Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo Divorce Could Be Settled in a Month and His Family Erases All Traces of Her From Their Lives

Who could have imagined that 2019 could have a bigger K-ent news story than the Burning Sun/Seungri/YG/Jung Joon Young collective scandal. Sadly we’re only halfway through the year and the shocking Soong Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo divorce could eclipse it, currently it’s the only thing K-ent news media is talking about. Some further updates: reportedly Song Joong Ki filed divorce papers without Song Hye Kyo’s knowledge and she was informed via a public announcement delivered to her side afterwards, and Song Joong Ki is seeking mediation because there are issues to be resolved but he’s not asking for any alimony hence it’s clear he wants the divorce to be finalized as quickly as possible and it could be done by August if there are no unresolved issues.

Song Joong Ki’s family home was transformed into a museum for his works and this week visitors noticed that all traces of the hit drama Descendants of the Sun have been removed when previously it was quite prominently displayed, and also Song Joong Ki’s older brother has cancelled his Insta following of Song Hye Kyo. Legal commentators are saying that Song Joong Ki’s divorce filing method and wording is a warning to Song Hye Kyo’s side to not spread any rumors otherwise his side will not keep quiet any longer, and in South Korea law there is an antiquated rule that the spouse who has committed a wrong in the marriage (adultery, violence, etc) is not allowed to file for divorce (see Hong Sang Soo case). Take it for what you will.


Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo Divorce Could Be Settled in a Month and His Family Erases All Traces of Her From Their Lives — 126 Comments

    • Do you read that under SK law, the wrong party cannot file a divorce? So it is very clear which party is at fault especially when they have lived in separate housings since September 2018. The truth is slowly revealing. How can he threaten her when she is the one with secrets to hide?

      • Is he really guiltless? We will never know tbh by how he filed it w/o even informing her.
        And accrdg to the recent news them living apart in september is just a rumor they started living apart may a source close to Sjk stated. There is a picture september 19 2018 of shk and sjk celebrating his birthday and the fans got that picture from his father he showed shk private ig pictures to the fans. What kind of father will do that showing private pictures to the fans. His father doenst know the word privacy and respect?

      • I am not speaking for him. He is not a gentleman for not giving her the respect. But this does not mean he is threatening her as you are claiming. She can sue him if he is the wrong party which she is not doing so. Obviously they are not in good terms because he did not inform her. Who cares about his father? But if a parent is proud of the child, it is not a crime to show off a bit. She can sue if her privacy is violated which she hasn’t, why? Why is she so quiet?

      • @candycane
        She already gave a statement. That “the reason for divorce is differences in personality and because the two were unable to overcome their differences they were forced to come to this decision.”
        But by how the way sjk announce the divorce its give a lot of room to speculate for someone who wants a amicable divorce i just dont get it. Im not saying she is innocent but in marriage it takes two to tango but clearly sjk wants to put all the blame on her.

      • I can see your point. I don’t read it as he “wants to put all the blame on her”. From what I have read, he just wants out asap, to end it asap. Where is the blame? I can totally get it when someone is sick and tired and want out immediately. Her statement is typical PR stuff that any agency can spit out.

      • The wrong party can file a divorce. Just that if the other party does not agree with the divorce, the judge will not approve it.
        The reason they filed for contested divorce is so that they do not have to file personally, i.e. the lawyers can settle the divorce for them.

      • I don’t think we can draw a conclusion here as to who wasn’t at fault because if both were at fault – either could have filed also. Especially since the rumours were on both side – him with her makeup assistant and she with PBG. So it may be a case of fastest hand wins!

    • Idk whether you have problem understanding or not. If he has something to hide, he won’t be the one filing the divorce first cause that would put him at risk being outed as the guilty party (by being denied to file the divorce as what happened to Hong Sang Soo). And with that much money, I doubt SJK would employ a stupid lawyer who didn’t advise him the repercussion.

      From the way I see it, the fall out between them seems ugly till his family also remove all traces of her, and he wants out of the marriage desperately and soonest psb. And yes, SJK made it clear that he is the (more) injured party but I believe there must be a strong reason why he did it.

    • If he was at disadvantage with law, he would not be able to pull the aggressive stunt of filing first for divorce….Whatever happened, it is 90% clear that Hye Kyo is not in a position to go on offense…for both there sake….I hope this gets resolved fast without more drama.

  1. Song joong ki is immature but isn’t it obvious who is a guilty party here. Seems like shk has a lot of dirt to hide. Why would he warned her if she isn’t guilty? She can go
    Sue his existence given how powerful her connection is, strange her agency is tightlipped about everything. They didn’t even cleared about her cheating rumors.

    • How can filing for divorce be a warning? Doing it would be a bit stupid. Warning is threatening to do harm if the other side doesn’t comply with your demands. Hurting the other side first, you likely are going to provoke the opposite, since the other side doesn’t have so much to lose anymore.
      Now that he did this, what else can he do to her? Do you think if she was going to spread any rumors or whatever, that this move would stop her? I think this story about him warning her doesn’t make any sense.
      We have no idea whatsoever of what’s going on here. We just know that he filing for divorce in SK without a joint statement is going to imply that she’s the one at fault, so the only sure thing is that he is likely very angry and he didn’t care about hurting her. She as a woman divorcing in SK has a lot to lose, so likely she will keep quiet no matter what happened. There is no way we know who’s guilty of anything here. It could also be that they married too fast and later realized that they are not compatible, it doesn’t need to be anyone cheating o doing bad things to the other side.

  2. If this news eclipses The Burning Sun scandal then it just tells us our moral compass is so off. A couple’s divorce which should have been a private affair is bigger news than sexual assault. This just proves the rich, powerful and famous are more important than the plebs, especially entertainment world.

    • Well said @ABC ! Mad World . Divorce is a common thing and a private matter but SJK made it public . Not a gentleman and classy attitude but Sexual assault is a crime and it seems that burning sun is the tree that hides the forest.

    • For real! There’s no crime in getting a divorce, the Songs can’t help that they are public figures.

      And no matter what speculation it generates about rumour-mongering and cheating, those are still not criminal activities or ANYWHERE near the level of horrors revealed by Burninb Sun. How is people’s moral compass so easily skewed? And I bet Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri want to send flowers to SongSong right now.

  3. I feel sorry for SHK. There was certainly an intention to hurt her. He knows that wif he goes with how he did, it will hurt her. For that, I am sorry for her. Because he absolutely did not care how it would be for her, no consideration whatsoever. He loved her once, at least. So some respect should have been afforded towards her.

    Also, I keep going back to my thoughts a out his family. Were they mean to her? She doesn’t look like an evil conniving person to me.

    Their house turned into a museum of sort for him is outright creepy to me.

    I think this is better for SHK. I wish her peace really. She deserves it after this.

    • Nope they weren’t mean, Infact quite supportive. Both his father and brother posted about encounter on social media. His father was trending No.1 on naver due to his past interviews showing him in bad light about his strict family upbringing. Many Knetz believe it was media played by hk agency. Seem that pissed him to no end and he came out with stronger statements. Not much later all the articles were pulled down. Inetz have no idea about the gossip and media plays that goes on naver because not all articles are translated. We barely get like 30% of rumors. It seems like sjk has upper hand on this case. If she is the victim she should come out and expose him, but so far nothing.

      • @betty It could be anyone. What if his father shared the pic with Kyo after clicking it? Who knows her agency used it to show him in bad light about violating her privacy. Nobody is Saint here.

      • There was Chinese media reporting that his parents did not approve of her. His dad said she was too old for him but that you cant keep your own son from doing what he wants.

        Also she comes from divorced parents which is not very well accepted in Asia let alone SK.

        The post from his dad was in November 2018. A couple months after they supposedly moved out. So either his parents did not know or there was ulterior motives. He loves to talk to the media and even shares private photos send by SHK for friends and family to fans.

        Tbh they sound like they could be suffocating. SHK strikes me as a very independent person. She’s been working since her teenage years and buying property to prepare for her mom’s retirement. I can see why a divorce could happen due to involved inlaws/personality differences.

    • It isn’t creepy for celeb family members to do that actually because PSH parents have turned their restaraunt that she bought for them into a mini museum as well and fans often go there to not just eat but see all her images and everything.

      • They (SHK’s fans) didn’t find it creepy. Instead, they were proudful and so boastful about how SJK’s family treated their unnie like a living Goddess Almighty. But now, of course they are singing different tunes 🙂

    • Agreed 100 percent. If he had ever lived her, he won’t do such a thing, serving her notice without her knowledge. Disgusting , unethical . I am happy for her to get out of it.

  4. He should’ve known this was gonna happen if he divorced this way. Should’ve taken a quieter route and divorce amicably by releasing a statement together. That way, there’s no stories because it would still seems that they both are in friendly term and support each other.

    But since he took this route, it’s obviously they can’t stand each other and something indeed happened.

  5. Well to announce the divorce during the airing of his drama and putting everything at risk maybe SHK must have done some pretty shitty thing to really anger him .

  6. He filed for the divorce without telling her but they did talk about it before. So it was not a big surprise neither.

    But if she did wrong, I don’t understand what she could have told to the public, so I’m not sure to understand his point of view…

    • I believe the divorce process was already on going privately but both parties are not coming to agreement. I think this has been going for awhile & must be in many months already. The long process is tedious which probably has prompted SJK to seek mediation by the court. Once the court is involved then whether they like it or not, it becomes public.

      In short, SHK already knew about the divorce proceeding and I believe she has been informed about filing through the court but maybe she didn’t believe that SJK would actually do it. The filing of the divorce was a bold and brave move. That’s like a career suicide, a suicide on SJK side as he was the one who filed it and for SHK is a collateral damaged whether she likes it or not.

  7. I used to be SJK’s biggest fan especially after innocent man. But my impression of him started changing when he got famous and shunned the cast and mention of running man. Then there was the Yoo Hee Cheol sketchbook saga which he wanted the room cleared out to accommodate his interview which led to a falling out between him and the talk host. Yoo implied someone’s got celebrity disease obviously and since then I have found him fake as heck. SHG might have princess disease and “hard to live with” but the shit his side is putting out the last 3 days have been nothing but disgusting. Determined for a complete burial of her image and career. My personal belief? Both cheated. He probably earlier than her and latest from china tabloids is that shes pregnant and the child is not his but an old boyfriend’s and this is the chip he is using against her. True or false… im sure this divorce will just get uglier and uglier. And nope im not on his side at all. He seems too calculated and manipulative and loud. The fact that filed publicly for the divorce, got the lawyer to say the shit he did, did not once speak up for poor park bo gum who got dragged into it… chose to do it when SHG was overseas and let the shit storm hit her on the way back says alot about his vindictiveness. Man’s got no balls. If you have truly loved someone before… no matter how bad how angry… it should have been managed privately. And telling her to shut up about lies… its not her that is revealing him shagging kim ok bin. That sighting and news was already making it’s rounds March this year. She maybe no angel but the guy is definitely pot calling kettle black. Just as his family is now doing things throw further mud at her… seems like they have forgotten- she too is someone’s precious daughter and no… your son is not above the law amd everything he does might not be so clean after all

    • …isn’t Lee Kwang Soo one of his best friends though? And I thought he did an appearance on Running Man right after coming back from the military? Like, that’s already 3-4 years after Innocent Man…

      • Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook? SJK has be guest is that show? Which episode????

  8. a silent reader, want to add my thoughts on this. Having been married for 15 years, I kinda can understand SHK. sometimes husband’s family makes life very difficult (you ve seen it in dramas) and they often somehow make the husband hate his wife. It is so common that you wonder has he lost his brain cells. and in those cases if a wife a mature person, she would not make it bigger than it already is even if she is a victim and has not done wrong. I have absolute trust that SHK couldnt cheat simply because even if she wanted she would not do it considering her image , public persona and etc. With regards, to her being quiet, every word of hers will be blown out of proportions and used against her( I can see it by how SJK’s side being agressive), so it is better to be quiet and resolve it asap. The mature person trusts that the truth will come out eventually, so resepct to her for being the way she is. (PS in my case life was intolerable and the only thing we held onto was the fact we had children. it took us 2 years to start having a life resembling somewhat normal!

    • Do you think an ordinary family like SJK’s can harass a larger than life, super successful, well-connected, independent and super gorgreous woman like Hye Kyo?
      There must have been something really big though it may not be cheating.

      • They are anything but ordinary. Very powerful and wealthy family in Daejeon with businesses in multiple fields. Thats why he is known as Prince when he debuted. Good looking and a influential background.

    • I don’t know, years of working with humans has shown me that we are complicated. It’s absolutely possible to do things out of character when we are in some sort of state of mind. I’m not saying SHK did it but i wouldn’t rule out cheating because she has an image to protect or the fact that it’s out of character. You can’t be 100% sure of anything.

      • I agree, just because she is super successful that doesn’t mean there are no possibility. Lee byung hun is top chungmoro actor yet his personal life is scandalous because of his adultery.

    • I totally agree. SJK dad said he did not like that she is older. That’s not something you say about your future daughter in law. She is 4 yrs old. If she was 10 yrs younger than SJK I bet he would not have said that

      My guess is news is about to come out about SJK and Kim Ok Bin either from dispatch or Chinese media, so he decided to strike first with the divorce. Then he can say they got to know each other after the separation.

  9. Sorry, but this entire thing makes me think that all those rumors of SJK cheating on his wife with stylist and Kim Ok Bin are real. He’s ungentlemanly, ugly and he’s flopping hard so he needs attention somehow. He once loved SHK, he used to be her fanboy apparently too but for him to do dirty mediaplay in the middle of his drama, throw SHK under the bus in a misogynistic patriarchal country, tarnish even PBG’s reputation by not clearing any rumors, his personality must be really obsessive, controlling and trash. Also, his family is really shady, bunch of moochers and leeches. That’s the picture I’m getting and usually my instincts are right, especially after molka chat scandal and I was right about the shitty vibes Lee Jonghyun, Jung Joon Young and Seungri especially gave me. SHK cheating doesn’t make any sense since they haven’t worn the rings since last year on off so they had these ’’personality differences’’ quite a long time. SJK is disgusting and this is just a publicity stunt for that flopping actor to pull.

    Please publish this lmao

    • Her stylist is her best friend. Check out jeniejang ig, there is recent group pic girl who is right beside hk in that pic is her stylist. So I don’t think those rumors about him and her stylist are true. Not sure about kob.

      • Irony 2: dude gave an interview yesterday stating 1. Song Hye Gyo DID NOT CHEAT. 2. Park Bo Gum is NOT involved. 3 days elapsed before he chose to clear their names and this interview did not get picked up for publishing by many. So whats with the multiple insider crap throwing her under the bus. Way i see it… PBG must have confronted him and SHG side as well.

      • There is no sight sought of interview. Media is having a feast with all those fake rumors.

      • @lydia There is no such sought of interview. Media is having a feast with all those fake rumors.

    • So glad you wrote this. @prettyautumn. I so feel that she was bullied. If people dont see the real SJK behind his action, then they are blind. We all should rally behind SHK and drop this excuse of a man. He knows what it would do to her. He choose to hurt her than way. What a poc.

  10. This all reflects badly on SHK regardless of who is actually at fault here. Its perception by fans and the public that will do the damage and once ingrained could be unshakeable whatever the actual truth. He may win the battle without saying a word and be clearly seen as the victim in my opinion.

  11. In divorce, it’s unfair to say that one is more at fault than the other nor one is victim & the other is not.. esp for us spectators who know nothing of the situation they are in & what they’re going through.

    It’s safe to say that both parties failed each other, thus the relationship didn’t work.

    Definitely, this divorce is damaging to both of them. Both are doing movies for their next project. Movies would take more than a year to make to it’s premiere. They both can lay low while their movies are in production until people forget about their marital issues.

    I wish them to settle their issues soonest. Hope they receive healing and so they can go back to their normal lives and be happy again.

  12. China media report sjk said PBG not related to his divorced issue. Is this true?
    Oot Kim Soohyun return tomorrow ?

  13. The rumors of an affair have not actually been cleared by any part including PBG . The only statement his side said that he wasn’t the reason for the divorce which could be true but doesn’t mean there was no affair. The point could be that who did what first to become the aggrieved party. If SJK is the one who had the right to file for divorce and can put a literal gag order on SHK then it makes one question what exactly did she d to him for him to get so aggressive? The can both be at fault to the ultimate demise of the marriage but his response to end the marriage is very strongly worded. He could have released a simple PR statement like SHK did he knows enough to do that. Its very strange the way he went about to get the divorce and how everyone in his family is reacting.

    • This was his statement:
      “First, I want to deliver my apologies to many of you who love and cherish me, for such unfortunate news. I have decided to move forward in a divorce with Song Hye Kyo. Rather than lengthening the process by considering each other’s faults and deriding each other, I hope to complete the divorce amicably. I ask for your understanding in the fact that it is difficult to reveal the specific details of our personal lives, and I promise to overcome these damages and do my best as an actor in my production roles from now on.”
      -obtained from AKP.
      He has every right to keep whatever happened private and not share it with the public. All the other things were merely speculations released by the media and should not be used to judge who actually is at fault. His statement acknowledged that both parties contributed to this divorce.

  14. You cannot just assume that since SJK filed the divorce, it means that SHK was the one at fault (re: South Korea’s law on divorce). Yes, it may be an implication, but unless there was an expressed statement on SHK’s wrongdoing, then it cannot be proven as a fact. Either way, they deserve to be free from each other if they no longer want to be free now, from each other and from public scrutiny. Respect their privacy pls.

    • *Either way, they deserve to be free from each other if they no longer want to be legally tied to the other person. They deserve to be free now, from each other and from public scrutiny

      • SJK has shown his real side. As a man who claimed how much he loved SHK and took every opportunity to drop her name on every media conference then to file divorce papers when she was out of the country for work. I think he is a jerk. He should have at least gave the courtesy to notify her and for both to make a joint statement. Pretty sure someone on each other team can make contact, SJK does not need to tell SHK in person…That is what lawyers or Agencies are for. I hope SHK get out of this with little damage and find someone so much better than SJK in the future.

  15. People are reading way too much into it. These two have been living apart for months and the divorce was somehow not proceeding fast enough it seems. All I can say is SJK wants out asap with whatever issue is blocking that resolved. SHK is not legally at advantage for reasons best known to them. Does not mean cheating was the reason, heck could be so many insignificant things. Anyway hope they figure this out fast and move on. Good luck and wish happiness to both.

  16. I don’t know his family seemed pretty trashy since they were bad mouthing her when they were getting married. That is a horrible way to start a marriage. I have my own theories regarding their divorce that have a lot to do with his family and him taking their side over his wife. I just don’t see SHK as the type to let herself be walked all over by her in laws so I am sure there were some issues regarding that. I have seen plenty of marriages break down due to this.

    • He has always supported his family before her since before marriage. Why would she even get married to someone like that. These days young girls always consider what kind of support they will get from their husbands because no one wants to marry a ‘mama boy’. They rushed into this marriage and that was the worst thing they could have done so now we see the consequences of bad decisions. Their so called love must not have been real either if it ended this quickly. I don’t believe when their fans say they were deeply in love because that kind of love doesn’t burn out this quickly.

      • I agree so much with your comment. I think people don’t realize that when you marry someone you marry their family too. If you marry a man that will always put his parents over you, your relationship is headed for a rocky road. Respecting and loving your parents is one thing, understanding when your parents are being intrusive is another. I have seen unhappy women married to men that always put their parents over their new family including their kids/wife. And I have seen husbands who love their parents, but understand when they are being too much so the quiet behind the scenes support of “I get it, just try to put up with it” makes a huge difference.

    • That’s wrong to say his family is trashy and they never badmouth her they all were supportive toward her. Something extreme must have happen that made him react so aggressively. Yes some in law are nagging that could lead to their child divorce but that does not apply to every case.

      • Maybe you and I have different definitions of being supportive. I don’t call a man who calls the woman your son is going to marry “too old” in front of reporters, supportive. His parents made statements to the press before their marriage on how they initially told him not to marry her because she was too old. That is a bad place to start a relationship with your in laws. Relationships with in laws are never easy and I am sure this didn’t help.

    • A family who transforms the family home into this ‘museum’ of sorts seems kinda Errr … ’nuff said to me.

      SHK has always been strong and independent. And very reticent – even with her breakup from Lee Byung-heun (where it’s probable HE cheated, or was super controlling).

  17. I mean, they were IN LOVE once, so the least they could do was to issue a JOINT STATEMENT [Hollywood-y would be to say they will remain good friends even if the marriage ended] instead of SJK announcing on his own. It seems there is some bad blood between the two. I don’t think we’ll ever fully know……

    • SJK did not apply the usual divorce procedure but divorce thru mediation by court. That means parties have big disagreements for reaching into this point. So how is joint announcement be possible? If they are still in civil terms, they could have settled the divorce amicably and privately but it’s possible in their situation.

  18. He admitted both at fault but his action of not informing/ discussing in advance & giving strong warning & his statement relating to his father indirectly telling everyone that I’m innocent, what she did is unforgivable, she refuse to divorce, she is covering up her mistake and intend to lie, she can not be trusted, don’t believe her, she is a bitch, my family come first, she is nothing to me….look how arrogant i’m, this is norm for a family to discriminate & disrepect woman, I did nothing wrong….

  19. if it’s true she is with park bo gum now, and he is with kim ok bin, it means both parties have moved on after separating months ago.

    he sounds like the aggrieved party here but maybe he just can’t accept the fact that hyekyo has moved on too that’s why he had to file divorce first to make it look life he’s the innocent one

  20. A famous 1940’s Hollywood actress named Rita Hayworth once said after her role of “Gilda” in the movie that made her famous: “that men go to bed with “Gilda” and wake up with “Rita”. In other words, reality sets in. Perhaps that is what happened with these two. Reality set in….they really were not compatible to begin with. There is no blame to be had. Move on and continue to live.

    • I think what you say is most likely. Affairs and issues about kids and careers I think are unlikely for a couple that apparently weren’t even living together one year post marriage. For many people dating a year is plenty of time, but I think maybe they both wanted it so bad they never got past the facade. I’ve always thought the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise marriage was the same way.

    • Agreed. Rather than falling in love with each other, Song Song fell in love with their drama characters. They were enveloped in ‘reel’ emotions that once reality sinks in, this relationship turns out to be one of the worst mistakes of their existence.

      SHG needs to learn from her errors and be careful in who she chooses as her life partner from now on.

  21. SJK, while infatuated with SHG’s beauty, jumped into marriage with her. Now he wants out asap. Should know better than to date/marry someone not his type. This couple never seem compatible to begin with.

    After 3 failed relationships, SHG should live out her life as an independent woman with abundant wealth. Her success as a woman needs not be defined by having a husband.

    • Yes 100% agree, unless marry for true love,someone love her not because her beauty,an ordinary, mature,responsible,non-celebrity, “gentleman”

    • Am I to believe SJK doesn’t have a few failed relationships under his belt before his marriage. All these actors and idols are in relationships….all of them. Just we only find out about certain ones and not the others. I’m gonna roll the dice that he didn’t go to his marriage bed a virgin. SHG had 2 relationships that we know of before her marriage and she’s what, mid-30ies. That’s not much actually. C’mon people.

      Now should she stay away from actors. You betcha.

    • I don’t understand of this term marriage. Why we need to get married to be together with your partner? Unless the couple wants to have children. I think mostly Asian culture are taking too serious in marriage.

  22. Speculation is not good. We should judge by facts more.

    I hope they both get peace. And if someone or both is at fault( I never really believe in the it takes two to tango argument because every scenario is different) I hope they get justice delivered in a steamy plate.

  23. I was shocked to hear the news. Then sad for them.

    The shark eating, blood letting tear apart comments the last few days? If the international fans are so blood thirsty and sanctimonious the Korean citizens must be worse huh? Now I know the calibre of readers here.

  24. I mean it means literally nothing. All we know is, two adults with massively mismatched in terms of personality rushed into a marriage and regretted it pretty fast. Of course their families and friends are picking sides, that is what happens in a divorce. Means, nothing. As for mediation, if you and your spouse earn like millions of dollar in such a short lived marriage together, then of course there would be disagreement about how they want to divide their joint financial assets. One may want to by a villa and divide the money, other may want to keep it. So, its makes sense they involved court here. SJK just wants a fast divorce. That is all I can get here. Nothing more.

  25. I feel like the Encounter drama probably contributed to this split. There were a few long kiss scenes in the drama, there was probably more kissing in this drama than in other SHK dramas including DOTS. It is obviously acting by professionals and I don’t believe for a second that SHK cheated. But people are human, get insecure, get jealous, and seeing your new wife and your best friend acting out a love story on screen can’t be fun. Considering SJK’s family that is obsessed with him, they might have felt like that drama embarrassed/disrespected him or caused their family to “lose face.”

    Anyway, I think SJK is totally classless for how he handled this whole thing. They should have released a joint statement on the divorce and left it at that. It’s so petty and cowardly to treat the woman you once loved this way.

    But maybe this is why married actresses like Lee Yo Won only act in dramas with minimal to no romance. People should be able to separate acting and real life, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

    • Thing is… Encounter seemed completely “engineered” by him for lack of a better word. Hes the co ceo of Blossom. Its his new wife’s first drama since their marriage. HELLO – the notion of kissing your brother’s wife is such an insidious thought and incestuous on so many levels yet the drama still happened. PBG would not have accepted the drama unless 1. Someone from the agency thinks its FABULOUS idea 2. Dont you think for all it’s oddity that SJK would have asked his new wife not to take it as her return vehicle as well. I still stand by his calculating and manipulative nature. Its all about star power, trophy wife and more money and fame… sadly since his “explosive” DOTS drama, everything else hes done has failed. That disastrous big movie that did so much mediaplay yet tanked at box office… arthdal chronicles. Most expensive production to date this year at sad 5+ point ratings. Even strategy for his next cash cow PBG to do return drama alongside his wife in Encounter… look at where that drama got them. Park bo gum went from superstar promsining IT boy to panned actor for his performance in it. For everyone’s sake I hope she gets her quick divorce and PBG gets his too from Blossom. If you track his career, he will realise hes made better decisions on his own than being in “superstar” SJK’s agency since.

    • I don’t understand why people keep saying SJK didn’t handle the divorce properly. The divorce negotiations has probably been going on for many months.

      For divorcing couple, divorce through mediation by the court is the last option. That means either party is not giving in. This couple is probably not on speaking terms anymore. Sad but that how it it.

      However it is not fair to judge one party to be at more fault over the other when we know nothing about what’s going on except what we read on the media which are mostly based on opinions.

      As far as I know, each party has only given one statement through their lawyer or agency but if you the read news, sound like, they’ve said so many things.

      • I agree though his statement was passive/aggressive hinting at him being the wronged party. I know not everyone sees that but that’s really what being passive/aggressive is all about. It’s also what led to a resurgence in the cheating rumors so PBG and such ended up feeling the heat. I hope they manage to mediate successfully and move on with their lives. I am not a superfan of either, but I feel a little more for her because if she wanted children, she’s hearing the clock tick super loud. He’s got all the time in the world.

        I made fun of the “uncoupling” of Paltrow and the Coldplay dude, but I have to hand it to them for keeping things civilized.

      • It would have been super easy and logical to file a joint statement. That would have reduced all the speculation. Instead, people are speculating because he filed first, and apparently didn’t even tell her. His actions have created a lot of attacks from the public aimed at her.

      • After all the comments, I can say both will disappear for awhile. SHK will probably be continuing her work in China or Hong Kong as she already set herself up in the region before the divorce announcement. They both are signed for a movie which may take 1.5 or 2 years to premiere.

        It’s sad that they have to end their relationship on a bad note but wish they’ll find peace and happiness after.

  26. SJK father wasn´t so happy about SHK being his daughter in law.

    He even said he didn´t like she was “old” ” My son is getting married soon, I’m disappointed SHK is older than my son, but you can´t really beat your own kid when it comes to what he wants”

    I already can see one of their problems – it was told the children talk is one of reasons of divorce.

    SJK family probably wanted SHK to have child fast because of her “age” and get away from spotlight for some time, but SHK probably didn´t children so early in marriage (thank god she didn´t) and still wanted to work, and this caused slipt between her, SJK and his parents.

    I think while both were separated, cheating happened (they were still legally married)……. or maybe it happened before, who knows.

    I think SJK just loved the SHK he created in his mind, so after they married and differences started, the ilusion was broken.

    SHK probably was in love too, and accepted to marry because of her age, time and well SJK looks and backgrounds.

  27. SJK…He’s smart, funny, and mysterious, but he has a lot of secrets. He’ll disappear from time to time, be hard to contact and then one day he will never come back!

  28. @candycane @gem @Alexa
    Asdal presscon May 28
    Reporter asked him is there anything change in your acting and how Song hye kyo supports you?
    SJK- “Personally i have not felt any difference in my acting but i think very much some i become more mentally stable that is the biggest change.
    I think all married couple must agree with me on this and my wife is also a big fan of the two writers and pd of this drama and this is the drama i appeared in after a long year interval. She keeps encouraging me to focus on doing my work till it ends thanks to her i was able to complete it well with satisfaction.”
    I understand he needs to lie here but why give unnecessary long flowery words? When this time both already agree to get a divorce.

    After a month when Asdal flopped so Hard he filed the divorce w/o even informing her and even by pass his agency. Even if shk is at fault the intention to media play, play the victim card and get symphathy from people is so obvious.

    • How do you know that they weren’t together during Asadal chronical’s press conference? We are all assuming here, really. Considering how quickly he ended this relationship during his comeback, risking the ratings of his show…something big must have happened between the premier of his show and now. We will never know or should assume.

    • Did you expect him to say “No, she isn’t supporting me because we are getting divorce”. It was a formality.

  29. When people in love get together. When they are not, just get out. Life just to complicated, don’t make it worse. Mum told me, you can to lift it up, you also can put it down. I really pity SHK, why she always no luck in love.

  30. If an older woman were to marry a younger guy who wants to build a family, it’s most logical that she prioritizes that task, considering her age and health, instead of procrastinating and hoping for medical advancement to mitigate the risks of advanced pregnancy and child’s health. SJK may have expected to be like KTH & Rain. If she is hesitant, then she should be firm in maintaining a swinging single lifestyle instead of marrying him and dashing his family-building dreams. He has the right to move on, considering the differences.

    • I believe before marriage both should have consensus about child. Nowadays, to maintain a high quality of life, many couple refuse to have child. If child is the reason, using child issue to threaten SHK is illogical

    • @Icy – Who said she is hesitant? You sound like his mom. Maybe he is infertile. It requires a man and a woman to make a child. Yes, better to move on if there is no seed.

      • So funny reading all the speculations here ?? They believe their own speculations to the point judging someone who they have never met before let alone know that person personally ??

      • @Ruby @Sapphire – I remember you. I don’t care if you call me rude. I need to be very direct with @Icy for slandering SHK with speculation of being “hesitant”. Stop spreading rumours! This is getting too ridiculous ?

      • @popcorn – unless you have some truth to share here. Any speculation will sound ridiculous. like I am her mom or YOU are her mom. Does this sound absolutely ridiculous? We know this is NOT THE TRUTH!! And Stop changing usernames!!

  31. I feel so sad for both of them. After 2 failed relationships, I thought SHK finally found someone to cherish her. Sigh. Whatsoever their differences might be, it didn’t have to end this way. I guess whatever love they felt for each other was not enough to overcome their personal differences and values.

  32. So much speculations… SJK is a calculative & manipulative man, ok, wouldn’t SHK have already known? Whatever he did in the industry at whatever talk show…, SHK has been in the same industry longer than him. Ok he turns into a monster overnight after the marriage like The Werewolf Boy. SHK likes to be in melodrama with kissing scenes, hello, this is not new. She rarely ventures out of her comfort zones, work wise and fashion wise. Sounds like the fans know them more than their already-separated soon-to-be-ex spouse. @Betty – whatever SJK said in whatever interviews might all be scripted for the promotions. We can no longer believe in whatever we hear or read. They are all actors. ?

  33. Kim ok bin denied scandal with actor ohn joo wan previously. This time she admit silently! Very soon there will a re-marriage news?

  34. The reason he is rushing to divorce her could be preventing ” out of wedlock baby” as there is rumour about them staying together?????

  35. I think one must consider SHK past dating scandals to SJK’s squeaky clean image. SJK is risking his drama and image to leave this marriage so there must have been something so big that we can’t know about. While SJK has been the one to strike first, SHK should try to save her image but she hasn’t said much so in some ways being silent does say something. I don’t think anyone cheated or families are against each other…I simply think SHK is a modern woman who would rather stay single then be tied down by anyone. SJK seems like a family man who just realized his bride is this way and they have no future together besides to support each other through work.

    • Wow, dating is considered scandalous? She dated two very known actors, and there really wasn’t any cheating etc going on, just that they dated and broke up. Are you saying SJK never dated?

      SHK never really say much about her personal life. What I do see is she is being bullied. I would say give it time, and the truth will come out.
      The way SJK handled it was such a jerk move. Filing the divorce and publicizing it when SHK was out of the country for work. He could have one of his people contact one of her people.

      • Totally.

        Underhand is going public with the divorce news by himself, as a celeb.

        Nothing wrong with her having dated 2 co-stars. Hullo, this is 2019?

        We are supposed to be virginal all the way with no previous dating experience? => LOL likelihood of divorce, manipulation or abuse DV (while staying in relationship bec too afraid to get out, or lose face in society)even higher imo.

        She’s also pals with many like Yoo Ah-in.
        SHK has always been pretty low key, even with her bfs and breakup.
        I used to NOT like her actually (Autumn’s Tale, Hotelier where I found her headstrong irritating) but grew to like her.
        Even more as a person: child of single family – self-reliant, strong, independent.

    • I like them BOTH. Divorce is nasty, when it is acrimonious.

      Doesn’t matter who’s the aggrieved party, or the one who’s more at fault in a relationship.

      Game of Manipulation – the storyteller wins – even swaying judges. Even IF he/she was the culprit or whoever is more at fault.
      It’s all about ‘justifications’ aka bs. (Sorry I don’t see Law as just and fair but really in NAmerica – it’s BS)

      1) it’s underhand to go public, as a celeb when the other party is unaware and you’re private going through the divorce process anyway

      @ Neen:
      “she hasn’t said much, so in some ways being silent does say something”
      2) ??!!!? Hey wwhat’s wrong with keeping silent? (it’s actually more harming to herself by keeping quiet but it’s a gracious dignified move).
      Different strokes for Diff folks. SHK has always been quite quiet, low key and private.

      Breakup with LBH back then (pretty sure it’s him, NOT her) = no word from her = public announcement. Very gracious.
      To the discerning those on the same page: being reticent just means she’s NOT wanting to resort to a low level of playing this game.

      It’s being dignified and taking higher ground.
      Better than a fishmarket HE said, SHE said = the only folks who benefit – the speculating spectators aka netizens. And only serves to escalate existing situations most times.

      3) The calmer, less emotional and reactive person is the winner in such situations.
      Imo the only people who stand to gain in Family Law are the Lawyers (like real estate agents who manipulate buyers and sellers).
      Esp the unethical lawyers who actually escalate situations s’times IF they think the family coffers is worth the trouble ($$$$$$$$$$) = so it goes to trial.
      Trial in court vs quiet settlement is significant diff in fees pocketed.

      All the best to them – I hope they work it out enough to remain at least acquaintances. Although NOT on the bandwagon as an ardent suppoeter of viewer of DOTS (I clnd’t understand the viewer frenzy), I enjoyed watching most of it, until it derailed and I lost interest.
      Thankfully NO KIDS are involved.
      SJK is very family involved. SHK while being a daughter raised in a single-parent family … takes care and looks out for her mom with investments + a very independent self-reliant strong type all these years, and pretty private.

      IF HIS family is always commenting or involving her as their DIL (seriously, that ‘shrine’ that is part of their home is creepy) …it must be somewhat jarring to adjust to such a family.

      Poor Yoo Ah-in – he’s friends with BOTH.

  36. Back in 2017, a Korean fortune teller already predicted that their marriage will not last and in 2019, SJK’s good fortune will come crashing down. I wonder if the table will turn and it’s him that has all his dirt aired. Maybe the scandal with him and the ex president is true.

    • This?
      “He has fate of having 2 marriages. He will marry a woman who has a lot of affairs/cheating potential or a woman wits a past. Marriage would be a failure, and a breakup/divorce would happen on 2019.”

  37. He will marry someone has a lot affairs/ cheating potential… after this divorce in 2019. @keti, are you cursing him?

  38. I agree SHK is beautiful and as per Rain, “no man can resist”, but maybe beauty is not enough. Maybe faithfulness is more beautiful than a nice nose and eyes.

    • How would you know she is not faithfulness. Are you speculating again???
      Do you live under their roof?
      Or do you based your speculating on the rumor she is cheating?
      So both of them are the same since they both has cheating rumor ? Why did you leave SJK out?

  39. Song Joong Ki used Song Hye Kyo for his promotional stunts, he even mentioned that they were aokay on his past interview prior to airing of Arthdal Chronicles and then later on he filed for divorce. I find it really bad for filing without her knowing that he will reveal it to the public on that day and for using it as a threat or reminder that if she does something not pleasing to him he will reveal everything. So immature and irresponsible man he is! If he wants to divorce her go on, no need to tell the public and let the public figure out on their own. He should atleast let both of them tell the public that they are divorcing. My Queen deserves it! My Queen Hye Kyo works hard almost all her life to get thru where she is now and with this so unfortunate news everything will fall down as if he didn’t loved her.

  40. And SHK being silent is being herself. She doesn’t want much public attention on her personal life especially with this phase. Being silent doesn’t mean she have done wronged, being silent doesn’t mean she was the only at fault. It is her character she doesn’t need to react for everything that the public pointing at her. She’s really a face of a woman with dignity and she can get thru this.

  41. wonder if someone had some big expectations.. and when they saw that holy crap the other person was an individual who had as much right to live their own life as the other did.. they started throwing cold shoulders around.. then they moved out.. and then perhaps sept to now.. is a long time.. they might have had a friend over.. cus their spouse had already deserted them. and boy .. when your spouse turns their back on you. .you sure do need a friend. problem is these people didnt know eachother very well when they got married.. it’s their OWN FAULTS because they BOTH SAID I DO. i hope it works out for them.. they are lucky.. it was a short marriage with no kids.. and they are both independently wealthy.. so.. frankly it’s an easy quick divorce.. with the only pain being pain cus you deluded yourself into loving a stranger.. everything based on what you thought.. instead of reality. well my friend reality bites.

  42. Going back to this conversation, SJK now is to remarry and will have a baby soon with Katy Saunders. SHK is still single and successful with her last drama The Glory. PBG has been discharged from the navy and has new drama to shoot with IU. Things happened in the past and it is all in the past so let us just bury it all. Everyone (SHK,SJK,PBG) has moved on already so we have to also.🫰❤️🫰

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