Kim Tae Hee in Talks for Warm Family tvN Drama Goodbye Mom

Goodness is this a surprise drama land return. K-actress Kim Tae Hee is reportedly in talks as the female lead of 2020 tvN drama Goodbye Mom, billed as a tearful yet heartwarming family ghost drama. She just had her second child, another daughter with husband Rain so I legit was not expecting her to resume acting anytime soon. At least this is a 2020 drama so filming won’t start right away. Kim Tae Hee plays a mom who died in a car accident that tries to return to being human during the first 49 days after passing. She’s hardworking and a glass artist when she was alive and now wants to go back to her husband and two kids if she can. The drama is from the screenwriter of Go Back Couple (Confession Couple) and the PD of Oh My Ghost and A Million Stars Falling From the Sky. It will air after Love’s Emergency Landing.


Kim Tae Hee in Talks for Warm Family tvN Drama Goodbye Mom — 28 Comments

  1. Funny that you think you know how a superstar should live her life or assume every marriage is the same. And it’s even funnier that some KTH’s fans always try to shade SHK. Not the first time it happened. ?‍♀️

    • but it’s the Koreans who start it… can’t you tell the difference in the titles of the dramas they are heading? No offense but the actress still signs up for it, it’s their decision. We just react, not that we all have to agree.

      • This isn’t a Korean forum, is it? And I reacted to what Ora said, she doesn’t have to agree with me. Neither do you. 🙂

        What does the title have anything to do with it? Another popular actress chose to act in romance genre despite being a wife and mother..did she get treated as badly as SHK?

      • Is “Goodbye Mom” a romance genre? I don’t read it as such… I don’t know who get treated badly… may not be at this site… I am not Korean. You’d better check with the K-culture. Are you being a bit too sensitive?

      • When I said another popular actress acting in a romance drama I wasn’t referring to KTH. Sensitive? Maybe I am. I’ve always had a problem with people acting like you have to follow a certain standard of living to be considered as having a good life.

      • If inferiority is the issue you are referring to, yes you are sensitive in my opinion. I usually don’t care what people say about me, and I don’t usually follow a certain standard of living. You sounded like you know me, but you actually don’t. Too bad you have a problem but I cannot help you nor if you are asking me to (I know you will say this). I am just a passerby wondering why you are being so defensive. Just saying… Everyone is allowed to live their lives however which way they want as long as they are happy and content.

      • My comments were meant for Ora and those who kept forcing others to live according to a certain standard of living. When did I try to sound like I know you?

  2. KTH is the one who ended up living a good life out of the 3. She’s is the epitome of what a celebrity should be. Great personality and strong roots. She’s got it all.

    • Do you mind sharing the criterion of a good life? How do you know the other two aren’t living as well as KTH? Do you live with them all?

    • @Lin That’s such a lame remark to state ‘KTH is the one who ended up living a good life out of the 3’. I beg to differ the other 2 are just in good stead doing their own thing and there is no benchmark in life that dictates what is the only and best way. This is not the 1800’s whereby women were expected to be child bearers and homemakers and lead a exemplary life. Quite the contrary because JJH is married with 2 boys and is very active in her CF promotional work holding down a household as well. I think you’re actually having a dig at SHK for being a divorcee and childless aye? Correct me if I’m wrong but that is how it comes across from reading your comment. Because if you want to get nit picky Taehee is definitely the weakest actress out of the 3 imo.

    • I dunno what u talkin about , when jjh married a handsome bussinessman and had 2 boys as well . And I think u just wanna shade to shk but not every woman found happiness in marriage , some people really happy got to travelling , had a stable career but still unmarried

  3. All this talk about taejihye is so funny. Different person, different idea about happiness. I think on the surface all of them are live happily now. And we never know behind their closed door.
    Back to the article, the premise quite interesting. I hope her acting improved. She’s not bad actress, just so so

  4. They are all beautiful and high quality. But i admire Ms Song Hyekyo more she is a strong independent stunning woman its not easy to live in a judgemental society but she stand up for herself instead of creating drama out of her divorce. She remains professional attend her brand events/pictorials and went to Newyork to study. Btw i love ghost stories so looking forward to this tvn drama.

  5. Different person has his/her own purpose of life and meaning of happiness. Some may find happiness through marriage and children. Some may find living by themselves and enjoy their single life are their happiness. I have groups of friends who are either single, happily pursued their own career endeavors or give up their full time promising career to devote their times with kids. It’s their choice, happiness is a state of mind. Mind your own happiness and your own life instead of using your standard of living to judge others.

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