TW-actor Bolin Chen Lasers Off Iconic Right Cheek Mole to Prevent Skin Cancer

I would have totally noticed the change so I’m glad Bolin Chen made the announcement in his own adorable way. The actor isn’t the most traditionally handsome type but really surged to perfect boyfriend status thanks to hit drama In Time With You. One of his visual traits is a dark mole on his right cheekbone about an inch below his eye. This week the actor shared that he got it lasered off because it could become malignant and he was preventing any possible skin cancer from there. His fans were sad that the iconic mole is gone but Bolin replied that the mole will forever be memorialized in all his prior works. True dat, and nothing is more important than being healthy and preventing illnesses when possible. Take this as a PSA, go check on any large moles peeps!

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