Eric and Jung Yumi Turn Down K-drama Remake of Que Sera Sera, Rising Actor Wi Ha Joon in Talks for Male Lead

This is a bummer for fans of the original but a chance for something entirely different. Eric and Jung Yumi, who have worked together two times before, were in talks to reunite again on the remake of their own hit drama Que Sera Sera from 2007. Unfortunately both have passed on the remake due to scheduling issues but I think it’s likely due to not wanting to cloud what made the original so sexy and addictive the first time around. That’s ok, I can also always rewatch their wonderful second go-around in Discovery of Love. The QSS remake is still a go and in talks for male lead is rising actor Wi Ha Joon, who is more familiar to me by face than name. He’s had supporting roles in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, Matrimonial Chaos, and Romance is a Bonus Book. He has that smoldering sexy vibe down that Eric patented in the original QSS so the casting is looking promising so far for the remake.


Eric and Jung Yumi Turn Down K-drama Remake of Que Sera Sera, Rising Actor Wi Ha Joon in Talks for Male Lead — 8 Comments

  1. Omg! Love him in something in the rain. Invfact, I was hoping he woukd be the main lead domeday due yo his solid acting. He looks so manly. I think i even like him more than eric acting wise.

    • Yes yes yes please Jung Eugene that would be a coup to have them both lead. She is another underrated actress imo that should be lead alongside WJH. I mean she never scores her man let this drama be the one. I’ve never seen QSS so it’s exciting times if the cast were chosen as I’ve mentioned.

  2. Que Sera Sera was my first kdrama and it is a special one for me. I’m not a big fan of remake, but I liked Wi Ja Hoon in Pretty Noona but overall in Romance is a Bonus Book.

    I’m curious if this kind of drama can work nowadays.

  3. oh no i’m so sad. i was so intrigued by the idea of the original main leads reprising their roles on a remake since it has never been done before.

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