Hotel Del Luna Breakout Lee Do Hyun Offered Male Lead in PD Lee Eun Bok’s Next Drama Sweet Home

I wouldn’t be surprised if PD Lee Eun Bok or his casting staff checked out currently airing tvN drama Hotel Del Luna and was compelled to reach out to Lee Do Hyun to snag him for an upcoming drama. The sageuk era cutie in Hotel won prickly Man Wol’s heart and also the audiences with his smirk and smooth flirting but the role he’s being offered for PD Lee’s next drama Sweet Home is the complete opposite. He plays a high school student who retreats from the world due to school violence, and eventually loses his family and moves away into a new place where strange things happen. It’s based on the same name webtoon and PD Lee himself is coming off three huge hit dramas Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, and Mr. Sunshine so this quite a big deal to be tapped for his next role.


Hotel Del Luna Breakout Lee Do Hyun Offered Male Lead in PD Lee Eun Bok’s Next Drama Sweet Home — 13 Comments

    • There is no point bringing in your “former child actors” talk here. Rookies can become pros, and all children become adults. This industry is based upon “survival of the fittest” whether the person is a child or an adult. Everyone starts sometime, somewhere, somehow…

    • @High Just say the name instead of being pretentious and sly. You mean YOO JIN GOO. There I’ve written it loud and clear. These constant digs that you and these antis have going is getting repetitive and really annoying. You’re doing your best to piss of YJG fans like myself to your detriment and it’s obvious. The guy can’t get a moments peace from the barrage and criticisms he gets on this blog and I’ve had enough keep going and I’m going to respond right back at you.

  1. What a big break for a fairly unknown actor, I’m so happy for him! He was so endearing in 30 but 17, I can’t wait to see him in HDL also. I love organic career progressions like this where an actor is recognized for their talent and given more chances to prove themselves.

  2. Is it really male lead tho? Or just a minion type thing? Because this blog has gotten it wrong multiple times over I must say.

    • If the description of the character is correct, then yes it is the lead. I am currently reading the webtoon and the lead is a character called Hyun. There’s a slight difference in what Ms Koala has described but as we all know things change for a drama but the description isn’t too off from the webtoon.

      • Pretty sure the lead is song kang since he was offered the role first but how does lee jinhyuk fit into this drama?

      • Lee Jin Wook has been shoulder tapped for the drama too unsure as to what role though.

  3. Hello,my dear Lee Do Hyun! I love your roles in 18 Again. You’re very, very handsome and cute. Also talented actor. I’ll be waiting for your next movies. I love you. Stay safe and healthy. God bless you more. ?❤️??

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