are you only like this to women? Your double standards are appalling. It’s not uncommon for people (including celebs) to date different people to try to find the right person for themselves, you can’t just expect them to just settle with the first one that comes along just for the sake of saving face and please people like you.

      • So what if she slept with all the guys she wanted? It’s none of your business. To measure a person’s value by the number of people they have dated is so petty-minded. We are all much more than the people we date and everyone has different circumstances and go through difficulties that no one else knows. You are insulting someone you don’t know, but I bet you have things for which you could also be judged and condemned, saints do not spend their time insulting in internet forums, they are out there doing good to others.

      • Stop being a troll. Your comments past and present show you’re crazy obsessed with them. You need mental help seriously.

      • Lol you have mental health issues to be so mad at a person who doesn’t even know or care that you exist! LMAO

        What’s wrong with sleeping around? Are you mad she hugged and kissed your oppars while you live a poor life?

      • I agree with Marie. Who cares who you dated in the past. As long as you’re faithful when you get married. Things happen in life. I’m not going to judge anyone. I’m not perfect so who am I to judge.

    • But i still think it was a stupid move for him to took a project that put him and his close friend’s wife as lovers with all those emotionally and physically intimate scenes. Like,bro,no. It’s gross.

      • Its just acting dude, even Lee boyoung boasting lee Jong suk to Ji-Sung, and they’re still ok. And I’m sure PBG already asked permission to SjK. He said it in encounter’s presscon.

  3. The rumor said that both leave their matrimonial home not just one person but both.. This marriage crash was not surprising they both rushed into the marriage,am not trying to side one person but I feel that sjk was into this relationship than shk..the thing about love is the one who loves the most do stupid things when it over,am sure sjk father will tell him I told you he opposed the wedding from the onset

    • Really? I remember those song song obsessed fans used to brags on how happy his parents were to get the goddess shk as their daughter in law that they prepared some kind of sacred room for her in their house? Lol. But then, not surprising since it all came from those fans though

  4. I don’t think either of themcheated but whatever it is I am team Song Hye Kyo. I will continue to support her. I don’t think I can continue to watch arthdal right now I just don’t have the same good will for him but I am sure I will get over it soon.

  5. I don’t think they split because either or both of them cheating. It’s likely because of each selfishness (she wants this, he wants that) and since they married based on momentary feeling, the love just happened to outgrow. Now that they can’t stand each other, they just hope to end things up, hopefully amicably and move on with life which is, IMO a fair thing to do.

  6. I’m not sure to understand SHK. She was the one who said she wanted to marry so if she didn’t want to have a family, the wedding was not useful. They could date longer like Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young.

    Family, cheating…It’s just they were not meant to be together and they did bad choice with the marriage.

  7. I honestly believe that many of these celebrities lack the life skills and maturity to make a go of marriage. Once it happens and the reality sets in and life is no longer just about them egos are threatned and problems start.They are so segregated from normality the expectations and the illusion of how things should be simply have no place in the reality of marriage which is meant to be about loyality, compromise, and giving and putting yourself often behind someone else. If thats difficult for most how difficult is that for them..Thats why most dont work in my opinion. No grounding or empathy for the skills required.

    • And they are constantly surrounded by attractive people and thus have no incentive to work on a relationship beyond the financial.

    • ‘Lack the life skill and maturity’ – wow! what a statement. It’s easy to say something if we are not in the situation. Have you been married or in serious relationship at least, if I may ask? Or Have you experienced being a celebrity and felt the daily pressure they encounter?

      • Its a realistic opinion and fact thats not derived or influenced from a fan point of view. Marriage is not fantasy but reality and reiterate that some celebrities simply dont have the lifeskills or maturity that often requires a selfless commitment for marriage.

    • agree with @Bianca. @MistyEyes – Why do you need to know if other commenters have been married or in a serious relationship? Tell us about yourself first!! This is an open forum. You can agree to disagree. But asking personal questions is inappropriate, intimidating and very rude.

      • Opinion? Is that an opinion? lol.. Btw, I didn’t literally mean to know who and what you are. Sounds like you know nothing about life yet. Ok continue to express your ‘opinion’.. lol.

      • @MistyEyes – Sounds like you wanted to reply to @Bianca. We are different persons you know. You do not even know how to click a reply. Geez. Literally I believe that’s @Bianca legit opinion. Everyone has a life whether you consider it’s knowing or not. You should preach somewhere else instead.

      • It goes to both of you. Preach your “opinion” you say if that makes you happy. See what good you can get out of it. ?

      • What GOOD do YOU get out of it @MistyEyes?? It’s time for YOU to answer your own questions!!! Stop asking as long as you let others talk. LOL!

      • FYI I did not ask questions that require answer. Rhetorics yes… in case you didn’t get them. ?

      • Your rhetorics are rather dumb. No one asks any personal questions FYI here. U better remember ?

      • Sounds like I am talking to a wall. You probably don’t understand why you have butt in the comment and tagging me.

      • @MistyEyes – you are such a hypocrite. On one hand you said “never publicize personal matters”, on the other hand you ask others if they have been married (excusing it as rhetoric). Pointing you out is the least I can do to let others see how pathetic you are.

  8. If the issue was kids – then shame on them cause that’s a conversation any sensible couple should have long before they decided to get married. No one held a gun to their heads forcing them to tie the knot after all. If it’s cheating rumors, then the timing suggests that they were already living separately long before each decided to hook up with someone else. Marriage takes a lot of compromise and sacrifice. If he moved out of their marital home in September, how the heck does he expect them to work out their differences, if they don’t even see each other? Seems like a case of ‘my way or the highway’ to me. And before anyone questions my right to judge the situation. All I can say is that I’m disappointed, that’s all. Yes, it’s their private life and at the end of the day they don’t owe anyone but their close friends and family any explanation about their life choices. But personally, it’s crap like this that made me become quite disgusted with Hollywood, to the point that I stopped following their news or watching American TV shows and movies almost a decade ago. I turned to Korea entertainment because it was supposedly ‘cleaner’ and more scandal free. Now it seems like Korea entertainment is not only becoming more Westernized in their dramas and movies, even their personal lives are following the Hollywood standard of whirlwind marriages and quickie divorces! Who am I kidding? At the end of the day people are people no matter where they are located, after all. I’m just put off by the string of bad news coming from Korean Entertainment, these last two years.

    • You brought up excellent points. Timing is everything. They could’ve been compatible for each other, but they’re probably at different stages in their lives that require contrasting needs and goals. If SJK really did voluntarily move out, it seems like he gave up on saving the marriage. People think this tarnishes SHK’s reputation and future projects. I honestly doubt it.

    • @Adal, i agree with you, a few years ago i began to Watch asian dramas because people seem to be more “cleaner” but i realize that behind social codes, … humans are all the same all over the world . In every culture , country, there are good and bad things. Now i just Watch a drama or a movie if i like it . i Watch a fiction, not the real life of the actors, pd’s ,..

      • That park bo gum is d issue I have . No matter what he shouldn’t have taken a drama dat put him as lovers with his best friends wife…totally uncalled for

      • That is weird that you would think the Entertainment business in any country is clean and pure and everyone is nice. Asian culture definitely have a very conservative view, at least in public and for a network channel it has to be family friendly. Pretty sure most people in Korea or not living in large houses with a room and tv for every person. They probably have one TV in the living room and everyone’s family time is probably spending time watching T.V after dinner. So the program tends to be more family friendly and does not have any Rated R stuff, unless the drama was on a cable channel. Not like in the US where there are always jokes aimed at the adults, such as Family Guy or crazy reality shows shown during prime time.

  9. People should stop spreading lies.. They are going through tough times.. As an avid fan…. I can only wish them well on their separate lives..

  10. For the record: I hated DOTS, but I became a K-drama fan because of Full House and Autumn in my Heart. I loved SJK in Running Man and A Werewolf Boy.

    Even if I really disliked their drama together, I was happy that SHK could finally find somebody to marry. And not just anybody, it was IT-boy SJK, a young, famous man from a good family who was clearly enamored by her. I felt that she got unfairly branded as some sort of “easy” woman for dating her co-stars, so marrying SJK should have been a real blessing.

    This divorce will make it worse for SHK. So despite not wanting to take sides, I want to root for her happiness with all of my heart. Korean women don’t have it easy. SHK, as a celebrity who dated publicly and future divorcée, will have it hard.

    SJK will be treated kindly and will move on without issues.

    May they both recover quickly and be happy.

  11. If he moved out in September then the marriage was already on the rocks almost as soon as it started. I don’t know if anyone cheated but if they did after he moved out then I don’t think it fairly counts as cheating since they were long before seperated. We can only know what might have transpired in hindsight in the future.

    • You’re right. If he moved out so soon, who knows what might have happened between them. I don’t think it would be cheating or issues with having children or not. It just doesn’t make sense that they didn’t talk about children before marrying, or that they started cheating right away after getting married. It feels that people are projecting their prejudices on this couple.
      I know a couple that dated for 15 years and then later their marriage lasted only one year. Sometimes people don’t know each other well until they share a roof. Sometimes people marry because of external pressures and then later suffer to continue, until their unhappiness leads to a divorce…
      I just hope that the divorce won’t affect their reputations, and that they leave Park Bo Gum alone. I would be very angry if they drag Bogummy into this.

  12. i just realized that this former couple likes suprising people. One day they got married despite the countless denial of dating, and then in a span of almost 2 years, they divorced.. just like wtf. haha

  13. People should leave them alone and stop analysing their marriage as if they are marriage it Hollywood or Korea dramas we are all humans,we are talking about their divorce because they are public figure but still they are human,they are feelings, they make mistakes just like normal people..if they think that they were in love an acted on it then,but now they see what marriage is and they can’t continue then fans should let them be stop the rumors and let them continue with lives both should learn from their mistakes and become a better person.. My wish for them is to part in a good way

  14. I agree! Stop analyzing the marriage. You have no idea how infantile people sound choosing teams like team SJK or Team SHK. No one really know what truly happened aside from the two of them and anything being released now is just Publicity and PR strategy.

    No one wins when a family feuds it’s a loss on both parties that a marriage is ending and I’m sure both are heart broken and suffering over it.

    Take each rumor with a grain of salt and just let them resolve it on their own.

    • Probably the most sensible comment in this entire thread. Their divorce has become a public matter (I’m sure YG must be offering up prayers to the gods for distracting so nicely from his agency’s scandals) but ultimately a broken marriage is still something that hurts people. I hope it goes smoothly after this and the Songs can move on.

  15. I can’t believe this all turn out to be ugly. I guess they were never compatible. It started all lovey dovey but once realization hit them it was too hard for them to stand each other. To be honest personality differences can be workout if both are willing to give it a chance. Probably they both gave up on their marriage.
    I really feel sad for them, divorce is not easy thing, i hope both overcome this bad time and find the one for them.

  16. Though I learned to love them as a couple after their marriage. I’ve always thought these two won’t last and something about them don’t clicked. I kept thinking they married not because of true affections but more of how successful they are together during DOTS. More like falling in love with their characters. I don’t know how to properly word it but just hope the best for both. Hopefully the pain will heal and they’ll move on. One door close for another to open.

    • @loveholic I agree with you they fell in love with their characters..not as shk and sjk I watched some of their BTS of dots to me they look like good friends nothing more..anyways I hope both will stop hurting and move on with their lives just like before they got married

    • I completely agree. I didn’t really understand this couple, and it didn’t make much sense to me despite that their fans all wanted them together. So it didn’t really surprise me that they broke up. Wishing them the best, regardless of what caused their divorce.

    • Lol Idk about SHK, but SJK love pretty woman. He has many bias before like son yejin, Shin min ah. He was so clingy with his co-star like Park boyong and song jihyo. Thats why I know why their marriage wont last long. SjK just marry her because his face and his name. He is my ex bias btw

    • I was happy for them and wished them well when they announced they were marrying but I did wonder if their feelings were heightened because of the drama.

      I don’t think even the short amount of time was the issue (Prince Harry and Meghan were also married within ~2 years of starting their relationship, and they seem happy), it’s that they couldn’t be compatible in married life. I wish them well in moving on now.

  17. I don’t find this suprisingly shocking from SJK suddenly out of the blue dropping a bomb on their marriage. He was the one to bragged about everything since their wedding to everyone. Making all kind of promises to the public about how much he love and treasure her. Telling the world how to get advice from CTH how to love his wife. Now he’s out filing divorce on her without her knowing it. Putting out statements as if she truly hurt him and does something wrong. I’m not siding anyone but SJK never come off as someone trustworthy in my eyes. Both are at fault for the flailed marriage but everyone is pointing fingers at SHK only. Not their fan but just my opinion on them.

    • I kinda agree that he was too open with his affection on her and always talked about her during the peak of their romance. In some way, I kind of have a feeling that while his feeling is genuine but she may felt suffocated. When his dad sent her some cheering up when she did her comeback drama last year, bragging about her being his beloved DIL, she never said anything. Probably that scared her off and SJK wasn’t happy that she wasn’t receiving the affection the way he wanted, thus the fall out.

    • You speak my language.He filed for a divorce settlement without prior discussion with her! Is this his plan to put all the blame to her?His look is as pretty as a doll but his heart is as ugly as a beast and his brain is as dumb as a sloth! Is he a man?

      • According to new reports. Her agnensy was planning to release fake rumors about sjk. I guess this explains why he is so angry. Imagine loving the person deeply and only to be betrayed like this. He is wrong to make it public but she isn’t innocent either.

    • Yes I’m surprised at how he’s going about it, I think something close to the truth will eventually come out because he’s not playing it safe like you’d expect.

    • I agree with reports saying that SHK only knew about the divorce when he publicized that he filed the divorce papers. He should have at least let her know first. Then reports of him threatening SHK to not say anything about him or the marriage. How odd. I have been SHK fan first, so I stand on SHK side for now. He really should not have proposed marriage if he only wanted a prize. They could have just say they dated, SHK has so much more to lose than SJK.

      I hope SHK can come out of this victorious and find a much better man than SJK. Song Jong Ki seems to be a jerk after this.

  18. Why do I feel like it’s gonna be SHK and HB at the end off the road. I’m not a shipper or a fan of neither but just seem so obvious. Anyway hope SJK and SHK parted in a good way. Good luck to them.

    • Nah. HB is quite serious with SYJ (I think) While they debunked the dating rumours, the fact that they agreed to star in a drama long before the production to materialize is either to further prove their platonic relationship or to make a legit case of their secret romance. And no, I never shipped them.

    • Lol I’m reading her fans sudden heartbreaking words about SJK right now. I won’t lie I’m a HBSHK shipper before and was sick of SHK fans name shaming HB. Also comparing HB to SJK saying HB is a beast. Everyone makes mistakes and wrong decisions. Now SHK fans are having a taste of their own medicine. I hope the best for SHK and SJK. Marriage life is not easy like in a movie. It takes alot of sacrifice to make thing’s work. I was disappointing that SJK could had settle this in a more perfectional way tho SHK may be at fault because I thought he was a very private person. I was wrong after all.

      • Haha that’s what I noticed too. Now, her fans are starting to tear SJK down. Nothing new coming from them though. Seems like these fans never learn from the past mistakes. Never put a human being on pedestral over others.

      • It is funny that SHG-SJK shippers were bashing HB and now the tables have turned onto SJK. They have a bitter taste of their own medicine now. Hilarious how they sang high praises for SJK being a sincere good man for SHG when their wedding news came out.

      • They started hating him during encounter airing. Now same are praising hb because he didn’t spill the bean. Shk messed up with wrong man this time.

      • Unni is always right and all those men whom she dated were all the bad guys. Unni is a saint that could so no wrong lol. Anyways, one thing I can say is what goes around, comes around. As her fans, try to learn to reflect and who knows, it might earn unni a good karma. Instead of bashing and bullying people left and right like in the past 🙂

  19. Why the media turned this issue into a silly drama , they divorced so it isn’t the end of the world it happened in every family on the earth they didn’t agree with each other so they shouldn’t involve names and point at them as cheaters .
    Why do SJK make this propaganda ??Is it for seeking an attention or is it for gaining sympathy ??
    What if he silently divorced her without his long speech about he is in pain to make SHK to take all the hate and the blame seriously!!
    I am at the side of SHK because I don’t like those types of men acting like a victims of their failure marriage.

    • Well, i mainly a fan of SJK work than SHK, because well, his acting is >> hers. But i’m really dissapointed with him, no matter at fault, a man should not behave like that to a woman. well, maybe he got a good reason for that because until now he known as a level headed person, must be very big to make him behave this extreme. Either that or he was being fake-ass all these years.
      But hey, who cares.
      I just like their acting anyway.
      As long as their bitchiness/asshole level is still within general human ethic realm and their work good then i have no problem.

      • @pampinpum, I agree.. We are just fans, but it doesn’t mean we are being delusional and paint our idol as a perfect the image of them in our heads. We will be dissapoint if we are. I was never painted SJK as a perfect guy like netizen want to believe. When South Korea is so obsessed with image where public accepted them, i won’t 100% trust media paint my idol. But what I know is he is serious about his acting career through his performances and It feels geniune and that’s all I care about. As long as what they do outside their career are still rational and make sense and still human. Still supporting them.

    • I totally agree with you. If he wanted privacy and no speculation, I think they would have published a joint statement.The way he put out the statement makes it clear that he blames her even when he doesn’t give the details. I think people underestimate him in a lot of ways. Remember he announced his marriage to her when he was promoting an important movie. Now, he announces the divorce in the middle of an important drama. His team is hard at work it seems.

  20. I love them both. Mostly i love SHK more. i love all of her dramas only didnt watch one with Hyun Bin. I hate Hyun Bin and Lee Byung Hyun for breaking up with her especially LBH seemed to used her innocence for me. But i know men mostly suffer in silence and women like to tell tales and they even force men to corners and bite and scratch faces of men. Then men make actions back, they call police and all stuff. There are difficult women everywhere and result is most of them are single or broke up. I am not saying all the women. I am a woman too. So at the end, we dont know the reason. So let’s stop and support them if you still love them.

  21. I kinda expect this because from the start there something off with them- like they didnt stand on same ground.
    I’m more a fan of JK’s work than HK’s because well, his acting works are better. But what he did on this made me a bit eeeh, not a gentleman. Maybe he did have a fairly good reason to behave extremely like that cz ke known for being a level headed person. Either that or he really blind us with his charm all these years lol.
    But hey, no one is an angel. As long their bitch/asshole level is still within human ethic realm, and their works still good, i’m content.

  22. Actually, I won’t judge him based on him handling this matter. An Angry human being used to not think irrationally. He is just human. And I’m afan oh him because of his acting, not his good guy image. Him being like this won’t make me stop to become a fan. Who am I to judge him when he is the one who face and feel it?

    I actually rather him being honest about his feeling instead keep it and then he goes insane because of thinking of image both him and Hye Gyo. They are human. Thry can be mad, hurt and at times do stupid think.

    • I agree, If those rumors are true. I do feel bad for him because it was obvious he loved her. I will support him in his career but as a fan I am disappointed how impulsive his behaving.

      • @blazingflame, yess… Personally, I’m dissapoint how he handle this. I won’t take side even if I’m a fan of SJK more until we know the detail more. Other than his statement about pain, which We also can interprete as a civil and honest statement. We don’t hear any other statement from him. So we will see. I don’t trust both side, each of them has the trick to makes public siding them.

  23. Human do change. What so big about the break up. Nowadays people can married and divorce easily, simple just because of the differences.

  24. If it’s over having kids or not, did he think she’s a baby machine and must get pregnant right away? He moved out less than one year after getting married and basically divorced her without discussing with her.

  25. I sensed something was off since last year. I observed that mostly SJK did all the talking about SHK, idolizing her constantly. Watched his tv interviews and fan-meets in China where he often said my gf / wife is so so pretty. Putting her on a pedestal. It’s like he’s in love with SHK as an actress not SHK as an ordinary woman. SJK seemed to emphasise too much on her physical beauty but not so much on her personality or characteristics like resilience, kindness, loyalty, being in sync emotionally, etc. Marriage is already hard enough for normal couples but hundred times more difficult for celebrities. SHK may have extra emotional baggage such as rejection or abandonment issues resulting from her parents’ divorce when she was very young. In some countries, the government recognised that divorce rates are very high so encourages couples to go for pre-marital counselling before they get married with the hope couples can gain some important life skills on how to navigate a marriage. Some organisations offer free marital counselling for a minimum of 12 months so a neutral party of an experienced husband and wife team of counsellors can observe the couple individually and both together in different settings. Hope that both SHK and SJK will move on as a better, stronger and wiser person. Not to let bitterness and resentment to take over. Take it as a life lesson and build better relationships in the future. Take time to heal too emotionally, mentally and physically too.

  26. SJK & KOB seems real.. SJk tries to cover up by filing the divorce 1st. SJk knows SHK’s private & quiet personality that she will not/ shame to expose his wrongdoing. His divorce announcement without prior discussion will force SHK to accept it quietly & voluntarily. As usual SHK will swallow all the blame…i guess

      • Well… Kim Ok Bin is very beautiful woman. Not a downgrade to me. SHK is very beautiful woman, but so is Kim Ok Bin. Might be you stated about their status as a celebrity being different?

        I hope kim Ok Bin is not involve in this mess. She is a good acctress who just happen to build her career and star in a high profile drama.

    • I don’t think so, if jk is the one to blame here she should come out and open. Who will believe her if she didn’t? Apparently those rumors about are planted by shk agency to divert the blame. Also according to korean law a guilty party cannot apply for divorce., i think she was the one who cheated in him. If not why she isn’t giving any statement?She herself is hiding a lot. Sjk is cunning not dumb, he is not a fool to risk his fame if he is the victim here. He could have stay quiet, but he is coming with all the statement. It’s clear that shk is hiding something.

      • Lol you are naive to think she will take all the blame? She is in industry for 2 decade. She knows all the tricks. Seems like she messed up big time.

      • So,rumour about SHK & PBG should be planted by SJK team to fight against rumour about SJK & KBO.PBG openly denied it but KBO remains silent. That means SJK & KBO could be true, SHK team found out and revealed the truth? SJK pretending to be an innocent party to file the divorce? 1st round SJK team won by their 1st surprise attack?

      • @Keys – SJK & PBG belong to the same agency. It makes no sense that an agency would spread rumours against own artists. As desperate as you want to ship SJK & KOB, they are in same drama so KOB cannot make any statement while the drama is still airing.

    • Accept quietly, swallow all the blame??? What drama are you writing?? Lol..this is real life..wake up…no people is that naive…haha..

    • The exact example of my above comment. Lol. As expected from shk’s fan. Unni never do anything wrong in the past 20 years with men. It’s all the men’s problems. It’s only take 1 hand to clap, right? Lol

  27. Keys. Shk agency trying to make rumors about song joong ki and Kim ok bin affairs but most of knetz talking about song hye kyo sponsor in hongkong. Didn’t you know that’s shk and zhang ziyi was close friends??? And most off all top china celebrity having old wealthy tycoon to sponsor them. Back in 2016 there’s a man claims that song hye kyo get sponsored by famous politician in Korea. That’s why song joong ki seems get angry filed divorced with discussed with her. Trully bitch and of course ifans still support and love her. All people in Korea getting angry and blaming her.

    • I wonder is SHK & PBG pairing created by SJK agency to retaliate SHK agency action? To be successful in the entertainment industry, wide networking is a must.Your “sponsorship” might have a hidden meaning, Wealthy & successful entertainers might not need such sponsorship.

      • Sponsorship is the reason how some celebrities remain wealthy and successful all these years despite mediocre acting…

    • @candycane she once sue knetz for spreading this kind of rumor and she won and they were charge to pay a fine of 850 $
      Just search Song hye kyo wins lawsuit and you will see the article in case you are interested.

  28. There are so many people here who are judgmental as if they are relationship experts. Spouting opinions as if they anything, probably didn’t even experience real relationship or know nothing much about life general.

    One thing that other celebs should learn from this couple is to never publicize personal matters. Keep private lives private.

    • I haven’t read all the comments but I agree that things should be kept private where possible. Obviously it’s not 100 percent possible for celebrities but it does look like these two had a severe disagreement.

  29. Both parties have responsibility for a failed marriage.As a public figure,to me the way SJK handle his divorce with SHK ( for whatever reason)is totally unacceptable.
    As a gentleman/ man he should a least protect the woman that he loved before for the very last time. If he is a gentleman, he won’t make such an ambiguous statement protecting himself with no consideration of his ex-lover.
    Furthermore, filing divorce & making announcement without prior notice to ex-lover is really hurt the other party terribly. This is considered 1 form of revenge against his ex-lover. When he said giving warning to silent her, is he declaring war against his ex-lover? This show that he has strategically planned this in advance in order to make his ex-lover a loser. What kind of person he is? His behavior is totally against his good guy image!

  30. imo its kinda clear that during thier divorce process (before either of them filed the divorce), SJK war pissed off when he found out that he had a cheating rumor, which probably his team could trace to SHGs team. Thats why SHG team didnt say anything about the divorce, they arent allowed to retort wits more lies, or else SJK team will disclose what they did (i.e. creating rumor of SJk cheating)

  31. This was a real shock, didn’t expect them to divorce after not even 2 years!

    If he really moved out in September 2018 then the marriage didn’t even last a year. But if either of them dated anyone after that, it’s not really cheating – they might be married on paper but the relationship is already over.

    But I doubt it was cheating that was the reason for the end of their marriage – under Korean law, the cheating party can’t be the one to file for divorce (from what I can see of Hong Sang Soo’s case).

  32. Tax evader just go to your Giant sponsor in China and continue your career there. Song hye kyo house in hongkong article get buried because senior actress found died in hotel. This sponsor rumor not first time for her also lee byung hun help her career, korean politician, and giant sponsor in China.

  33. Shk’s fans really think his unnie is innocent. I can see how int fans taking shk side. I’m sjk fans but I wont said he did the right thing. But still can any of you see how mad he is? Sjk totally not a bad guy someday he Will regret what he did right now. His marriege didnt doing well same with his drama, he purely need someone to support him right now and what shk did just busy posting her Ig, showing to the world that she still doing well, can live happyly without him. She never give any support to Sjk as well, when sjk give his full supported for EC, even his father. I’m not suprised sjk going mad right now, he lost many of his fans and even his CF when he decide to marry shk. And this is what he get.

    • Ok i don’t want to look like a blind fan. I admit sjk is still childsih. He is jealous type, and shk’s image totally not helping him. I can felt he get mad with PBG too, and maybe to blossom. He’s in silince mode when his junior get attacked. This is totally not him, because he always give his full support to PBG. He must be felt betrayed because of encounter. I really hope sjk Will growing up and become a better man. (And I hope PBG apologized to him, because he still his senior, and he is own him many thing)

      • Why does PBG need to apologize to SJK? So you are implying the cheating of PBG and SHK is in fact the truth? I thought you are PBG’s fan.

      • Lolz, I was to ask the same thing, ??,
        It’s just a freaking divorce, it’s not the crime for god sake. Goodness, people all came up with all speculation.
        you are falling into “illusory truth effect” theory when people repeat them so often that you believe them.
        Nobody is innocent, all parties at fault when the marriage fails, nobody is saint.
        However, the way SJK handles the situation could have been better.

      • @candyca I like both. If sjk really mad at him, Its better for him to apologize. PBG need to think about sjk feeling first before he ‘eat’ shk lips.
        @ta this is look like a war for me. Fanwar, I mean.

  34. SHK is not innocent so as SJK. The marriage failed because both are at fault. No one is to be blamed at until the truth is really out. But I’m glad it’s over so both don’t have to bared the pain. It’s best to divorce if there’s no more love. SJK could of have handled this better because I was never a fan of his but like him after marrying SHK. The way he bragged about her with all the compromises he ought to keep when marrying her in front of everyone makes me think he is a very considering person. After all he is proving to be like every other high horse man out there. Not so considering. I know I’m not him so I don’t know she could be the wrong person who hurts him. At least give her a little face. Just as when he’s is out shouting to the world how much she meant to him. A line I will never forget from him and his family is “We are very happy we got the most beautiful actress in Asia, the popular Song Hye Kyo to be our daughter in law.” That line never give me the good feeling about this marriage and all the bragging about SHK from SJK and his family always give me a hidden message behind all this fairytale couple from the beginning. Best of luck to both. Hopefully SHK can learn from all her failed relationships and marriage to be more careful next time she falls in love again tho she is right or wrong.

  35. I’m very sad and still shocked at the heart breaking news of the divorce. I watched again and again the dots comentaries and the red carpet receptions SHK and SJK attended. The more I watched the more I failed at understanding how a loving man like SJK could not walk his talk of loving his wife till the end and why SHK with all her past heart broken experiences could not handle the personality differences of a guy she so trusted to get married to. I have a silly dream that they will be back together some day some how

  36. marriage is obsolete .. it should be replaced by 2 year term contracts that auto divorce if not renewed. the contracts should be made by two people who love eachother and specify the dissolution of assets prior to going into effect.. rather than having a fight by two people who hate eachother later. also the 2 year terms would make people realie they need to work at their marriage if they want it to conntinue.. and if they don’t well only a year to go .. and problem solved. kids should be split 50/50 custody.. with no child support. dna should confirm paternity prior to any payments. Best thing to do is wait for the robots.. 20 years or so.. you wont have to put up with living with another human being. can get a robot that comes with new skins.. various programs.. never gets tired and has a mute switch.

  37. I have this feeling they will reunite…when they get over of their pride. I want to see their beautiful children and see SHY being a plain beautiful housewife for SJK.

  38. Based on my observation, SJK moved out of the house to film Arthadal. Not exactly because they’re fighting. Perhaps, both of them were too busy to build a good relationship. Imagine, SHK had to film Encounter, then SJK goes off to Brunei to work on Arthadal. Arthadal took 9 months to make. Perhaps, they were both too busy to take care of each other. Obviously, there wasn’t enough love and understanding to make it work. Anyway, I loved them at DOTS. But now, I feel so sad for SJK. SJK had been pretty transparent with his personality. He charming, smart, enthusiastic, thick skinned and a bit a arrogant. But overall, he’s passionate and caring. All I could hope for SJK is a good life. It’s really sad to know that he’d end up marrying the wrong person. The worst part is, both of them are really well respected actors who are great at their craft. I hate the fact that after their divorce, their names had been reduced to their failed marraige. If I could remove all the unnecessary reports and rumor about these two I would. I’m just really sick of the media talking about them so much. I mean, they should be talked about because of their projects. I mean, just watch Arthadal. I thought SJK is a great actor, but man, watching him play both Saya and Enseom made me respect and admire him more. Meanwhile, I know how long SHK had been working in the industry. One thing, I find really fishy about her is she never really share her true personality. She’s only appears on movies and dramas, and her interviews are mostly bland. I can’t really read her personality. Aside from her exceptional beauty, I don’t know much abput her. She seems distant and cold. But what do I know. I just want people to move on from their divorce and start focusing on their respective careers.

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