Vagabond Barrels Ahead in its Mirthless Marathon as Action Moves Back to Morocco to Find the Undead Pilot

I…..I wish Vagabond was straight up good. Good and enjoyable rather than good and exhausting, which is good with an asterisk and we all know that’s what will follow a project when all is said and done. SBS Fri-Sat drama Vagabond aired up to episode 8 this weekend, halfway done now and perhaps halfway into uncovering the conspiracy that caused a plane to crash intentionally and lead to Lee Seung Gi turning into a robot fighter with a one track mind. There are just so many layers and baddies to this incredibly ballsy and frankly unbelievable conspiracy, including the top people at the Blue House, I’m not seeing where the payoff is where the bad folks are apprehended and justice is served. It feels like when all is uncovered it’ll just be a meh because I’m so tired by all this. It’s like a running a marathon without a moment to appreciate the scenery, if I was the runner perhaps I don’t care but as the viewer it’s all moving too quickly past my frame of vision. I would love more slow meals and conversations to build relationships among the good guys, and also stop misdirecting me to worry the few good guys will turn out bad at the end too.


Vagabond Barrels Ahead in its Mirthless Marathon as Action Moves Back to Morocco to Find the Undead Pilot — 11 Comments

  1. Spot on koala. I dropped the show after the 7th episode, I wasn’t part of those that had high hopes for the show but after the first two episodes I sincerely wanted it to be good cause I liked the first two but unfortunately it just went ( I wouldn’t say downhill) but it just became complicated, it seems like the writer is not getting it. Too many baddies and half way in I am not even interested in the story again.I agree with koala when she said by the time everything will be revealed it might just feel very flat and meh and it’s a shame. Anyways I’ll keep following the show even if I’m not watching, let’s hope it improves one way or the other.

  2. I’m sure there are aspects about this drama that deserves praise, but you dont bother to acknowledge them. Are you the type who overpraise something, ignoring its weakness when you like it so much, and full of negativities without acknowledging its good merit when you dislike it?

    I hope you can be more objective when you write instead of letting your emotions overrule you because while we can’t expect to please everyone since hardly anything can be perfect, acknowledging one’s hardwork and good work is as important as criticims to one’s life. While I agree on the show’s weakness, there are things that they did well that deserve praise from us. I wish next time, you can review things based on BOTH their goods and bads.

    By the way, so far, Vagabond is the one show that I immediately watch upon the release of each episode. There are things that annoyed me, for example in the latest episode i was mad why they didnt just use the power of internet to upload online before they lose the evidence and some scenes that require suspension of disbelief, but i think the writer is good in the aspect of always being ahead of me and never bore me. They are creative enough to write so much happening in each episode that it moves so fast, it does not feel like one hour has passed by. And i seriously love the action sequence. The directing, cinematography and use of soundtrack are also well done.

    • Yah meanwhile I drop koalasplayground, shallow and extremely narrow palate for a ‘reviewer’, keeps lamenting the uninterestingly same things on what he/ she crossed eyes on, baiting for clicks from many who have fallen for Vagabond.

      • Don’t worry I just read two sentences tops of the ‘review’ and don’t pay attention to it at all. The same applied to AC and MOA. They were luke warm no sorry tepid but the comments section is where my interest lies. I like reading those that are for and against. Dramabeans and Soompi have episode reviews.

    • Um if you read all of the vagabond posts from koala, you’ll see that she does point out the things she likes, and you can even read between the lines to see what they like. Koala did praise the actions scenes and filming styles early on and praised the main male actor.

      Some people only like to remember the bad things that humans done and said and I get it since it’s a human thing lol

      And furthermore, koala can say whatever she wants as long as it isn’t mean spirited.

    • I am actually really enjoying Vagabond too. I see it as soon as it’s out on Netflix.
      There are some parts that has me rolling my eyes, but it’s nothing much compared to the fun I get out of watching each action packed and fast paced episode.

  3. I’m chugging along nicely and I went into VB with no expectations and I’m still with it because I do like the storyline and direction and there are aspects that are distracting but I prefer to just oversee it and move on. I can see the frustrations too but it’s on to episode 8 mid way so I may as well continue. It’s ?? from me.

  4. The writing for the main leads leave much more to be desired. And the love line feels very unnatural and very into viewers face.

    I’m not sure if it’s because of how the characters are written or because of the acting, I find the supporting cast like Ki Tae Woong and Lily are more fun to follow.

    The action scenes are fun, not logical and it makes me laugh. So all is good. I’ll keep watching.

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