Janine Chang Floats Like a Butterfly and Stings Like a Bee in New Promo for Boxing Gym

It’s good and bad that Janine Chang‘s name has been all over the news the past month, and linked to two actors that she’s either supposedly dating or is pursuing her. She’s brushed it all off, jetting to Paris for a week of fashion shows and now back in Taipei looking fit and fabulous at the opening of a high end boxing gym in the city. She a fiercely athletic actress who talks frequently about her marathon runs and dedicated circuit training so she’s a natural face to rep the new gym even if she doesn’t have a boxer’s physique. I love the side braid hairdo and she does make a convincing upper hook, jab, and uppercut pose. Looking fabulous and single, girlfriend!


Janine Chang Floats Like a Butterfly and Stings Like a Bee in New Promo for Boxing Gym — 8 Comments

  1. Yeah she has a classy personality but she is a lousy actress. Been playing the same kind of roles over and over again, never improving.

    • Basically no talents… just talking walking about I fashion clothing like doing promotions.
      Here to Heart with Zhang Han is a sissy girl attitude constantly pushing herself to him. No talents.

  2. What a awkward dumb pose. She’s like a poser and looks try hard. Doesn’t do justice to Muhammad Ali’s ‘Float like a butterfly sting like a bee’. Next.

  3. Janine Chang is a highly educated accomplished movie/TV personality with a classic beauty bearing a well-bred upbringing. She should be the role model to you all young people.

  4. When the movie ‘Hear to Heart’ was shown in Netflix, Janine Chang, (Janine Chun-Ning Chang) became one of the most recognized actress. Her face expression and acting delivery was great. I am very much impressed along with her co actors. The movie is worth watching and with great lessons in life like gift of life, love and relationship. A beautiful romance drama I’ve ever seen. I also love the music. Looking forward to Season2 with actor Zhang Han as her movie partner.

    I searched JChang’s profile at wikipedia and she’s highly educated with a Master’s degree. Her father is a professor and mother is a writer.

    • Ditto that! I have just begun watching this drama in December 2020 and I must say, yes great lessons learned in life, love and relationship. I have watched other dramas but this is the drama that I have not being able to watch only once or twice, but I believe it’s over 10X or more…not sure. I just like the way the main characters found each other again after a long absence and no matter the circumstances they encountered with Linlu/Yi Xin, they still held that inner love for each other…I’ve also memorized the words to the song “If Without You” (love that song)….only wished they had the novel of this drama in English….I’ll buy it in a heartbeat!

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