Hyun Bin Considering K-movie Bargaining Opposite Hwang Jung Min

Two bigwigs are working together soon, with box office champ Hwang Jung Min already confirmed talks are ongoing with Hyun Bin to make this pairing happen. The movie in question is a political thriller called Bargaining, not to be confused with Binnie’s last movie The Negotiation despite the similar titles. He was the antagonist in The Negotiation but in Bargaining he plays an NIS agent tasked with rescuing Korean hostages in the Middle East. Hwang Jung Min is confirmed to play the South Korean diplomat working alongside to free the captives. The movie will start shooting later this year with extensive overseas filming in Jordan, with a slated premiere date in late 2020.


Hyun Bin Considering K-movie Bargaining Opposite Hwang Jung Min — 11 Comments

    • I watched it last weekend and I really loved it. I think he plays film better than dramas, although I loved Secret Garden.

  1. I hope this movie with Hwang Jung Min is good because I was seriously disappointed in Hyun Bin in The Negotiations. His performance alone with Son Ye Jin were hard to watch. I feel they were off on portraying their characters. Hyun Bin seem to not understand his role because he was supposed to be a terrorist but instead came off as a statistic freak. I was happy he took a different gener but sadly he didn’t pull it off. I didn’t finish The Nagotiations because the story is too generic and weak. Sorry to say it’s very boring. But at least he tried.

    • The Negotiations is no doubt very sluggish and boring. I love Hyun Bin but I feel he bucher Min Tae Gu’s character in that movie. Hyun Bin seem to started losing his touch as a great actor. I was also not feeling his performance in Rampant but glad he was amazing in Memories Of The Alhambra. At least he is more enjoyable than Son Ye Jin. She is very bland and I can’t seem to enjoy her performance because she look confused. Overall The Negotiations is not a movie I would one to rewatched again. If it’s not because I was a huge fan of Hyun Bin; I probably dropped the movie when both characters have their first negotiation. I hope he bounce back with his acting in his up coming drama with Son Ye Jin again and this new movie with Hwang Jung Min. He’s handsome as always.

  2. It took me 20 minutes to finish reading your post because I was staring at that first picture of Hyundai Bin for 19 minutes GOOD GAWD

  3. Hyun Bin seems to put on weight and built up some muscles on his arms. Overall a fresher, nicer and hotter look. Can’t wait for his drama and new movie to come out.

  4. The Negotiations is not bad, just not great. It is the usual Asian story with good guys and bad guys. SYJ is more underwhelming than Binnie imo, she is more boring… Story is weak, just a 3 out of 5.

    • I’m not hating but Son Ye Jin is very bland in The Negotiations. The movie is a big disappointment after Hyun Bin movie Confidential Assignments.

  5. Thank you for the great first picture 🙂

    For the movie, why not. I did’t watch Negotiations but he was really great in MotA.

  6. Love him but he is no at the same league as Hwang Jung-min. Hopefully he’d do better here with Hwang than his previous films.

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