Song Joong Ki Starts Filming Sci-fi Movie Victory Ship with Leading Lady Kim Tae Ri

A week after dropping bombshell divorce news to rock K-ent, it’s business as usual for actor Song Joong Ki as he balances the small and big screen careers. His currently airing sageuk Arthdal Chronicles will finish the second season soon, with a break in between with another drama before airing the third and final segment in August. Filming is all done for Arthdal but perhaps keeping busy right now is for the best to keep one’s mind focused. He’s started filming this week for the science fiction space movie Victory Ship reuniting with his director of A Werewolf Boy. Costarring are Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu and Yoo Hae Jin as the voice of a robot onboard the space ship. If it’s the K-movie version of Firefly then I’m all in!


Song Joong Ki Starts Filming Sci-fi Movie Victory Ship with Leading Lady Kim Tae Ri — 29 Comments

  1. He lost me with how he handled his divorce with SHK. I’d never watch any of his work anymore. No matter what it is, he should have shown some restraint and respect to the person he once loved. Afterall, he is very aware that his actions can command an avalanche of hate towards SHK. For that, as a woman, I am forever sorry for SHK. I wish her the best and hope she recovers from this fast.

      • @ lothaire
        Why would I listen to you? It is my opinion. I get to de ide what I think about this whole thing. He is a di.k and not having that. I’ll move on when I feel I need to and when.

        And keep my respect for myself? Of course I will. And respect to all women who are strong despite being treated crap by others.

      • Just using the words “SHK Stand” cries teenager? By the way its stan not stand. AND she’s allowed her opinion. You can stay being 12 years old or try to be mature and allow this public forum to do its job – letting people air their thoughts. Whether or not, it aligns with yours.

      • @lydia

        First of all, I’m not a teenager. And using a typo as the basis of your argument shows you have no argument.

        Secondly I’m also allowed to have an opinion on her opinion.

        She decided to act like a stan and choose one side without knowing any facts.

        Before you accuse of being a stan. Damn whomever was wrong in the relationship. Let’s not just act like one side is the evil or not

    • It’s kind of judgmental to say that about someone when barely any facts were released. Negative comments like these are hurtful and why people cause harm to themselves. Let’s heal people and be kind with our words.

      It’s all speculation. You should feel sorry for both instead of one person. For all we know it could had mainly been her fault and she deserved the hate. So let’s not be hard on any of them. For what we know is little.

      • I think Mindy can have her opinion stated, if you don’t agree you don’t agree. People can have difference in opinions, as long as we don’t force other to not state what we think it’s disagreeable.

        While I do agree that SJK was so quick with the annoucement and given the culture in Korea, it could be more harm done to SHK than him, but it might be what he needed to get out. If this has been going on since last year, and the longer it is prolonged, the longer they both have to deal with it. SJK might just be, “That’s it, I’m done waiting!” I think cutting it quick and short might be what he was thinking, without the attention of making it more complicated than intended. As for the threat that people speculate, I really think any artist can hide what they don’t want people to know, if it’s against the law, time will tell.

        I think whether we argue or not, a divorce between them is inevitable. Whether he is truly a jerk based on his move, time will tell, or will never. In general, in a conservative culture, it’s always the women with a disadvantage.

        I’m in general a SHK fan, I have like her since her Autumn’s days. Always think she’s the quiet, private type of person. Whether true love existed between them or not, it really no longer matters at this point with how the situation is at hand. All i hope is that they both can move on and continue with their career. After all, a divorce is between them, not anything for us to judge or throw the torch at. Whether anyone is at fault, the end result is, they are getting a divorce. It doesn’t matter why, divorce still exists.

    • Don’t worry, hun. SJK is still soaring and making a shit ton of money with or without your support. He does not know of your existence, and you leaving will not affect him by one bit. Goodbye.

      • I believe SHK makes way more money than SJK with all her CF promotions. You will lose if you compare their assets. SJK won’t know you even with your support. LOL.

      • @Ano
        Again, my opinion, my thoughts, my decision. Do I wish him ill? Absolutely not. Do I insist that everyone should feel the same way as I do? No. I just could not bring myself to watch this person so passive aggressively made a decision, in his position, that hurt his ex wife in a most cruel way. So whether I am alone in my thoughts, or in company of others doesn’t matter to me. I have no desire to meet him. So what if he does not know of my existence? He doesn’t pay my mortgage or pay my groceries. Get it? He’s as equally unimportant to me as I am unimportant to him. However he exists because his fans support his projects, that’s the fact. So for that my opinion matters, at least to his agency and to him who wants to continue to sell himself as an actor.

        On the other hand, though, you’re childish. Chill.

  2. Oh God! He suddenly doing many project after divorce announcement. I feel so evil now, abit too happy he is now active after hiatus in several years not doing any movie or drama after marriage. As a fan, I’m very grateful he is doing a very demanding projects. From drama to movie. A successfull project will be much appreciated. But if not, well that’s okay.

  3. That’s good to hear that he is working more. If you come to think of it, Arthdal is only his their drama project on lead role and he has only 3 films on lead role as well.

  4. SJK damaged her reputation permanently. I live here in Korea and omg the knets are vicious. If his aim is restoring his flailing career and poorly sold fanmeets after picking up the ultimate trophy wife. He got what he wanted. More than SHK not speaking up, looking like an admission of guilt on her part, its more like her agency’s regular modus operandi. Lousiest agency ever. They handled Yoo Ah In’s whole military fiasco exactly in the SAME WAY. Just let the shit hit and someday it will pass. Because of that, every time now Yoo Ah In does an interview or has a new project, people view him with discomfort. Do an action scene and people go… erm he’s too sick to serve the military, how is he able to do these scenes. Also they could have advised him to just drop active military duty and go in as clerical for 18 months, that too was ruled out as the artist and agency are greedy to not kill his momentum and ride out the storm by ignoring the voices against him. This company only has three artists. For Park Hyung Sik’s sake, I hope he gets out of it when he discharges from the army. Just seeing how their management of YAI candal in the past, this SHK divorce is making my blood boil… @she lost so much weight till her ring was unwearable. @she was trying to get pregnant after VS one sided divorce filing + his family insinuating she has done a big wrong … WTH

    • Wow, how do you know this ?

      Are you a mind reader or fortune teller?

      I’m so impressed that you know she lost weight while trying to get pregnant.

      Or are just making up nonsense from your head ?

      Please say you’re a mind reader. Please!

  5. Im happy SJK is keeping himself busy. He’s a good man based on his reputation and a smart one at that. Nobody’s going to step on this guy. I got Innocent Man feels with his divorce move. Now, hes picked a good vehicle to pit his acting talent with another good actress Kim Tae Ri. Move on and be happy Jongki-ah.

  6. Don’t care about divorce, it’s their life. But another sci fi project…please can’t he do a polar, a com, … another drama i’ll have to pass.

  7. Girls what’s did you expect from married contract???They just doing this like in full house, so song joong ki getting tired with media play and end this clause contract. They just live separately after she banging park bo gum in encounter. Imagine your self overseas with young boy in Kuba that like honeymoon honey. I wonder who is chinese sponsor is???Why she often come in hong kong and china???

  8. Can not believe how this guy gets so much support for dumping on his supposed beloved. He has totally shown everyone what kind of a person he is. What can SHK say? No matter what she says she will get dumped on. He did this on purpose, he must really hate her. But he better watch out…what goes around comes around! I am another person who will not be watching his shows.

  9. Looking forward to it, work is a good distraction from divorce woes. He seemed to be the more in-love party and for him to file unilaterally shows how much their relationship has broken down. She was the one who triggered the divorce rumours months back by removing her wedding finger, so that ring slipping off her finger tale can be taken with a big pinch of salt.

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