Seo Ji Hye Cast as Second Female Lead in tvN Drama Crash Landed Love with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

K-actor Hyun Bin‘s last drama Memories of Alhambra had not one but three woeful “romances” for his male lead character. He’s getting some karma with his upcoming drama Crash Landed Love (Love’s Emergency Landing) with first reuniting with Son Ye Jin as his female lead and now getting Seo Ji Hye as the second female lead. Look left, gorgeous, look right, beautiful – not a bad spot to be in Binnie! Seo Ji Hye tends to play bitchy/insane second female lead personalities when she’s cast but her impeccable acting pulls through in any role so this is a fantastic high profile role for her even of audiences will surely be rooting for Binnie’s North Korean army officer to make it work with Son Ye Jin’s South Korean heiress who crash lands in North Korea and falls for him. The drama has reportedly been scheduled an airing time slot on cable network tvN after the Ji Chang Wook defrosting romance Melt Me.


Seo Ji Hye Cast as Second Female Lead in tvN Drama Crash Landed Love with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin — 8 Comments

  1. Love her ?! Beautiful and statuesque, sheโ€™s underrated in Black Knight where she should get the lead guy. Hope sheโ€™ll secure a lead role and net the suave lead guy.

  2. Can we have Seo Ji Hye as the lead in another drama? I have been enjoying her performance but she’s always been 2nd leads in recent years.. Love her in Black Knight!!

    • Same! Love her! Seo Ji Hye is beautiful and a great actress. She is really lead worthy. Waiting for her to be leading lady in another drama.

  3. She was first female lead in that drama with Go Soo though. They were doctors. I guess Ifans weren’t into it. I started it for her but it didn’t hold my interest. If I start falling asleep repeatedly while watching a drama, not a good sign.

  4. Yes to Seo Ji Hye. Still waiting for her to get more lead roles (apart from Heart Surgeons). With this cast it’ll be a shame if the script turns out to be a disappointment.

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