K-netizens Upset that Kang Ji Hwan Hired Four High Powered Lawyers for Upcoming Rape Trial

Despite K-actor Kang Ji Hwan admitting publicly that he was guilty of the allegations of rape and sexual assault on two women last month in July 2019, he still is still planning to go through a proper trial. He has apparently hired a four lawyer strong team to defend himself, likely arguing his initial defense that he was drunk and therefore not (as) culpable for his actions. He has every right to a defense that he can afford but K-netizens are upset that his strong lawyer team indicates that he’s not just accepting responsibility and whatever penal consequences to come. I’m all for defendants hiring lawyers as is a right but in Kang Ji Hwan’s case he’s probably thinking that his acting career is over might as well try to mitigate his potential jail time in real life. I think he’s trash either way and hope his case goes fast and he gets slapped with the proper sentence for his crimes.


K-netizens Upset that Kang Ji Hwan Hired Four High Powered Lawyers for Upcoming Rape Trial — 4 Comments

  1. LOL – idiots netizens. why would he not hire a good lawyers?
    despite what he did if he did, any person would want to avoid
    prison for couple of years. he admitted ok and? maybe the police
    forced him, maybe he guilty but want to minimize his punishment.
    its so stupid to anger something like that.
    the real punishment for him will be the shame, the life in prison,
    the fact that he will remember as evil actor all his life – all his
    work would never published again, he will never work again as an actor,
    he will be always an hateful person and a lot more.
    i dont care if he take 10 lawyers, i know he is finished person, i know
    he will be in prison for what he did if he did.

  2. What I hate the most in any k-drama is the drinking part.
    They really are worst than the russians.
    Getting drunk is neither cute nor should be an acceptable habit in their culture.

    America’s got gun problem, but Korea’s got drinking problem for sure.

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