Go Won Hee in Talks to Join Eric in Channel A Drama Vacation in My Own Way

Upcoming Channel A drama Vacation in My Own Way (Casual Vacation) has Eric lined up for his comeback and now is in talks for Go Won Hee as the leading lady. The drama is described as a warm healing story for those rushing around in life to stop and appreciate what’s around them. Eric plays a top Korean food chef who moves to his countryside hometown and runs a restaurant no one comes to, and Go Won Hee is a world class model who also goes back to the same hometown to save her grandfather’s important garden from being demolished. The drama is slated for March 2020, and if both accept it would be Eric’s first drama since the hit Another Oh Hae Young whereas Go Won Hee will go from playing fat-to-model in Perfume to just being a model.


Go Won Hee in Talks to Join Eric in Channel A Drama Vacation in My Own Way — 8 Comments

  1. GWH was amazing in Perfume. She is a model in the drama, not just fat to model. In fact it was the other way, her character was thin and turned fat as she got pregnant and aged. I recommend watching Perfume. It was not a typical transformation drama. It remains one of my favourites of 2019.

    Also from what I read her character in this drama is a fashion designer, not a model.

  2. Good going GWH I like her versatility in roles and happy that she is being offered dramas as female lead too. Anyone who is willing to look like Chewbucca from Star Wars is an ace actor by me. Congratulations ❤️

  3. I LOVE GWH. She is so good at comedy that it is hard to believe she is as young as she is. Her timing and delivery are great. She just melts into her roles.

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