Biggest Dispatch Idol Break of 2019 – Kang Daniel of Wanna One and TWICE’s Jihyo Confirmed Dating

Korean tabloid Dispatch strikes again though it usually breaks these kinds of news at the beginning of the year rather than a lazy day in early August. But still, nice to have some positive update to share about rather than criminal misconduct and shady shit. Kang Daniel, leader of Wanna One and winner of Produce 101 boy edition, and also currently just started his solo debut, has been outed by Dispatch as dating TWICE member Jihyo, Both agencies swiftly confirmed the dating rumors after Dispatch ran the story, apparently the two were introduced by a mutual idol sunbae and have been dating since early 2019. They meet once a week at least and their friends and idol colleagues all know they are dating. I think this is super cute and really happy for them. Cute couple and hopefully their respective fanbases don’t go crazy upset because of this.


Biggest Dispatch Idol Break of 2019 – Kang Daniel of Wanna One and TWICE’s Jihyo Confirmed Dating — 8 Comments

  1. Did I miss something? When did Kang Daniel become the leader of Wanna One? Just glad a Twice member is finally dating and God Daniel! Wowza!

  2. Daniel wasnt the leader of w1. While jihyo is the leader of Twice, not just a member. Cmiiw.

    Wow, big name only dates another big name. Daniel and jihyo of Twice. Like, Jennie of Blackpink with Kai of Exo. Now im waiting for BTS boys to confirm their relationship. Lols

    • BTS is the one group that I think won’t be ale to confirm a dating news anytime soon but I could be wrong. It is possible TXT will confirm a dating news before their sunbae does. This a big dating news indeed and if Jenkai were still dating that would be two of the most high profile kpop couples ever.

  3. I think normalizing open dating in Korea’s celebrity world is a good thing whether it is actors or idols. They are all doing it behind the scenes anyway. I saw a k-pop guy dance around the dating question in the past year…he was having to do this even after serving in the military and being in his 30ies. Dispatch can be shady, but I actually think eventually outing this might help normalize it.

    Now does this help Kang with his come back; probably not but maybe his fans will accept it which would be refreshing.

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