Song Hye Kyo Serene on All White Attending New York Fashion Show

It’s officially fall which means the New York Fashion week is in full swing. Snapped by attendees and Vogue Magazine is K-actress Song Hye Kyo, who has been keeping steady with her acting and endorsement career with no blip after her high profile divorce with Song Joong Ki earlier in the summer. Of course it’s now old news especially with this last month’s shocking and packed with salacious allegations divorce between Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun. It’s like Gu Hye Sun saw Song Hye Kyo getting raked through the coals and said “hold by beer” and one-upped her. Song Hye Kyo was in all white in a classic suited look with a tightly cinched waist and emphasized her womanly figure. She looks great and seems to be enjoying herself so keep on girlfriend.


Song Hye Kyo Serene on All White Attending New York Fashion Show — 68 Comments

  1. She is moving on gracefully and at her own pace. Keep going beautiful lady! Find closure and inner peace. Ignore the noise and media plays that will not contribute to your growth

  2. This hopefully will be my last post regarding her divorce or anything related to her. My previous post sounds so bitter and I am still bitter especially regarding her persona of elegant and demure woman when she is anything but.
    I used to like her,not necessarily a Big fan, but I do watched many of her drama unless I cant stand the actor she paired with. I watched dots, dont really think she had much chemistry with jongki but I can sense Jongki interest of her from all the promos and bts, and I become casual song2 shipper. I do follow some of their friends instagram accounts and there were so many hints from social media before their relationship reprted by media, thanks to her and her sns addict friends.
    I knew that jongki is head over heel for her, and during their dating, he actually flew one day journey just to spend a day with her, that was when she did her photoshoot for her photobook which I think just her way making money from her retarded fans where she flew all over the world with her beloved friends who happened to be her make up artist, stylist, photographer. Well majority of her so called close friends are the people she hired, I just didnt think much before why she lives such secluded life, only befriends with the people she paid their salary which I Now think IT screamed living in sponsored life,
    Every dating events that was caught by social media about how much jongki did for her, how every time he was having break from filming battleship island, he spend time with her, buying flowers ,expensive wines etc.

  3. I already suspected their separation way before their divorce, just from the sns post of her or her minion friends and wasnt suprised at all. And the way jongki filming for divorce make me really Questioned her morality.This man used to be head over heels with her and Now become so angry and filing for one sided divorce which was granted .Must be because of strong reason, and infidelity one of the cause. And all her rumors suddenly make sense to me.
    And I was disgusted of her media play about difference in personality and wanted to get pregnant earlier. Yeah right, you tried like for how many months really to get preganant?she married in OCT , spending time traveling together for like few months and announced her drama in july which she already agreed much early most probably. And she never moved to Jongki house which he purchased because I guess she already plan her divorce already.And dont forget her shaddy marriage which she claimed didnt get any sponsors but was broadcasted by streaming site owned by zhang zi yi husband who happened to be guest of honor of her wedding

    • @ nobody important I really have to step in and help you out since you have certain FACTS wrong.

      The villa that sjk bought was used as a collateral for his elder brother’s ‘entertainment company ‘ business. THAT house was NEVER bought in mind as their marital home. so sjk moved into HER home which SHE bought and stayed there.. like a manly and proud asian MAN should. ;P

      And sigh.. this is fundamental.. it has been verified that SHK filed for divorce FIRST.. she kept quiet out of respect for his ongoing drama.BUT sjk felt HE had to announce it first to the media so that it would seem like she was the ‘ wrong party ‘and subject her to all that media circus.

      So…your reasoning that she had an affair simply becos SJK created such a brouhaha over the announcement is rather warped. We dont know if anyone had an affair.. but seeing that your FACTS are not even accurate in the first place, I would go back and check them out before you suffocate yourself in all that bitterness and venom you are spitting out over your own misconceptions.

      All the best to you !

  4. I bet sucking face with bogum made her realise how much she missing if she stayed married,all the boy toys she cant have because of her marriage status.And she always end her relationship before doing new project since you know she need to seduce her co star for real to make their chemistry beliveable.Having a powerful sponsors make her bold enough to have an affair to make jongki divorce her. And Look at her, not affected an ounce saved for some negatives comments which will definitely reduced once she have another hit drama, just look at her tax evasion scandals . And of course her retarded fans with wannabe feminazi who always blamed men for every things that happened. Owh I wonder how many people her agency is suing anyway since her retarded fans is going around threatened every one who posted negatives comments of her.
    This will be my last post and I will never watched anything from her ever, not that she missing much Looking at her legion of fans on sns. But really why people cant think enough about how jongki behave as a scorned ex if their mere difference is the personality, not because she did something terrible enough like infedility for him to file for divorce first.

      • Ahh because @Nobody Important is venting and getting it off her chest and it was actually interesting reading her opinion on the whole situation.

      • @Ginger Crunch Her opinion is obviously based on ignorance then. The fact that the whole divorce process only took five mins to be completed should speak volumes. SJK could’ve prolonged for as long as he could and people would totally believe she was cheating but he didn’t, did he? I saw some of his fans saying he was being considerate of her. Considerate? Really? ?

      • @Ginger Crunch Weren’t you the one praising SHK for gracefully handling her divorce? I think you were shading GHS coz she wouldn’t keep quiet about AJH who I assume is another fav of yours. You prefer the wife to settle her issues in private but you have no problem with unfounded rumors? Interesting.

      • Oh diddums @Sunshine and @Janjan Now tell me how am I being critical of SHK when I just stated that @Nobody important was merely venting? You read too much into it and in good ole fashion response you both just had to take me to task. And I’m actually glad that you read my past posts and taken noticed enough to proclaim it here. Umm any reason why you didn’t want to reply back then? Please calm down and I do stand by my claim that SHK handled her divorce with class.

        Furthermore I like SJK and PBG so why drag them into this just to prove your point? Your opinion to say NBI opinion is based on ignorance since when were you the judgemental gatekeeper? That’s what it is your opinion; my opinion and NBI opinion and for the 50millionth time that’s what this forum is for…is to express your opinion. We agree to disagree.

        And another point GHS is a total lost cause for publicly slandering AJH via IG and tell me where is she now? She certainly ain’t posting and Koala has stopped writing updates of GHS after the tables were turned when Dispatch revealed the text convo. Don’t know why they were dragged into this?

        So please do me a favour and reread my first post here again until you understand that I did not imply and support NBI opinion as I just merely pointed what NBI response was and found it “interesting reading”.

        You’re so Typically quick to pass judgement which is okay we know @sunshine You’re on SHK posts but you have to seriously stop being so defensive when it’s about your faves too. (I’m just reiterating what you wrote below)

        And @Janjan I take exception to being called a hypocrite as if I wrote something detrimental about SHK here which I didn’t. Don’t misconstrue my post and getting the wrong end of the stick.

        Toodle loo

      • @Ginger Crunch Yes, I AM defensive..but only when I see something vindictive. I’m still rational, I’ve no problem accepting criticisms about her.

        Why didn’t I reply to your posts back then? I had no reason to since those comments weren’t really about my faves eventhough you did mention SHK. I don’t stick my nose into everything.

        Well if you think we are all entitled to our opinions, then surely you won’t have problems with anyone posting anything about your fav actors eventhough it includes unfounded rumors right? Then we can also stop replying and ‘correcting’ each other even if the post is filled with malicious contents?

      • @Sunshine I get it but that’s my point my post did not support what NBI had written (interesting reading does not equate to ‘yes I agree’) yet you, Jinjan were up in arms over my reply. You both took liberty to go on the anti which was really uncalled for. Also @cahill admired NBI courage in giving her opinion when she commented yet you didn’t rake her? Yeah I have tonnes of actors I follow and will always try and defend them if there are derogatory and nonsensical words bandied about so of course I would without any hesitation try to get involved.

      • @janjan Reread my post to understand what I wrote to get the gist but I’ll spell it out and paraphrase it for you again. NBI was venting her opinion and I said it was an interesting read. No opinion to support her claim was given yet you took umbrage and hello with all guns blazing?? For what? You gotta read in context.

      • @Ginger Crunch Because you replied to me first. I was just questioning NBI why she sounded so bitter and then you came and talked about ‘interesting reading’. It was interesting coz it wasn’t about your faves? How would you feel if anyone posted three lengthy posts about your faves having sponsors, cheating on their spouses when there were no proofs whatsoever? This isn’t about someone criticising SHK’s acting skills or outfits..this is about someone writing such strong allegations. If NBI posted all these comments on Naver, I’m sure SHK’s Korean fans would already send some screenshots to UAA. But since she’s an ifan, I guess there’s nothing I could do about it.

      • @sunshine – Interesting Reading does not mean I support or agree with the content. It’s just that it’s interesting that someone has a vested emotional interest in spending 3 posts to write a lengthy opinion piece. That’s it. Her opinion on the matter. However she needed to let it out and so be it. Do I believe her – nope that’s why I said it’s interesting.

      • @Ginger Crunch If you’d replied to her post instead of mine, I would’ve assumed differently.

    • @Ginger Crunch your a hypocrite i read your post when bogum get slandered comments in his prev article and you are so mad against the haters and yet here your just letting this person spread defamatory against shk w/o evidence.

      • @Ginger Crunch is a Boyoo shipper and all of them are hypocrites with zero taste since they stand flops who can’t act. She’s the worst persona on this site and so insecure about her faves. Loser.

      • @Bilyagain Come again and what other aliases are you also posting under? Don’t hide. Nope don’t put words into my mouth and get personal. So what if I’m a Booyoo shipper with all my 100 other ships happening but to name call me out as a loser you’re actually the one that can’t maintain holding a sensible post exchange without losing it too…Geez another one that has to drag in others just to prove a point. But if I’m a loser then you’re just a herp derp. ?

      • @Bilyagain Aww feel better letting it all out? I’m the worst persona on this site? Please don’t flatter me. When were the awards nominees announced. I thought @valentinazara was top contender? Hahahahaha exciting times. But I guess you’re still smarting from way back to jump on this thread to get up close and personal with me. Shucks did I roast you before? Umm so you’re an anti of PBG and KYJ and you’ve followed this blog to make that call that I’m insecure about my faves. Well no I’m not I think you’ve mis used the word ‘insecure’ but you should replace it with say ‘passionate’ or ‘dedicated’ or even defensive that would sum it up nicely. So are you going to comment on SHK or you just just jumping on the band wagon to take pot shots at me?

      • @janjan Ah I was mad about that derogatory post Koala wrote about PBG going to the hospital which turned out to be a big fat lie! Get it right. Yeah hard out I was defending him and SJK so what’s your beef with calling me out here for being a hypocrite again?

    • @nobody important, hey girl chill! Your bitterness is unwarranted. It was their life and relationship, not yours. They are clearly trying to move on with their lives. Divorce is common. Sometimes you just have to accept that relationships does not work out. Its better to leave and walk away instead of staying in a toxic relationship. Stop living in their lives, learn to move on and be productive instead of this saltiness in a thread they will not read.

    • @nobody important, i don’t know if your analysis is a wright one or not, but i admire your courage for sharing your opinion as SHK has so much fans.

    • Poor Nobody, you are still there, speculating,blaming & feeling down, angry in your own speculative world! Hope the past of others will not effect your life negatively

    • My friends said exactly the same thing like you. They believe shk did something terrible to him thats why sjk divorce first. And they even not sjk fans. So no, not everyone in shk’s side.
      For me I just dont believe shk cheating with pbg. There’s some clue that can prove sjk and pbg still in good relationship. I bet sjk just not stable enough to defend him. So I hope you stop dragging park bogum into this.

      • @Poh It was mutually agreed but he went behind her back when he filed for the divorce first. If SHK did something terrible, why would SJK still pretend like everything was fine a few weeks prior to announcement? She’d been very consistent with her answers since early this year when she talked about focusing on herself only. They’d been having prob since last year but he only thought of divorcing her in June? Lol. Btw it’s good that you believe PBG and SJK are still on good terms. Maybe those fans of his can now stop accusing SHK of having an affair with him.

      • @sunshine I decide to not bother with this marriage thing. Eventho sjk is my fav but I won’t say hurtful thing about his ex just because of some rumor. And about sjk fans that accused park bogum, it’s ok they are just minority, PBG fanbase is big in Korea (and kinda scary to be honest), it means nothing for him.
        And I think you better ask your friends to stop throwing hateful comments to park bogum. Because that guy not doing any bad thing to your bias.

      • @Poh My friends? Who? I wish your positive thinking could also be applied to SHK’s fans. Yes, there are probably a few who’ve said bad things about PBG but definitely not all. Imo a lot of us have said nice things about him and we even defended him whenever someone accused him of something.

  5. The divorce is in complete agreement. And the only reason why they opt for divorce meditation is because of their property and earnings during the marriage. If she commited adultery their divorce will take months to settle because he needs to prove to the court she commited adultery.
    @nobody important stop showing your ignorance here.

  6. A perfect example of why you should avoid shipping it can make someone go Cray cray lol
    With the money Shk earn from her hallyu dramas Autumn in my heart, All in, Full house and Dots and her million dollar cf fees one can afford living a luxurious life. Chill girl move on go out date someone live your life. I pity you.

  7. The divorce is in comple agreement that is the reason why it was granted fast. The only reason why its messy because sjk filed and announce it w/o notifying her.
    Goo hye sun and Song joong ki actually have something in common they drag their divorce matters to the press and acted like a victim.

  8. Hypocrite Ginger Crush back at it again. More shit posts for your faves with their dead in the water dramas and failed careers. Stay away from SHK and from defending people who try to blame her for the divorce. Your faves deserve to keep failing. Get lost form this forum and don’t comment on SHK anymore.

  9. @jjj Blah blah blah what a childish response and seriously it’s GINGER CRUNCH not crush and oh I’m so scared running away from your bad grammar and spelling. My faves are countless and nope a lot are succeeding doing their thing but telling me to keep away from posting on SHK please just back off. What are you? Judge Judy? Stop hiding behind your countless aliases you twerp.

  10. And do me a favour @jjj another dumb dump that can’t read a post. Venting and interesting are words used in my original note and is in no way angling doubt at SHK. What part don’t you understand? I’m not a hypocrite but I’m a hippocrip if it makes it any easier for you to understand.

  11. Song Hye Kyo is Song Hye Kyo. As her fan I want her to end up with a Westerner not smallminded Asian guy like her ex. Bogum fans need not worry she will never date that kind of guy he is not even manly. Lol. Her type of guy is not a flowerboy. SJK was a mistake.

    • Lmao, sjk was a mistake? So lee byuhyun and Hyun-bin not? You’re making it worse. the fact that she was married to sjk, it’s mean she will date anyone. you misunderstanding her, I guess.
      And no, park bo gum fans not worry at all. Because we know PBG won’t have any interesting with your bias. Especially when he already working with super pretty and young actresses before.

      • Have you re-read you previous comment? You had no problem saying your friends believed SHK made a terrible mistake yet you got mad at someone saying SJK was a mistake. A bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

      • It’s my friends, not me. I never said I agree with them. And I replying to @nobodyimportant because she sounds so emotional.
        Whats wrong with shk fans? Really?

      • @Poh Then what was your point mentioning that part about your friends? You know you could’ve defended PBG without talking about it. Btw there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m doing exactly what you did when your bias was being dragged. Lol

      • Oh I talking with her as sjk fans you know. Because she thought everyone in shk’s side, so just want to make sure that there’s still people who believe in sjk.
        And yes you defend her in immature way. You can defend your bias when they insulting her, but you even not accepting different opinions. Sorry, I’m not like you.

      • It’s not different opinions, it’s insulting.
        You are defending your bias but you too do you accept @angele1 different opinion.
        Here is my opinions : SHK is happy and finely move on with grace and she could careless about your bias. So move on!!!

      • @Poh Which part of her comment says EVERYONE is on SHK’s side? If that was the case, then she wouldn’t have to deal with all those hateful comments.

        You accused me of not accepting different opinions but what about you? Do you accept others’ opinions as well?

    • @ta I’m talking about fact. Shk still picks sjk as her husband. It means she’s doesn’t mind with flower boy type. It’s pretty clear.
      I’m not saying anything about ‘smallminded Asian guy like her ex’ right? It’s ok if @angele1 thinks about sjk like that. that’s her opinion. But I bet you wont let anyone say the same thing about shk, right?

      • @Poh Some SJK’s fans have said worse things about SHK..accusing her of cheating and having sponsors..but have you seen any of her fans here doing the same thing? You got angry when your fav’s called small-minded but you obviously had no prob with all those allegations written by NBI. You even mentioned what your friends believed in as if you were validating her points.

      • THats why she said it was a mistake, LBH and HB at least don’t do passive aggressive movement when the relationship doesn’t work well. Gentlemen speaks thru their actions.

  12. And to all of those commenters who say NBI gibberish blaming, accusations, speculation as “opinions”, I hope one day you should reflect and stay your ground and say to those trolls who did the same thing to bias as they are just merely “passing opinions”.

    • @Ta You should just reference me because it’s obvious I’m the only one that said opinion but you can tell it was an emotional outburst on NBI part that’s why she wrote 3 lengthy posts. The difference here on this thread is that it turned feral and I got name called and told not to ever post on SHK articles yeah right just because my First post used the words venting and interesting turned into hyenas in a feeding frenzy starting going off dragging in others to prove a point. I got tonnes of biases that I support so I guess you’ll be seeing me in defence mode more often.

  13. i hope now she is nearing 40, she starts doing dramas like go hyun jung who has amazing career in 40s as well. What a longevity.what sets Shk along with jjh and kth apart from other actresses who were at top with them in 2000s is their long dominance. This decade decided the top 3 from 80s born actress. Followed by hanji min and son ye jin. Shk has just hit iver hits since autumn in my heart. insane

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