Gu Hye Sun Gives Interview to Woman Sense Magazine About Ceasing to Love Ahn Jae Hyun

I always wondered if actors and actresses could live real daily lives after immersing themselves time and again into roles and wildly dramatized situations. The answer seems to be a no for K-actress Gu Hye Sun as she continues her very emotional and public discussion about her failed marriage to K-actor Ahn Jae Hyun. She discussed to Women Sense magazine how he brought up that he didn’t love her anymore and moved out and wanted a divorce, though they never had a big fight in 5 years together. She no longer loves him because he doesn’t love her, and plans to cheerfully move on by trusting in herself and not love. I….just don’t get anything she says. Yes, it’s words and conceptually it makes sense but practically it’s all gobblygook. How does one not see that many small fights are just as demoralizing and destabilizing to a marriage, and one doesn’t stop loving just because another stops. It’s so weird, it’s like she talks like a drama character’s dialogue.


Gu Hye Sun Gives Interview to Woman Sense Magazine About Ceasing to Love Ahn Jae Hyun — 60 Comments

  1. Woah she needs help. Pls someone help her, get more counseling, anything. 🙁

    What’s truly sad is this magazine exploiting her, they could had easily cancel her section in the magazine with her crazy interview esp someone who is currently not right in the mind at the moment.

    • She’s announced her retirement at least twice – it seems to be what she does when she has bad press to distract them into talking about the retirement. She’s very manipulative

  2. It just proves how little self insight and common sense she has and that she regards herself as a total victim in this. The only reason she stopped bashing and lying about her ex husband is because the public reaction turned from supportive to negative and was no longer boosting her total victim status. And now she’s trying to play it cool saying she no longer loves him because he no longer loves her, does she even now what love is and that it doesn’t work like that? If that is really true then it means she never really loved her ex husband as a person and only loved the fact that he adored her…

    • Wow, so it is not okay for her to day she no longer loves him, but okay for Anh Jae Hyun to want a divorce from her because he no longer loves her? Did he ever love her?
      Pretty sure she saw this as a long term marriage and both should have tried harder to work out their differences instead of taking the easy way out with divorce in such a short time, especially from his side.

      I think she is trying to move on, which is good for everyone involved.

      • @Passerby -She doesn’t want to move on because she admitted she doesn’t want to divorce and was out to destroy AJH who I might add was a victim of emotional and mental abuse dished out by GHS.

      • She was emotionally and verbally abusive – he was clinically depressed. You cant try harder if only one is trying and the wife just wants things her way. Also she has said in the past she’s competitive with guys she dates – her career was failing while his was doing well so I’m sure she made him pay for that. Also she admitted to being an alcoholic the last year of their marriage so she was an abusive drunk at that

  3. I think she’s just immature in term of relationship. This is the behavior of a broken heart from your first love. First love you act all crazy in certain way. Plus, korean drama set her to have a certain expectation of how a male figure should treat her. Also, her ex husband is no angel either. Calling out her insecure body parts. She probably didn’t date a lot of people. And now don’t know how to cope with loss of a bad relationship.

    • @Nat ‘Calling out body parts’ I don’t think you’ve followed this properly. GHS lied AJH never mentioned that she had unsexy nipples she said it. Dispatch had the transcript of the texts. Soompi has articles about her neverending lies and troubles.

  4. Are there no other optimistic news in K ent? Would like to hear less about GHS. It would be better for her to retire from the industry. But knowing she would need to continue to work since she’s taking care of a family member it would be wise to take a year long break. Or maybe longer. If not she could focus on directing short movies or painting instead of acting. I’m not going to comment about her emotional and mental state but I hope someone is by her side and help her move on. Divorce will always be difficult and emotionally taxing on both sides. She would need a lot of help to get thru this.

  5. To love someone is a decision and yes not to love someone is also a decision. The feeling of love is superficial and if love is define as and and by emotion, no one wonder there are so many tough break ups in human relationship.

    Ockoala tsk tsk tsk

    • Fact… Stop bashing her because she said she stopped loving him. If she had said otherwise you guys will still criticize her. She’s going through a lot, the least you guys can do is not add to her problems….. Huhn?

      • Then don’t give any more interviews. Her problem is within herself. She airs too much dirty laundry in public. Are you telling people to ignore all her speeches and let her blah blah blah without commenting? We like to talk too. Lol ?. FYI for her type of personality, no one can add to her problems except her own imagination.

      • @Salmos Good she stopped loving him now grant him the divorce and she can shut up and retire and go breed goats. She’s going through a lot? Are you kidding she brought this whole debacle upon her sorry as self. And that photo of her smiling like a Cheshire Cat. Shows she really is in denial of the mess she publicly created.

      • @Salmos Are you telling me to stop bashing Ko Hye Sun? Because I didn’t bash her. Ockoala was bashing KHS by saying she is not making any sense but I see it otherwise. I was actually pointing out that KHS made sense for saying that she stop stopped loving AJH because he stopped loving her, after all Love is a decision and unloving someone is the same.

      • Oh there are a lot of reasons to bash her – she’s a narcissistic, pathological liar who likes to pulls others down in order to lift herself up.

  6. Did they just use her name for more interest in theır magazıne or whatever? She and Him already going through enough hardships and needs counseling why add more oil to the fire…

    • certainly any magazine will like more sales if topics are hot and controversial. one has to open her mouth to spill the beans in an interview first and maybe she even got paid. we don’t hear much about other celebrities divorces so why is she always on the news? she pours the oil and makes the fire. i am surprised you still speak up for her.

  7. In fairness apparently the interview took place October 9th and she announced on her IG she wouldn’t comment on AJH around October 21st. The magazine article dropped October 23rd (sorry my dates are out of sync) but when that article was read by her fans those idiots attacked AJH IG page again soon after the Sulli post and he was savaged so much he ended up deleting his IG all because of her toxic koo koo cult followers. So no amount of help can stop her vendetta against AJH. All you can you do is sit back and watch this train wreck of a woman create havoc.?‍♀️She’s proven to be very apt at it.

    Oh and you knows how Kim Soo Hyun needs a FL for his next drama I want to nominate GHS cos the title is ‘I’m psycho but it’s okay’ and GHS doesn’t need to act as she has the traits of a psycho already.

    • Although, I don’t agree with her posting on SNS about her marital woes but I admire her fighting spirit even on her own against her husband and their agency. She is battling depressing yet her will to survive is still strong, which is admirable. I see that many talent agencies in Korea are manipulative that use connections to destroy someone. Their agency, most probably, is no different. Good for them as they can hide in their corporate mask while KHS is basically fighting against them with her own face. So, we can’t really fault her for going to SNS as she probably thought it’s the only medium and place that she can fight fairly against AJH and his agency. Sadly, such medium is destructive to both her and AJH and worse probably the agency will go on with their business unscathed.

      • @Misty Eyes So going on to IG no issue at all. The problem is that she basically lied on her IG and kept spinning lie after lie(please reread my countless posts on previous related articles) of her vindictive claims against AJH and this in turn catapulted her nutcase fans to viciously attack AJH via his IG. That’s not fair at all. So yes let’s clap clap for her ‘fighting spirit’ and how she’s fared because as you said her ‘will to survive is still strong’. Oh great going that’s so highly commendable except one thing she’s been caught out red handed for lying. Ummm that’s pretty shameful but then again she’s ‘battling depression’ and we should be mindful and for that reason excuse her behaviour and ignore it. Ah sorry fat chance that’s gonna happen. Not on my watch.

      • @GingerCrunch Neither I am not saying KHS is telling the truth or nor lying but her lying on IG is totally your own opinion. As far I know all parties are lying as defence to save their arses. Her accusations maybe exaggerated but there’s element truth to them. I am sure the war between her and AJH & his agency has been going on already before she posted anything on SNS. She probably has been threatened by the agency before the SNS fiasco happened.

      • @Misty Eyes-It’s been proven she’s been lying since the news dropped. Dispatch confirmed via their text convo. It’s not my opinion it’s an actual fact. Take your blinkers off for gosh sakes. She’ll drop a bombshell then get called out for it. Delete the post because it was straight up defamation. What is the element of truth that you believe GHS has been sharing? Would you like to offer your 10 cents worth? I’m keen to know. Please share.

      • I read somewhere that Despatch only used the version provided by the agency which were only excerpt of the whole conversation. Of course naturally, the content was advantageous to AJH.

      • @Misty Eyes -Oh did you not also read that AJH handed his phone over for the text analysis to refute her claims because being the mature one he decided not to play the saga out on IG. The text convo chosen was in response to what she claimed. A suggestion though if GHS is so aggrieved how about she hand her phone over? Advantageous to AJH? Don’t make me laugh? She rolls him and the text convo proves what a lying and manipulative piece of evilness she really is.

      • I don’t really know why you are defending AJH. By doing so, you are actually defending the agency which to me who’s more at fault here.

      • Misty Eyes – Of course I’m defending AJH to the hills and back OMG is it not obvious? GHS fans post malicious and I mean downright vicious commentary on his IG and you question why I’m still in his camp? Seriously why can’t you read up on the scenario and be of an open mind about the situation and stop taking wishful pot shots against AJH in favour of your beloved GHS. She lied just accept it.

  8. Bless her . No matter what she is persevering to live . She’s fighting everyday in her own way.

    She decided to stand up for herself in times . You all badmouthing her shame on you.

    She has every right to speak and to defend herself .

    • @Haven Give me a break. I’m stating facts just the same way she thought she was stating facts that can’t be substantiated and have been proven to be outright lies. She has caused so much trouble publicly and you think she’s justified? Fight a good fight yeah I’m all for it but not with malicious intent which she is has been doing since day one. Send my regards to your GHS and fighting!

    • She’s been talking about the divorce publicly for the past two years to try and sway public opinion and damage her ex’s career. Its nothing more than manipulation. If she was doing as badly as you say she’d have taken some time to herself to heal but she never did that. Don’t be a fool for a fake sob story

  9. I am shocked again by people maligning people with mental health issues. Wasn’t there a girl who committed suicide that was partly motivated by such rabid netizens attacking her. As far as I know they both suffer from mental health issues. She probably has like him with his agency enablers who put them front left and centre. When someone is in the depths of a mental health breakdown their ability to reason is severely affected. Irrespective of the ‘lies’ or ‘not lies’ I am just concerned that you people stop using language like ‘she is a psycho’ or ‘they are completely mental’ or other horrible language. Sure take your sides but please no more maligning about mental health. We don’t need to make mental health a taboo issue like it seems to already be. We need to be cautious with language and this goes to those people that attack either party on the IG or other SNS. People love gossip but don’t add oil to the fire or else there will be a tragedy.

    • @thegonggirl- Take a ticket and stand in line. What’s wrong? Hundreds of GHS fans are allowed to go on AJH IG to tell him to go kill himself, constantly harass him and his co stars and you think me calling her a psycho is not ideal? Do you see her telling her fans to stop their vendetta against AJH? Nope she orchestrated this pure and simple. In her own words too ‘I wanted to destroy him’ and I guess she’s succeeding. Spare me the sob story about GHS mental health I really don’t care at all. I’m more concerned with AJH welfare after what she put him through.

      • I was talking about both sides if you had read my post more carefully. I said that this goes to people that attack EITHER party on the IG or other SNS. Please do not misquote me. This article was about her but inevitably it dragged in her ex-partner.

      • @thegonggirl- Nope didn’t misread moreso my comprehension of your post differs to your intention.

    • Exactely . Those hipocrites . Thirsting after their oppa , crying about sulli tragedy. But here they’re are doing the same to Hyesun .

      THEY will never learn . Dispatch was paid to falsify their discussion . They’re not trustworthy at all .


    • Hello You GHS defenders!

      Please don’t be hypocritical. If you’re so concerned about mental health, then be concerned about AJH’s as much as you show concern about GHS. She doesn’t deserve a pass simply because she’s a woman. What if he kills himself because of the stress and death threats? Or don’t you know that men commit suicide as well? You GHS supporters should stop projecting your own relationship woes on this poor man and support him as much as you support your unni. After all, he is a victim in this. He doesn’t deserve to be shredded apart just because he’s a dude.m that fell out of love with his wife. Since when has falling out of love and asking for a divorce a crime that deserves witch-hunting? If that was the case, a great many of us on this blog would be in jail. Get real folks. No reason for us public to be buried in their relationship woes. Believe me, a lot of people on this blog most likely have their own personal dramas. You don’t see us blogging or instagramming it everyday. Stop defending the indefensible!

  10. @Things – Hey Im outright and outraged calling your koo koo cult leader GHS a liar. No use trying to defend her because it is and she is what it is. I’m not being a hippocrip because I am ‘thirsting after my oppa’ and I’m definitely hard out against your GHS. Got a problem then handle it. She deserves having her name and character sullied. I ain’t stopping until she apologises. Oh but the best one Dispatch was paid to falsify their discussion. Desperation at it’s finest. Funny how the tide has turned and your scrambling around.

  11. You know I’m more surprised people on here don’t know you can delete texts and then upload your messages to a new phone so “text analysis” means nothing lol

    You guys need to get up to date. Media play is too easy with ifans.

    • @Hipployta Read up GHS was most likely extended the same opportunity to offer her mobile but guess what? Umm she declined. Oh and how convenient she deletes her inflammatory posts. She posts then deletes. Stop defending a liar and a conniving and calculating pariah.

  12. To those of you trying to find an ounce of goodness in GHS good on you for supporting her. I’m here defending AJH as a matter of principle and being a constant reminder of her dirty low down deeds. That old adage springs to mind; if you can dish it out then best be prepared to take it. That’s exactly what I’m practicing.

  13. My advice for KHS, for her ownsake divorce AJH. For her fans, you can help her by advising her to divorce AJH. If one has no love for another, why hold on to him for what? I am not a fan of both of them but i know who is more credible base on evidence found.

  14. Wow…so much hatred. It’s lowering the tone. I’m not a GHS fan, in fact I think she is a bad actress and I don’t care about her divorce but these attacks against her character sound unhinged. One commenter says they will ‘never stop’ until GHS apologises. Huh Why? How terrifying. Why are you so angry? What has it to do with you? Do you really think he needs your help? Excessively defending a man you have (likely) never met or know on a personal level regarding HIS relationship sounds more bat sh..t crazy than GHS. It’s not healthy to be so emotionally invested in a celebrity’s relationship and for you to hate a woman you don’t really know, regardless of her alleged misdeeds. After reading all the particularly nasty comments from ginger these words came to mind: anger management, bully, immature (e.g. if you can’t dish it out….), no empathy, needs to be right all the time. These traits are more closely aligned to ‘psychopathic’ behaviour than anything GHS has done, which from the sounds of it is a very messy relationship break down and in line with what is to be expected-hurt feelings, white lies and lashing out. Apologies if you are a child/teenager but going forward I would advise you channel your tenacity and passion into something more productive such as volunteering or sports and confront why you are so irrationally angry.

    • @SK – Oh so now you’re psycho analysing me? Haha I had to read your post in amongst making a cup of tea, having a lie down, watching a drama. Yes you’re a 100% correct and I’m not denying it, too true. Would you care to go on to All k pop and Soompi and share your pearls of wisdom to those on the same tangent as me? Actually I’ll copy and paste your comment to those that have been slagging off at GHS in defence of AJH. We can’t and won’t go on GHS IG too classy and she’s not worth it. I’ll stay in the playground here. However your guise of ‘I’m not a GHS fan’ good try because judging by your lengthy post guess what? Yes you are a fan. And may I add I’m angry at GHS for the trouble she has caused so yes I am; do I have to keep repeating myself? What she has done I would never do in a million years. Take some advice @SK you stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine. Mz Koala if she has a problem with my posts she’ll surely just delete them. Problem solved. Not your problem is it not but you sure do feel like it is. This blog doesn’t have paypal because I’ll flick you a few dollars for your troubles to respond back to me. Much appreciated dear.

    • @SK GHS wrote and openly admitted ‘I just wanted to destroy him’ so yes I’ll never meet AJH but I want him to know that there are some of us rooting for him and if it’s getting you in a pickle then sorry I can’t change that otherwise. My conscience is clear and my support confirmed. Anger is an emotion in retaliation to an action I should take you up on your offer to do volunteering or a sport….not. Peace, love and Mungbeans to you @SK.

    • @SK Can I ask if you are a psycho therapist because you should really stick to your day job seriously instead of trying to figure me out. Are you new to KP because I’m here nearly daily and for you to call me out is plausible and laughable. I’m only being a biarch where GHS is concerned other then that I’m happy as Larry.

  15. wow, so much hatred and bitterness exuding out of every post. everybody is an outsider to their story unless you are personally involved. everybody has their own story and sufferings so lets not add to that. is it really too hard to be kind to people?

    • @vee Yes you’re right about the hatred and bitterness but spare a thought for what AJH had to endure on a daily basis from GHS fans. From ‘Go kill yourself’ to ‘Why are you still alive? You should’ve committed suicide by now’…just because she used her IG as a medium and instrument in telling her fans the suffering she was going through and this was the green light for them to go en mass against AJH. So if it’s good enough for the goose it’s good enough for the gander.

  16. @Ginger Crunch i understand what you are feeling when you see such posts. however, you will be a better person if you wont practice what they’re doing. or else, you are just the same as these people. im sure you are better than them as you have a far better understanding/empathy. lets not spread hatred pls. this world is so full of negativity, don’t wallow in it.

    • @Vee Yes too true I’m gonna let this go most likely until the next GHS KP update but thank you for your kind words in anycase.

  17. I hope there are people who will take good care of AJH because of those who post vicious remarks on his IG, may they be punished by law. Thanks to KHS who said so much things about him that when evidence pops up, my sense of justice tells me who is telling the truth. Because of KHS, i will watch AJH drama and film hoping the money he now earns will not go to someone vicious.

    • @Oto

      Thanks for your kind words! I do hope he gets over this soon. I really feel bad for him, regardless of how things played out now, she was once a person he trusted. It’s unfortunate that a person who swears they love you would turn around and try to completely destroy you whom they claimed to love because the relationship is over. I hope he has a good support system on his side and allows his family and friends cheer him up as I know he is struggling with depression.

  18. GHS, a cult leader that has a group of Indonesian fans whom always love to bash other people. she’s a big bully, and her fans are bullies too. it’s super weird that why this type of people has fans, she’s not a good role model. it also proves that weirdo attracts weirdos

  19. Maybe it’s just me, but I get it. I don’t think she’s dismissing small disagreements, but rather saying it was abrupt for her because they never had a big fight aka there was no indication that he’d fallen out of love with her. Also, nothing wrong with saying you no longer love someone because they don’t love you. Do I think she’s being honest? Maybe not, but wouldn’t the drama equivalent be holding on to a love that’s dead? She’s talking the talk she wants to walk. I haven’t agreed with some of her actions BUT as a woman, I can see that they weren’t made with wisdom or a clear head. They were made out of hurt, confusion, and anger. Marriage is hard and so is divorce, especially when you feel blindsided by it and it’s happening in the public eye.

    • Its been 2 years since they broke up – how many years are we going to allow her to pretend to wallow in hurt, confusion and anger? At some point it just makes it more obvious this is a manipulation

  20. She’s always using her ex to try and get free publicity because her career has been on a deep decline for he past 6 years and especially so in the past two years. She’s been trying project after project (self funded) and it fails. Its now to the point where she had to hold a fundraiser with her fans and sell her doodles on an etsy type site. She was verbally and emotionally abusive during the marriage, clearly. And in interviews she has said she’s competitive with whomever she dates so of course the fact her career was stalling since 2015 and his was doing well was probably also a source of problems. Its clear that AJH doesn’t have a confrontational personality so there wouldn’t be any large fights. Sounds like he tried his best til he couldn’t anymore and then left. And she thought because he was putting up with it that things were OK.

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