Leads are Gorgeous and Everyone Figures Things Out in Thoughtful Finale in TW-drama Before We Get Married

I’ve got one final batch of drama stills to share, courtesy of GTV for wrapping up its TW-drama Before We Get Married (We Can Not Be Friends) with more goodies to slowly ease fans off the withdrawal now that we don’t have new episodes to look forward to every Friday. I thought another episode could be merited but then the two central conflicts with the exes would simply be dragged out another hour so nah, I’m glad it ended in episode 13 with swell send offs for everyone.

I loved the final wedding scene, a feint for the two leads who weren’t getting married but merely the maid of honor and best man for their two friends. We find out that the exes have all moved on in the year since, 3-2-1 is married and Zi Yuan has a boyfriend. That clears the way for Wei Wei 1.8 (not yet 2.0) to finally make her move on Ke Huan with a “May I buy you a coffee?” His smile lit up that church he’s so cute and she’s just gorgeous with that simply tied back low pony and off-shoulder white hi-low gown. I may not get to see their wedding and happily ever after but I’ve got enough to visualize it in my head, my cute pretties! Continue reading

Happy Ending in Sight as TW-drama Before We Get Married Coasts into Final Episode on Friday

Taiwan dramas prioritize satisfaction over surprises the way K-dramas love to end episodes on cliffhangers and sometimes focuses on that at the expense of smoother storytelling. TW-drama Before We Get Married got me back on the motherland train after three … Continue reading

OTP Attraction Spills Over in Episode 4 of Before We Get Married with Annoying Exes Even more Annoying

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