Scene Stealing Second Male Lead Lee Jae Wook in Extraordinary You Joins Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon in I’ll Come to You When the Weather is Nice

So I marathoned MBC youth romance with a twist Extraordinary You over the weekend and am in LOVE and planning to rewatch existing episodes again just to catch all the details better. There’s a ton of characters at the high school and performance wise none stand out as much as second male lead Lee Jae Wook. He’s just got IT, and he’s definitely not as handsome as male lead Ro Woon but as an actor’s actor rather than an idol learning to be an actor he disappears into the role. It took me Googling him to realize that he played Marco in Memories of Alhambra, so wild that I watched that whole drama and remember Marco as an interesting side character and even his look but didn’t think he was Baek Kyung in EY. Anyhoo, clearly he’s on the up and up and has just signed on to join Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young in the early 2020 schedule romance drama I’ll Come to You When the Weather is Nice. To that I say “NICE!”


Scene Stealing Second Male Lead Lee Jae Wook in Extraordinary You Joins Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon in I’ll Come to You When the Weather is Nice — 78 Comments

  1. Thumbs up! Now that he has joined the cast, I’m more excited about the drama. Lucky PMY gets to romance a lot of hot guys onscreen, LOL!

    • hahaha you are funny. PMY acts the same way regardless of which guy she is with, she is so typecasted now (ever since WWSK)… I dropped her last drama. I will watch this one only for SKJ and now also for LJW which is a big big bonus 🙂

  2. An idol learning to be an actor? I don’t think it’s fair for Rowoon. I don’t understand why people are necessarly judging idols like that. They are a lot of idols who are not good at acting and they got first roles pretty easily. But they are idols who are good actors and they started with side characters. Idol doesn’t mean bad actor. Rowoon is good in this role as cute puppy with Danoh and more charismatic against Baek Kyung. Lee Jae Wook is really good in this role but I think easier to stand out for the angry character then the kind ones.
    As character, I prefer Haru too. Baek Kyung is the usual jerk because his family sucks. But the fact that Haru is completely free in Shadow like Stage makes more interesting to follow his actions.
    But at the end, the best is Danoh and Kim Hye Yoon 😀

    • I think you haven’t see him in search:www , he played a nice cutie puppy role there and he definetely nailed it . And the fact that his character in EY a badboy and he nailed it too , he definetely a better actoe than rowoon . Him and kim hye yoon are a wall compared to the rest of the cast tbh

    • Yes, KHY is so good! I also like the live more than the manhwa version. KHY adds so much sizzle and spunk to the character, I wish all drama girl leads are like her. She knows what she wants and goes for it at all costs!

    • Yes, I did. I really liked his couple with Dae Hee but they were pretty lucky because the first couple was meh. The main couple story was the worst of the 3 couples what made me prefer the work plot than the love story.

      But I saw Rowoon in About Time and Where The Stars Land and he was good too. Like I said, Baek Kyung is always showing the same face when Haru showed different sides.

  3. Rowoon is doing very well to be honest….I didn’t know and neither did I realize that he was an idol while watching…..he seems natural at it….so is Naeun….I think both will do well in the future….Lee Jae Wook already had mad hype around him from Search: WWW due to his Noona love storline with Da Hee..this just solidified it…all the kids should be proud here of their work

    • Agreed. The main couple are so vanilla. Are we watching a prime time show or are we watching a cheesy web drama? No wonder ratings are going down for mbc dramas releasing content like this.

      • Public channel just doesn’t have fund anymore to hire better screenwriter/actors. Except for few dramas (camelia blooms for example) their ratings are tragic.

    • But nuance takes age and maturity. They are playing high school characters so I think KHY’s interpretation is just right. I don’t remember being nuanced when I was in high school. Also, imagine if she acts like dried squid fairy who is nuanced, how can she drive other characters to become self-aware if she’s not the spunky, overreacting, whiny Dan Oh that she is now? She’s the catalyst, so I expect nothing less than the acting she is giving now.

  4. Kim Hyeyoon completely ruined Danoh for me. The webtoon is superior. The writer ruined Baek Kyung but the charismatic Lee Jaewook made him bearable. Extraordinary You is a mess tbh. The webtoon out ranks. I’ll check this out for Lee Jaewook and Seo Kangjoon.

    • I think Kim Hyeyoon is doing great with what she’s given tbh. She’s really expressive. I loved the changes to her character in the first few episodes because it fit the meta and comedic aspects of the drama.

      But based on the latest episodes, I agree that the webtoon is superior. The meta aspects are entertaining, but they’re starting to get old and ruining the essences of the characters in the webtoon. What I hate the most is that the drama writers basically trashed all the relationships. They sucked all the soul out of the Namjoo-Juda-Dohwa trio to make a BOF parody. I shipped Danoh more with Baek Kyung, but I admit that the Danoh-Haru pair made me emotional with how pure and hopeless their relationship felt. While in the drama, it just feels really childish? They made Haru and Baek Kyung’s relationship antagonistic and added unnecessary drama for a cliche love triangle. I’m still angry with what they did to Danoh and Baek Kyung. They had a complicated relationship, but you can feel that they truly cared for each other even when they’re forced together in Heads (or Stage in this drama) like whenever Danoh showed concern for Baek Kyung when he’s beaten up by his father. I don’t even know what to think of the historical manhwa they made up for this drama.

      I’m sorry for ranting in my reply to you lol.

      • This is why the creators of webtoon should be somewhat involved in the drama adaptions, at least creatively.

        It’s not a Kdrama without the cliche love triangle and unnecessary tropes. The webtoon characters are already interesting enough without throwing all the daebak rigmarole into it, the writers just need to flesh all the well written characters out, but no they have to waste the material.

      • I just watched the most recent episode and something is feeling off. Dan Oh’s emotional scenes are feeling more /comical/ rather than emotional (is it because I’ve watched this many episodes?). The angst between Haru and BK seems to be ruining it for me. A touch was nice but now too excessive. Something seems to be off about character progression for some. Are they destroying BK’s character? Seems like this weeks episodes are like that. It seems like they are setting BK up to be a true antagonist/villain? Why???? If they are, I feel like his character was is and was going to be miserable enough. The drama feels like it’s deviating away too much (for the worse) from the original now? An introduction of a new character with 3 weeks left? Hm. It was cool to see Jooda in this episode.

      • To add to my comment, I believe the drama is very close to or is at live shooting. I feel this could be a part in the drop in overall quality. Also wondering if they’re ruining BK’s character even more unlikable and close to villainess at the expensive of the lesser ranged character, Haru. Or there is pressure from the audience. Kind of sad with the adaptation now. It was promising but now I feel quite sad that I’m considering just dropping and waiting until the series has ended. It’s kind of sad as when when I end up following dramas actively there always seems to be a change with the overall consistency and quality towards the end of the series.

      • I super agree. I also think that they are cramming the shooting and it affects the quality of the story and script. Oh well. But KYH is still great nonetheless! As someone who’s seen a lot of international tv series, this show and danoh’s character are still a breathe of fresh air!

      • @Laura These drama writers think that it’s more interesting to add unnecessary drama than exploring the depth that already exists in the webtoon. I think it’s just plain hubris at this point, thinking they can do something better than the webtoon writer.

        @Kuchipachi It’s a shame what they’re doing to Baek Kyung! I wonder what the webtoon writer is feeling about the changes. She made him such a good conflicted character. I would hate it if he becomes a villain! That’s missing the point of his character too much! But it’s probably a problem of the live shooting too. They’re throwing whatever sticks to keep the audience entertained. I hope you don’t drop it though. I would love to hear your thoughts on the next episodes.

        @KYH Fan Yeah, she’s great. I think she’s still the heart of the drama, but I sometimes don’t like the changes to her character in here.

    • Yes the two of you basically spelled out my feelings. What was meant to be a meta on cheesy drama tropes has become the trope of the actual drama itself. The sageuk aspect was so unnecessary and ruins everything that was good about July Found By Chance. I’m so bored by all the unnecessary love triangles and forced mystery.

  5. Extraordinary you became boring recently. But lee Jae woooookie is mvp! That’s why I still tune in. Hye Yoon voice acting just irritates me, if you watch some of her previous dramas, it’s the same high pitch voice and similar style acting with maybe the exception of her small appearance in goblin and occasionally in sky castle.

    Haru is so boring. Writers spice this guy up.

      • I wouldn’t say she’s one of the worst actresses because there’s a long list of that cough cough suzy and most of her cohorts of female singers but her style of acting is such a turn off for sure.

        Who is hje?

      • I hate KHY acting too. Why is she so loud and OTT? Can’t stand her at all and her crying scenes lack emotion. She and Rowoon deserve each other since neither can act. No wonder LJW is the big breakout star of the drama. Quality acting from this boy.

      • Really? But how come she won the Baeksang New Actress award if her acting’s bad? Or is that award given to just some random rookie actors? Honestly curious here, I don’t know the credibility of a Baeksang Award. Is it like an Emmy in Korea or waaaay different?

      • Baeksang like every other award can be bought and her agency is famous for buying awards for all its actors. KHY is not a good actress and she won’t survive in the long run. She’ll be a small time actress like Baek Jin Hee doing roles nobody else wants to do. This drama is the highest point of her career and she isn’t even good in it.

    • She’s so loud and whiny. Her character doesn’t appeal to me either. Reminds of the lead actress from She Was Pretty. Super annoying.

    • I think It Will so much better for KHY to stay as supporting role, Its really hard for me to finish ep 1 because of her. No wonder the rating is so low. Don’t let her carry the drama.

      • Ooh that sucks big time! I am thoroughly enjoying EY because of KHY. I actually became her fan bec of her acting in EY. I guess people really look differently at things 🙂

      • You know I thought this drama airs in cable channel, because the rating. But no, Its MBC and almost have the same rating with superstar Miss Lee in tvN. Its mean Im in majority.

      • Statistically, I’m in the minority bec of the rating but it’s a bit presumptuous to claim that people do not tune it because of KYH.

        Saw that her insta following is now at 1M yay!

        I believe she will eventually succeed in the acting industry bec she’s really good! If not, I still bet she’ll go places. Heard that she did well in university. Undoubtedly, the talent and brains are there. I wish people see it more and more ❤️❤️

    • I understand that to some people aegyo can be annoying. But i think this version of DO is what makes the drama alive, funny and enjoyable. DO in the manhwa is this cool, calm, elegant, sometimes bold girl. Imagine the first episode of EY with this kinda DO, do you think people will feel engaged to follow the next episode? HY’s DO is one of the things that makes people interested in EY. During the first few episodes HY carried the drama herself because other characters are not fully exposed. Other characters are still one dimensional even Baek Kyung.

      • Yup, KYH’s version of Danoh was what made me stay watching. She’s so funny and makes me feel different emotions! HAHA. I never enjoyed a high school drama like this.

      • KHY’s acting when she’s mad reminds me of Park Bo Young. HAHA. And when she’s sad or crying reminds me of my high school self back then — immature, raw, unreserved, and vulnerably transparent

    • Woaaaah. That’s some serious accusation — that her agency buys awards. I wonder what made you say that? Are you working in the entertainment industry for you to know? Curious again here ? But who are the good korean actresses for you (around KYH’s age)? Just want to know your benchmark for saying that KYH is not a good actress. Will very much appreciate your response 🙂

  6. Lee Jaewook is saving extraordinary you which has started to become extraordinarily boring and overhyped. He’ll keep snatching up roles and out performing.

  7. Finally people call it like how it is. I’m so sick of people trashing lee Jae Wook character to prop up Haru. The writers destroyed so many poignant relationships that were displayed on the webtoon. Shame on the writers.

    As much as I like the idea of a spunky dan oh, they should had casted someone who could nuanced her. It’s so hard for me to feel for her during her sad scenes because it feels like she’s acting in a parody or high school play in those moments.

    • But nuance takes age and maturity. They are playing high school characters so I think KHY’s interpretation is just right. I don’t remember being nuanced when I was in high school. Also, imagine if she acts like dried squid fairy who is nuanced, how can she drive other characters to become self-aware if she’s not the spunky, overreacting, whiny Dan Oh that she is now? She’s the catalyst, so I expect nothing less than the acting she is giving now.

  8. I love all three actors! Seo Kang Joon is one of my favorites (so talented and so handsome!) and I just realized that Park Min Young starred in two of my favorite dramas, City Hunter and Seven Day Queen. She was amazing in the latter. Lee Jaewook is a pleasant surprise for me in Extraordinary You. It’s my first time to watch him. I agree about his looks lol. I honestly don’t think he’s handsome at all, but he has such a magnetic charm to his portrayal of Baek Kyung that I still love Baek Kyung despite the drama writers butchering him.

    As for Ro Woon, I think he’s doing well given that his character started as a blank slate and is quite boring even in the webtoon. His handsome looks are a bonus.

  9. I def agree that Rowoon is objectively more handsome, but lee Jae Wook has an “it” factor. I found myself googling him and then watching all his parts on www. I rarely do that unless an actor really captivates me and I’ve been a drama watcher for 15 years. Gotta keep my eye on this one.

  10. Umm want to check out EY for LJW and that would be the only reason to do so. Good on him for scoring a role in PMY and SJK new drama but another same old type of character for PMY yet again it’s getting boring. I guess the only hype would be with the 2 male leads and oh yeah PMY playing the cello. That’s it.

  11. Lee Jae Wook is just perfection in WWW (saying a lot for a drama that is also perfection itself). His love line in that one is absolutely adorable and swoony. I cannot believe he is so young to have so much gravitas.

  12. Boy already caught my eye in Search WWW (he was the best thing about this drama and his chemistry with Lee Da Hee was off the charts)

    As you said, he’s a scene stealer and his charisma is no joke! You can’t help but being drawn to him…even when he’s playing an annoying jerk (rooting for Baek Kyung in EY, he’s the most compelling character)
    I’m totally in awe of this talented young man (can’t stop singing his praises lol) and I do find him more handsome than the male lead(yeah, unpopular opinion I know, he’s incredibly charming imho)

    May he get all the recognition he deserves (awards and lead roles)

  13. Wanted to add…I like Lee Jae Wook but boy oh boy…his character in EY is a big No, No, No for me. He is violent and abusive, has to control things a certain way….Dan Oh and Haru are what a healthy relationship should look like. I get his appeal, bad boys can be charismatic and he is going to go far with his strong screen presence but I wish the writer would tone his outbursts down a notch or two. I am meanwhile loving everything about Kim Hye Yoon and Rowoon’s storyline….its just two weirdos falling in love….it feels very organic to me. The second interesting development involves Ju Da and Kyung’s brother. Do Hwa is just love, pure love. Decent guy, amazing friend. Same goes for Sae Mi off stage.

    • I’m not rooting for him as a love interest. I’m rooting for his redemption and happiness.Just want to clarify my post above.

      I do think they’re going overboard with his characterization. He’s only bearable thanks to Lee Jae Wook’s mindblowing performance.

    • He is a 98 liner with only two credits 2 his name before EY….give it some time…he will…transitioning right away with a bad project could spell disaster

      • Why should he wait? WJA got a lead role in her first drama so did OSW. Rowoon is a lead in his 2nd drama. RJY also got a lead role after his first drama so did SIG. They all got lead roles almost immediately after debuting or at debut. Kim Dami as well to add to the list. He should not have to wait.

  14. Its not easy for someone with average visual to become scene stealer. And he did it Twice. Its mean the guy is talent, but the problem both his drama not the rating hit, so he’s still struggle become the second lead. I think he deserved a male lead role. PMY and SKJ don’t have rating power, PMY can bring buzz but She wont make it if there’s a big drama that airs in the same time. And SKJ wont help her in rating and buzz. So for me become the second lead in this drama is not a good idea. But yes he still young there’s still time for him. I just hope he didnt end up like Lee taeri (1993).

  15. Something about his acting reminds me so much of Jo Jungsuk? His line deliveries and all that really reminds me of Jo Jongsuk. Lol. Both are not conventionally handsome but they’ve got charisma on screen. I dislike while sympathise his character in Extraordinary You and that goes to show how good of an actor he is. Lol. I’m quite surprised about the divided opinion about Kim Hyeyoon here. For me, she’s the best part if the drama. And I really like that the main loveline feels so pure and innocent. Definitely not boring at all. It’s about time we get a romantic relationship that is not toxic on tv. Rowoon is doing great too. If I didn’t know better, I would think that he’s a rookie actor instead of an idol. But I think the best part about this drama for me is the friendship between Dan-oh, Dohwa and Haru. They’re the real A3 trio. Lol

  16. I just watched today episode…….
    The writer is constantly ruining ljw character, why are Haru and bk fighting so much, why is bk always so angry and violent, can they stop making him such an angry person lol he’s more angry than the angry emotion in the Pixar movie inside out lol

  17. He’s such a puppy in real life too. Why are ppl trashing all the other actors? Watch and be happy instead of feeling bitter. smh.

      • LJW will easily out act SKJ? Seriously?? Both are good. SKJ has more acting experience. You are a bit quick in defense especially when the drama is not even out. I am surprised you are bashing SKJ here while it is clear who is the male LEAD.

      • @Tan well I don’t get your deal honey. I hope his roles is not as a mere love triangle. If he is out act Kang Joon. No ill feeling and he deserve the limelight

  18. Kim Hye Yoon, if you’re reading this, don’t get sad by their negative comments about you! Use it to improve your acting 🙂 There’s a reason why you won the Baeksang New Actress award 🙂 People see a lot of potential in you! I enjoyed your acting in Sky Castle and so much more here in EY. You make me laugh, clap and cry at the same time. I really see the sincerity of your acting, it’s not perfect but you are on your way there. FIGHTING! ❤️

    • @N, you should still watch. LJW is so good in portraying the character. The ways he controls his outbursts now that he’s self-aware is just amazeball. And i believe he is the smartest out of all the characters. I have a feeing that he will make a huge sacrifice in the end, some kind of an ultimate redemption for all the hurt he has unleashed so far.

  19. Lee Jae Wook may not have the typical “handsome face” but he definitely has such charm and charisma that draw people to watch and appreciate his good acting. His rising popularity can be seen from his Instagram followers, from less than 200K to a whopping 900K within 2-3months between WWW and EY. Glad he’s gaining much love and hope he will win awards to gain recognition for his good works. Look forward to see him in more projects, as well as interviews to know more about this cute and promising actor 🙂

  20. Lee Jae Wook may not have the “typical” handsome face but he has such charm and charisma that draw audience to watch and appreciate his good and versatile acting. His rising popularity can be seen from his Instagram followers, from less than 200K to a whopping 900K within 2-3months of his dramas, WWW to EY. Glad he’s gaining much love and hope he will win awards to gain recognition for his hard work. Look forward to see him in many more good productions as well as news and interviews to know more about this cute and talented actor 🙂

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