Big Bang’s Seungri Reportedly to Enlist in the Military Before Investigation in Criminal Allegations Completed

Okay, this is totally like the South Korea version of the Epstein case, and the public just feels helpless to do anything against such blatant sweeping under the rug. K-media is reporting that Big Bang‘s Seungri will enlist in the military, already lame because he’s so old and at the top end of enlistment age which K-netizens hate because it means he kept delaying a civic duty. Now it also comes at a time when he’s under active investigation for a host of criminal allegations – Burning Sun violence, prostitution, gambling, tax evasion, money laundering, sexual assault from viewing illegally recorded videos, I mean even typing this crap out makes my blood boil. Of course he may still be pulled out of the military and charged and tried but going to the army effectively puts him out of the limelight and we all know out of sight gradually out of mind. If the goal was to get him off by dragging the investigation so long, sending to the military, and then much later burying the lede that he’s gotten a slap on the wrist punishment, we’re seeing it all happen before our eyes.


Big Bang’s Seungri Reportedly to Enlist in the Military Before Investigation in Criminal Allegations Completed — 8 Comments

  1. System is corrupt. Sad that it doesn’t matter who the head of country is. Empty promises of change by politicians after politicians. No real changes ever happens. And you wonder why koreans subscribe to unscrupulous means to advance themselves. Better to be the powerful trampling the weak than weak hoping for change. Pray for Korea. More than anyone else… the youths have no good role models and a bleak future

  2. “sexual assault from viewing illegally recorded videos”….ok what does that even mean? The dudes involved in the sexual assault are going to prison. Seungri is done one way or another. I do think this story was media hyped to focus on him and not people higher up the food chain or else I’ve been watching way too many dramas. Maybe Asian Boss will do another man on the street interview on this topic.

  3. When I first saw a kdrama I wish that I was born their but now on what we are seeing..sigh…. my country has its unfairness but not like in that country.. their law is catering to the upperclass. Money makes the world go round in that part of the world.

  4. It’s a big news on tv, and he can still slip away? Wow. Money and power do trump justice in this world. Scary and very sad. And they do it so blatantly. Make you wonder who else involved behind this mess.

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