Seolhyun is an Educated Lady in Teaser for jTBC drama My Country

We’ve got two warrior male leads so it’s fitting that the jTBC sageuk My Country is crafting the leading lady as a scholar type. Seolhyun’s teaser for My Country dropped this week and she’s set against the same all black back drop as male leads Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan in their teasers, but while they were wielding swords and lots of pain/anger in their teasers, her’s is all quiet and pensive. She’s writing and looks beautiful against the stillness. I forgot how soft her voice is and worry she’s giving off the soft flower type leading lady when she should be fierce and equally as charismatic as the two male leads to create a viable love triangle.

Seolhyun teaser for My Country:


Seolhyun is an Educated Lady in Teaser for jTBC drama My Country — 7 Comments

  1. If only looks were everything…. unfortunately, she’s going to need to hold her own between two intense and charismatic actors. Wishing her luck.

  2. She’s easy on the eyes. Sadly, that’s all there is to her. I’m tired of idol castings that don’t help a good drama reach it’s full potential and become a memorable classic we can al go back to. Anyone out there feel the same?

  3. Arggghhh this seriously looks like a great drama and Jang Hyuk as well I am hoping that Seolhyun really brings it because 3 stellar male leads in the line up she’ll really drop the ball if her acting bits are not up to scratch. It’s like her beauty outshines her talent and yep Queendom is just the best! Wishful thinking but I hope she becomes like Honey Le later on down the track.

  4. She has this habit of speaking in a way that sounds like she’s trying not to move her jaw or lower face. Wonder if she stopped doing that, because um, nothing she’s been in so far shows her capable of matching up with the male leads (who are not perfect but very promising and at least have some acting ability).

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