Before We Get Married Delivers a Good But Wanting More Ending as Leads Jasper Liu and Puff Guo Hit the Chemistry Jackpot

It’s been a short and long 13-weeks watching live to TW-drama Before We Get Married (We Cannot Be Friends) which ended this Friday just as my summer is coming to a close. I want to thank this fantastic drama and leads Jasper Liu and Puff Guo for bringing me back to crack TW-drama land and also elevating everything I’ve liked about them before as potential into actual substance in this drama. The wedding teasers were a feint of course, the second leads got married and our hot-blooded Ke Huan and sassy Wei Wei were just the best man and maid of honor, but we know they found their way back to each other in the end so the happy ending was there other than we won’t get to see it live. Wei Wei and her frustratingly dense ex-fiancee 3-2-1 (Li Hao Yi) got a really meaningful closure where she came clean and he finally understood what went wrong in their relationship, and ultimately we know our smexy leads have ended all their existing entanglements fully so they can have a fresh start together going forward. That and a sexy as all out bed scene makes this drama a must save and will rewatch for me.


Before We Get Married Delivers a Good But Wanting More Ending as Leads Jasper Liu and Puff Guo Hit the Chemistry Jackpot — 8 Comments

  1. I need to watch it again with subs to be certain… but I think I am satisfied with the ending. Weiwei needed time and space, and Kehuan has the respect and confidence to let her go so they could have a future.

    I would have loved one (or 500) more scenes of them just being happy and cute together. But I completely bought into their chemistry and compatibility. I believe they’ll date and get married at their own pace.

  2. I want to know why Baiyang totally disappeared and 321 got so many dang scenes.

    Like was the actor, Steven Sun, the nicest person on the planet?? Cause from this viewers’s standpoint, watching him dominate the final episode was just aggravating.

  3. I stopped at the halfway point and just jumped back in and finished up. I had to do quite a bit of skipping with the ex and 321. This would have been better with maybe 10 episodes and a bit better pacing…he fell for her way too soon. I actually would have liked to have seen how she got to her 2.0 status instead of seeing repetitive scenes with her and the fiancee. Still, I liked enough of this drama to stick with it and the sizzling chemistry of the two leads is no joke.

  4. I knew from the beginning the drama wouldn’t end with them asan official couple. I feel that is appropriate and that was my hope. There was way too much baggage from their previous relationships to carry into a new one. Better to start fresh.

  5. OMG.

    I just realized that the actor who plays 3-2-1 is the same actor that plays Liu Chuan’s best friend in “In A Good Way”! WOW.

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