Ji Chang Wook Gazes Tenderly at Won Jin Ah in First Drama Poster for Melt Me Softly

Summer is nearly over and we all need a cool down, what better than the upcoming tvN drama Melt Me Softly (Melt Me) to deliver a dose of hot and cold. The drama won’t arrive until the end of September unfortunately, the Sat-Sun time slot will be vacated this weekend with the finale of Hotel Del Luna but the next four weeks will have the final and third season of sageuk Arthdal Chronicles. I always get a jolt of excitement when a drama delivers a good poster and this one for Melt Me Softly is just lovely. The way male lead Ji Chang Wook gazes at Won Jin Ah makes men swoon not to mention her exquisite profile visuals. They play a pair unexpectedly frozen for twenty years to be thawed up in our current crazy modern times and with their friends and family aged 20 years ahead of them. There’s tons of angst to milk including with Yoon Se Ah in her 40’s playing Ji Chang Wook’s ex-girlfriend who suddenly sees her man back in her life after she’s moved on for the past twenty years.


Ji Chang Wook Gazes Tenderly at Won Jin Ah in First Drama Poster for Melt Me Softly — 4 Comments

  1. That poster looks like WJA actually aged 20 years she looks 40! Her makeup and hair and dress don’t do her justice and she has a mannequin kinda scarey vibe to her. JCW expression looks apprehensive and almost like ‘should I or shouldn’t I touch her Ekk here goes!’. Anyway I like the storyline but moreso how Yoon Se Ah’s character reacts to seeing her BF 20 years later still looking the same. I’m more intrigued by that premise then anything else.

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