Rookie Actress Jeon So Nee in Talks to Headline Remake of Que Sera Sera with Wi Ha Joon

I’m appreciating the direction the casting for the upcoming K-drama remake of Que Sera Sera is going after original leads Eric and Jung Yumi turned down reprising their own roles a decade later. Their colleagues of their own generation would naturally be compared to them, so how better to use truly fresh faces. Rising actor Wi Ha Joon is in talks for the male lead as of last week and now this week K-ent is reporting that newcomer Jeon So Nee has been offered the female lead. She’s best known for playing the second female lead in tvN slow romance Encounter (Boyfriend) and really not the best actress right off the bat. I remember her mostly for her character being quietly well-written and devolving into the crazy stereotype of doing anything to wreck the OTP romance so she could get the male lead for herself. I find her very easy on the eyes with a classy charisma so her casting sounds great. Continue reading