Police to Forward Seungri and YG Founder Yang Hyun Suk to Prosecution for Habitual Overseas Gambling

Man, this is so much bullshit I can’t even. After months of investigation, the first major move on the part of the South Korean police is to forward to prosecution for indictment Seungri and Yang Hyun Suk on the crime of habitual overseas gambling. Like, seriously? I know it is a crime in South Korea to gamble wheres domestically or overseas but of ALL the crimes being investigated surrounding these two it’s the least offensive and least serious one that gets forward for indictment. Let’s not forget that Seungri is also under investigation for facilitating prostitution, sharing illegally recorded private videos featuring women in compromising situations, running a night club that allowed violence and drugs, money laundering in using said night club for big wigs from overseas to invest in, and of course the gambling overseas that he does with all his ill-gotten gains. If this turns out to be a slap on the wrist for both dudes while pretending that at least the authorities did prosecute them for something but letting the way more serious crimes get swept under the rug, I hope more people remember this happened and never forgot how corrupt the system is.


Police to Forward Seungri and YG Founder Yang Hyun Suk to Prosecution for Habitual Overseas Gambling — 4 Comments

  1. I didnt follow their news anymore bcuz it seems like a makjang weekend drama. But i read in soemwhere that there wasn’t any evidence of YYS gambling abroad. But maybe, the police already found the evidence now.

  2. I am a casual fan of some kpop so I’ve kept up on some of the news. They never had the goods on the prostitution procurement last I heard, and I suspect a lot of the business shenanigans are going the same way. What the police/prosecutors know and what they prove are two different things. The media breathlessly reporting every rumor as fact doesn’t help. I knew the prosecutors were in trouble when one of the charges against Seungri was about a health code violation…I mean really?!

    I am totally confused about the distribution of the illicit videos. I would have thought that would have been easy to prove so I can’t speak to that at all and I don’t understand how that isn’t proceeding forward. Do they have to prove that he knew they weren’t consensual acts? I’m asking cuz I don’t know the law in Korea, and there are so many rumors…it was a lot of videos…no no no he just got one video…. etc. I can’t make heads or tails and have given up on trying to figure it out.

    Or maybe all those k-dramas I watch are true to life and they can’t take the small fish without implicating the big fish, so he walks on all the business stuff thus the gambling charges.

  3. This only means there is someone really powerful and influential backing YG. Even prosecutors could not produce evidence or maybe they too are already bribed. Too be honest if Seungri, who is a popular celebrity, and YG, a top entertainment agency, wasn’t involved I don’t think this case would have gotten so much attention. It would have been just swept under the rug. Dramas have taught us that the rich and powerful will always have a way to handle a situation like this. It’s not just in Korea but everywhere.

  4. agree with M, sounds like someone powerful (like someone in the SK govt) is probably backing them up in their illegal activities…happens everywhere sadly.

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