First Drama Poster for Crash Landing on You Promotes a Sure to be Iconic Campfire Moment in the Drama

If you love campfires, stars in the sky, and very good looking people falling in love then have I got the poster for you with all three combined. The first drama poster is out for tvN romance Crash Landing on You and it’s that camp fire scene we’ve seen teasers of so far with leads Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin together with lots of staring, patting on the head, and even sleeping on the shoulder. I can’t say it’s wildly romantic on its face but I can tell the screenwriter and PD is trying so hard to make this scene iconic. I worry it will be very lovely but then milked to death – like the Secret Garden sit up scene immediately comes to mind because it was so cool until it got beaten to death by both mimicry and mockery. But I do like the campfire scene being the first poster, anything is better than the she falls on top of him from a tree scene in the second teaser.


First Drama Poster for Crash Landing on You Promotes a Sure to be Iconic Campfire Moment in the Drama — 13 Comments

  1. I have absolutely no idea how the writer and PD plan to sell the romance when the setting is in North Korea. All I could think of is illegal trespassing, suspected espionage, detainment, torture, and imprisonment. The drama will just have to rely on the performance of their stars to make us believe romance could bloom just about anywhere.

  2. Maybe the North Korea setting will be short and not for the entire series. Who knows HB’s character may defect to South Korea at the encouragement of SYJ’s character. You know so in love with her that he willingly abandons his own country to follow SYJ’s character who is a rich chaebol heiress. She may have enough money, political clout and family influence to smuggle HB’s NK soldier into South Korea and protect him in a role reversal. Then it’s HB’s turn to feel like a fish out of water adapting to a vastly different life in SK after being given a new identity. Much like Sim Cheong in Legend of the Blue Seas. Mermaid out of water. Now NK soldier out of water figuratively speaking in SK. My imagination is on a roll, lol.

    • Yes @Kimchi Ajumma I hope the time in NK is fleeting and HB defects to SK and ends up being SYJ chauffeur. Anywhere else but NK I’ll be happy.

      • @Ginger Crunch, HB being a chauffeur is a bit of a waste of his talents. More suited to be her bodyguard. Dressed up in all black and walk with a swagger like Ji Chang Wook in K2 aka Kim Je Ha. Ah, too bad Wookie’s drama Melting Me Softly is tanking big time. I think pairing Wookie with SYJ will be hot too. Lol.

      • @Kimchi Ajumma I wanted to say Bodyguard but it would have been too obvious so I chose chauffeur but in saying that I’m kinda excited for them because after just watching Legend of the Blue Sea and My Love from the Stars my faith has been restored by knowing that it’s the same writer so yayyyy from me!!!

    • Why not? They already did a movie together, and were seen and photographed in the US while buying groceries. They’re both adults and very much single.

    • Their fans have already announced their wedding for them. Announcement will come 1st of Jan 2020. Any other opinions contrary to that will be met with swift condemnation and bashed within an inch of our lives. So I am waiting with much anticipation of engagement, wedding preparations, live wedding streamed across the globe, attended by A-list celebrities and a nation enthralled with their beloved treasure couple and first love lifting up the entire country GDP and relaunch Hallyu fever like never before.

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