Kim Yoo Jung Radiates Youthful Energy for Solo Travel Show in Italy

Summer is over but it still looks and feels like it in the latest stills of K-actress Kim Yoo Jung for her show Kim Yoo Jung’s Half Holiday in Italy. I’m guessing its only half a holiday since she’ll be working part time during her travels, and for a young person that’s even cooler if you ask me. There is only so much sightseeing and eating one can do, if I were a young’un again I would totally travel/work to maximize the true experience of visiting an awesome country. Italy would for sure be on my list and I was in Rome and Venice for two weeks this summer and it was totally not long enough so these pictures of Kim Yoo Jung strolling around, picking grapes, wine tasting, all bathed in those gorgeous sun dappled colors of Italy make me so nostalgic. Not to mention she’s so gorgeous, oh what bella vita is to be here.


Kim Yoo Jung Radiates Youthful Energy for Solo Travel Show in Italy — 39 Comments

  1. Her face definitely got plastic surgery. It’s looking super swollen and not in a good way. She’s also putting on too much weight for an actress. Not a good look on camera.

      • But that aside. I do think she is a beautiful young woman. I enjoy watching her grow up on screen. She was so adorable as a little kid.

      • it’s called growing up, facial structures can alter naturally from childhood to adulthood. Pls don’t spread those comments unless there’s hard evidence.

        If she looks swollen? People will think I’m a hot air balloon if they see me in real life :/

      • @Casey, it is called stating our opinion which is allowed. Have you got proof she did not undergo any surgery? If you do not, you are in equal position as us. So buzz off your high horse. Stick your nose in others, your nose is getting too long poking around our opinions.

      • @hohliu Why should KYJ fans provide proof if she had ps. You’re the one that is saying it you prove it if you’re so adamant. And when you do cc in her agency Sidius HQ so that they can deny or confirm and then you can move on.

    • Have we not learn from the Sulli & the million other related incidents? Be kind with your words.

      She looks the same as always. I think you need an eye appointment because she’s stunning.

      • what century are you on? PS is so common and whether she has it or not, it is nothing bad. she never denied when asked nor admit, that is a choice. many of us many speculate but it is just obeservation. does it make us like her less? no, does it make us think she is not pretty? obviously not. I am not bother if she admits or deny, it is her work I enjoy. PS or not, she is still pretty otherwise.
        I just hope if she does have PS done, she did it willingly and not due to media or industry pressure. Too many artiste are like us. It is rather sad.
        I enjoy this young artist working since her very first project as a tiny tot. She is growing up beautifully. You are just too sensitive and nosy.

    • Spouting ridiculous comments is downright mean. Some people’s facial structure changes but that doesn’t mean plastic surgery has been done. My 12,18 and 25 yrs old pic looks very different but sure doesn’t mean I got a plastic surgery which I for sure can’t afford. Just stop giving negative comment.

      • what century are you on? PS is so common and weather she has it or not, it is nothing bad. she never denied when asked nor admit, that is a choice. many of us many speculate but it is just obeservation. does it make us like her less? no, does it make us think she is not pretty? obviously not. I am not bother if she admits or deny, it is her work I enjoy. PS or not, she is still pretty otherwise.
        I just hope if she does have PS done, she did it willingly and not due to media or industry pressure. Too many artiste are like us. It is rather sad.

    • @Vallery – Bollocks KYJ has not had plastic surgery she’s a natural born beauty. Have you seen her sister? Another stunner. I guess someone who is beautiful could only attain that through PS? Try again please. Wikipedia stated that she was diagnosed with ‘dysfunctions of the thyroid gland’ so that explains the puffiness. If that’s all you got on her is that you think she’s had PS take a step back and look at all her pics past and present and be honest with yourself you’re having a dig. Which is fine you’re entitled to your opinion.

      I didn’t care too much for KYJ and that changed after Love in the Moonlight and Moon embracing the sun. I binged watch several of her dramas from when she was a child actress and for me she is at the top of her game. Absolutely phenomenal, words can’t explain how Im in total awe of her acting prowess. There is a tv film called The Dirge Singer. Far out she was exceptional in that. I could write for days because that’s how intrigued I am about her.

      So now I’m a die hard fan for life and negative anti commentary about her here is laughable and not worth breaking a sweat over because to me and her fans we see her talent and aura and she makes us very happy and proud of her achievements and I guess that’s what matters.

      Thank you Mz Koala for posting I’ve been secretly hoping you would drop a line or two on KYJ tv show and you did and reading the support and love in reply shows she is adored. ❤️

    • Kim Yoo Jung suffered from a disease called Hypothyroidism and undergoes surgery that’s why she looks swollen and tired. That’s what people who suffered and have been suffering with disease looks like. They also begin to gain weight unreasonable. Here’s the proof. If you want. Kim Yoo Jung did not undergo plastic surgery. Where stating the truth, not our opinion.

  2. What’s with all the negativity????? And do you guys park yourselves on this blog, and just spout nonsense????

    Plastic Surgery and Putting on too much weight……. Absurd and It’s never nice to hurt or judge others based off your own skewed standards.

    I guess you do follow KYJ (in a jealous and anti kind of interest), as that company has gotten a male idol group. If she lost that, that’s how it is. She’s still young As for the acting, she just finished shooting her movie.

    Never spout hurtful and untrue words, just to make yourself feel better or to elevate your bias. And, don’t ever hide under the guise of the favor from this blog.

  3. @koala you must be proud of the sometimes outright and sometimes in disguise hatred you’ve sown on your readers for this girl. All for what????

    • Your comment is just as ridiculous as the comments from those who criticized yoo Jung.

      Koala is not responsible for any negative comments coming from trash people. How can you twist this nice post and insinuate that koala did this to attack her???
      It’s ridiculous, unfair, and downright mean.

      • I guess you didn’t follow-up this blog from way before. During the intense comparison of KSH to KYJ, I clearly remember her article on KSH where she basically elevated her “my loves (As per your category) and directly wrote a comparison undermining all aspects of KYJ. Thereafter, all the articles of KYJ coming from this blog would seem to be praising her, but then inside of it the negative rumors and articles about her would be mentioned (completely unrelated to the heading, but would be rope in as if wanting to remind the readers of the rumors and failure). And if you’re a hardcore follower of one and knowing that the blog writer herself has a negative undertone on her write-ups for the ther (KYJ), then it became a fostering ground for those who don’t like KYJ (also more comments from both sides). Now her articles are straight up positive, but I do remember the history of hate and how she became instrumental in fostering it.

        Just like all articles of other celebrities she has a negative undertone too, it became a community for all haters to flock and freely write their stuff, since they are encouraged with their alignment with koala.

      • @N Yes Fair comment. I remember those previous posts the daggers were clearly out for KYJ. Nowadays the comments here are quite tame, supportive and a lot more complimentary.

    • tbh from what I have read over the years in this blog, KYJ has received the most ridiculous and immature comments from probably her Anti’s. I don’t understand why. KYJ can act and she works hard, unlike some idols wallpapers. KP is only the medium for comments, Ms Koala does not invite hate and I believe she has no intention to. @n – Ms Koala should be proud of the many clicks she is getting, but your blame is unreasonable and it filters down to blaming the readers here which I cannot tolerate. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. @Valery who is clearly an Anti with blurry eyes is already getting lots of rebuttal.

  4. She just finished filming the 8th night movie and she was still filming clean with passion in early 2019, so no she did not quit acting.

    People move on from different sponsorships all the time. There are millions of thinks to be a sponsor for. She’ll sign up for different ones in no time. Most celebs aren’t brand ambassador for a product for a lifetime.

  5. She’s so lovely! I love the fact she enjoys her youth and doesn’t only work (even if it’s kinda work but it’s different). I don’t want her to have regret in the future.

    I’m happy to see her healthy too and hoping her illness is behind now.

    • Yup yup! She already worked so hard as a child, if she wants to take long breaks in between acting, that’s her right to do so ^^ not many people find constant joy by always working but those who do kudos to them 🙂

      But this year she did cleaning with passion, this YouTube traveling show, a music video, a movie, fan meetings, ads, promotional events. That’s a lot of work.

      And even if not acting, she’s still working hard by doing advertisements. Photo and ad shoots can take the entire day. Many people don’t understand the intricacies behind it.

      She looks so radiant and healthy which makes me feel radiant and healthy lol

  6. She looks very fine to me, just a bit much makeup for her age. I like her hair color. Disagree with @Pui that she is the prettiest of her generation but beauty is very subjective. She is pretty but not the prettiest in my opinion. Her last drama is disappointing, hope she will pick up a better script next time.

    • Kim yoo jung is not the prettiest of her generation but like you said beauty is subjective but Kim yoo jung is arguably one of the most talented actress of her generation and one of be strength is saeguk drama.

  7. I think she is natural. Her main features are just same since auntunm in my heart. And seriously, are we saying that she is fat ? Her face always like that, no matter how skinny she is.

  8. Looking forward to YJ’s next project. Now that she has just completed filming a movie, I certainly wish she’ll pick up a drama next.

    And while I appreciate very much Ms Koala wrote a positive and good article about YJ, I sincerely hope this site is able to block malicious comments that not only invite unnecessary ‘fights’ amongst the readers but will also indirectly cause harm to the artistes concerned.

  9. @n can you post the link of the article of comparison?

    If the comparisons are constructive, it’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as it isn’t degrading and ornery.

    But even if that is the case, the past is the past. We should move on. You shouldn’t be suspicious of koala every move.

    Bad news can’t help but have negative undertones, so if koala post a “bad” news article, it’s going to be negative atmosphere. And again that’s not koala fault. But ultimately it’s up to the readers to choose to respond positively and constructively and not create poison.

    Tbh from what I recalled, I think Kim so Hyun got even crazier attacks, that was esp during her ruler & radio romance period.

    People also claimed that she got plastic surgery, called her ugly, awful at acting… and the award for lamest criticism is for working too hard. If someone wants to work hard, let them be lol Yes people would claim that she would accept every project and that sidus hq(the agency where they once both belonged to) gave her all the projects and played favorites although it was clear in the news that kyj turned down many roles herself. There were even negative comments about her being raised by a single mother. Insane. I think it was best for both stars when ksh left that agency and things got relatively better and less comparison.

    I love both actresses, so that’s why I think I have a good memory of the ups and downs of both actresses. Sigh, why can’t people be more kind with their words and their action?

    • wow couldn’t agree more about the criticism back than. thank god she already left the agency. so the comparison were tone down. actually both fans from each side were the same. both has thrown very destructive comments to each other sides. so we reap what we sow.

  10. The pictures are great!
    I see a healthy young woman in them who looks simply gorgeous!

    Why need always there to be a question who is prettier?!?
    The question itself is the first bearer of ugliness! Beware!

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