Angelababy Attends Busan International Film Festival in One-shoulder Dress with Trashbag Texture

C-netizens have been scrutinizing Angelababy for the last decade ever since she debuted so it’s nothing she’s not used to. Recent issues with her is more PS so she looks rather Thai beauty in features and of course her maybe divorce to actor Huang Xiaoming. If she did get more PS whatever floats her boat and if she is divorced I much prefer this low key silence than the public airing of grievances going on in K-ent right now. Last weekend she was in K-ent land attending the Busan International Film Festival and walked the red carpet in a black one-shoulder ball gown that is getting comparisons to wearing a trash bag because of the weird wrinkly shiny texture. This honestly looks like one of those DIY outfits that cute girl does on Instagram copying famous looks, but clearly this one must be expensive and by a designer. I think Angelababy pulls it off but it’s a reminder to check the texture of a dress before donning it.


Angelababy Attends Busan International Film Festival in One-shoulder Dress with Trashbag Texture — 17 Comments

  1. The style and design of the dress is great, even the texture is fine. Perhaps it would have worked better if it’s not black in colour.

  2. I like her dress. Her make up always on point. Always look forward on her red carpet fashion. She always one of the most beautiful actress for me

  3. I never understood why some people are so aghast when people have plastic surgery. If you’re so into being all natural then don’t wear make up, don’t have more than 5 pairs of clothing, don’t get a hair cut, don’t cut your nails, don’t take a shower, don’t exercise and etc etc.

    • I think the problem with her in specific is that she keeps denying it. She always denies it and then gets offended if people say she did get plastic surgery. She even went as far to get a doctor to “prove” she’s natural. Which was a horrible idea, cause doctors can get paid off & also shows more guilt since she’s trying so hard to prove it. She should embrace it.

      Look at Zheng Shuang she admitted to plastic surgery but no one really shames her for it. If you’re not happy with your looks and you decide to get it done…. That’s fine but don’t keep lying and get so offensive over it.

      • Ah so that was the case but also I understand why people lie because they feel ashamed about it.
        People don’t like to feel they are a fake or imposter.
        And they’re afraid of potential judgments. Even if many people don’t outwardly shame people for it, it’s possible they do it inwardly. But people online are especially vicious, just read some of the hate comments on this blog makes me sad. I cant speak for others but I feel a little weird on the inside when I know someone who has done it but that’s my problem and I need to change my thinking.

      • Zheng Shuang… I only know she shave her jaw but honestly I think she’s prettier before 🙁 I don’t get the v-line obsession some east asian celebrity have

      • Agree denial just drawes more attention and scrutiny and critcism. People arent stupid and nothing is gained.

      • I don’t understand why people have to feel ashamed if they believe what they have done is the correct thing. You don’t need to lie if you get a hair cut, it is obvious, same for PS. People can see. Agree that denial just draws more attention. Why lie? She looks pretty with PS just like PMY.

    • The thing that bothers me is that you are damned if you do by some and damned if you don’t by others. I’ve seen comments toward both men and women in k-dramaland that they don’t have the looks to be a drama lead. Get surgery and there are some who will still diss you or want you to fess up though it is no one’s business. I personally think it is best not to fib about it but the people wanting the plastic surgery confession are probably the same people saying some people aren’t hot enough to be lead actors. It’s all based on jealousy.

      • You are so right Kat. We live in a world where humans can be so superficial including us at times 🙁 we need to remember to be kind to all.

  4. So was the dress material crushed.velvet? All fabrics are beautiful in their own ways. I guess with this dress, too much of this fabric used in a one dimensional way, the outcome was flat and frankly as Ms. Koala says looks like a super jumbo sized trash bag .

  5. lol ”trashbag texture” hahaha
    That texture was quite famous in my country around 90s but didnt really got used for dresses. But it was for covers of stuff in house like tv, table like for decor also placemats. It was in light colors like beige & creamy whites.
    Since it never needs ironing even after washing, ladies loved using it and even learn how to sew it themselves. ahhhh looks like im getting old talking about old memories…

  6. Dress material wise looks unique and I like the flow and style. AB always looks gorgeous sorry I see au natural but then again I don’t have photos to compare her look with previously. Hope her cute lil Bubba son is all good though.

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