Arthdal Chronicles Ends with 7.373% Ratings and Confirms There Will Another Season

tvN chose to bisect the airing of fantasy sageuk Arthdal Chronicles into technically three parts but aired in two segments. Part 1 and 2 aired together as 12-episodes, then came Hotel Del Luna, and now Part 3 aired as a final 6-episode chunk. But the story itself was Season 1 and boy did it sure feel like it. I don’t know if the entire 54 billion won was spent on filming season 1 already so only a portion was spent, but either way the production company has indeed decided it wants to film the planned Season 2 and Season 3. The entire Arthdal run so far has felt like one very long, muddy, and boring prologue. There is no catharsis at the end of Sunday’s episode 18, just another set up for more conflict and battle for the supremacy and livelihoods of the denizens of this ancient world. I don’t know if there is any reason other than curiosity to see if the disappointment gets better with the new season(s) but this experiment in making a multi-season Games of Throne type epic in K-dramas is an early fail.


Arthdal Chronicles Ends with 7.373% Ratings and Confirms There Will Another Season — 33 Comments

    • I agree, the results were not what they expected ratings wise. Also TBH the poster images looked like a joke, a failed first impression.

      • @lolol israel is in Asia.. it’s middle east but Asia.

        But yes, he looks like Jesus in the last scene of ep 18. Im not the only one who think this way lols.

      • Lolol hahaha geez Middle East is part of Asia. I don’t mean to be rude but don’t hang out too much in here I guess and read a little.

      • Actually you did mean to be rude which I don’t even really care because I don’t know you and your opinion of me doesn’t even matter. Nor do your suggestions either really.

  1. That last scene of SJK being lifted by the Ago tribe was straight out of GoT. They literally plagiarized the entire concept with the typical kdrama concepts added on for good measure. Do they really plan on spending another 54 billion won?

  2. The success of Season 1 is break even point. I don’t see why they shouldn’t go ahead with their new season? Audience are loving Part 3. Obviously the set of people who knows better are those who invest their Money on them. I am all for new season. It still hold a stables rating of 6-7% despite early criticism. But by end of show,It received acclaimed for unique plot and casting. Fans are loving this show and even producers are willing to spend their money on new season then clearly its not fail like many here are claiming to be.

    • Agree, not only inetz but even knetz are demanding season 2. As a fan of this show and those Fans who spent their time on this show deserves to know complete plot of this show.

    • Agree. The bulk of the budget had been in set construction so costs for S2 should be much lower. Despite the local muted response, AC is loved by international audience on Netflix. Since S1 focused more on TG and TH, whereas ES and TY were portrayed as weaker and slowly building power, hope S2 will highlight them more. Another AC merit is the discovery of good looking supporting hunks and gals such as RZ, YC, MG, XB, Neanthal gal.

      • Sound like the comments are very polarized. Not all international audience are liking AC on Netflix. All my GoT-watching friends are dissing AC. And there are a lot more interesting dramas to watch on Netflix with better production and costumes. So it depends what kind of people you are associated with. To me, it is a joke to see such low ratings but I respect that the fans will continue to watch hoping for a clearer storyline at least.

  3. As much as I love the star-studden cast that I know can delivery, the drama was a failure for me in costume and its fantasy concept.

    Maybe because when it was announce as a fantasy drama, I was expecting it to be similar to Bae Yong-joon “The Legend” drama with element of god and mythical being. I would had enjoyed it with the pre-Gorguyeo costume era that was similar to the Legend drama that ties to Korean history vs. costume that felt more European/Games of Thrones .

    And given that the plot is of the Aramun, I wish that it gives off more of a mythical element that explain the power of Aramun and his reincarnation the same way that the Legend did with Hwang-woong and his reincarnation Damdeok that was set to gather his 4 mythical beast and change the nation.

    It just felt like Arthdal had such high hope of a epic fantasy drama that could top the Legend but it fail as it tries to derail away towards a more Games of Thrones world.

  4. I got bored in the middle of it, waiting for something to happen. Euseom was hinted to be sort of a god reincarnation but he spends the whole season clueless, powerless and enslaved. Tanya is not very aggressive in her approach either. Tagon and Tealha dominated without any real threats for their scheming. I guess I got tired of waiting for more action and don’t think I will watch any further seasons.

  5. No one watching this in my place. Im still remember how people watching encounter in my office, or my friends mentioning MOA or talk about hotel del luna. Still 7% rating totally high for tv cable, but the budget is too much.
    Im not blaming the actors for that, I blaming the PD. The pilot ep is total failed for me.

  6. The only reason I’m keeping my netflix account is because of this show because $14 a month is ridiculous when Amazon prime atleast also provides prime shipping.

    I’m such a sucker for the political fantasy genre and I am absolutely loving Saya, Tagon, the new queen dynamics. It’s weird that like I hate them all but then when they are fighting with their enemies I don’t want them to die lol.

    Definitely would have been more invested in Eunsom If they spent less time with him in a hole and getting abused and showed him gaining some strength.

    • Netflix also has Stranger Things and some good originals, it’s worth my money ?

      But I agree, it’s weirdly interesting – like you said, everyone in Arthdal are terrible people but when they are fighting their enemies, I want them to win. The cast is good too.

  7. Feels like they’re just saying that now but will later retracted the statement. It’s a fact that the ratings were low given the hype as the next Mr. Sunshine/Goblin drama of the year+ biggest budget in drama history. It’s not even as big internationally as Scarlet Heart Ryeo, which had mediocre domestic ratings but huge following in Asia. Maybe if Netflix decides to fully produce and air it, then it will happen.

  8. AC was a big mess since the beginning until the end… Why they don’t say it will have several seasons? Why they made one season in 3 parts? They should have taken more time for the postproduction, made a better editing and released the 18 episodes following.

  9. Netflix footing the next bill. So CJ doesn’t care. If Netflix has money to burn, why challenge it. 54 billion won is pocket change in comparison to the american TV series anyways. Its win win for CJ as their subsidiary earns production fees and for the next round, they only pay for korean airing rights.

  10. well it’s failed being romance by loading eunsom-tanya-saya loves without touch, it’s failed being action while tagon as big warrior without war but turn into drama romcom? with his superfeeling to taelhae 😀
    even the strories can’t develop the character as personal. i hope it’ll getting better if they promise to make it until 3 seasons. geez can’t imagine if it’s not because the great actor itself

  11. pls has the contunuation of chronicle of aseudal titlled ‘legend of arth’been released pls
    i stop in season 7
    i just want to clarify some doubts pls

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