Train Thrills with Two Times the Yoon Shi Yoon Intensity and Ends with a Neato Twist in the Parallel Worlds Concept

It’s finale weekend and I’m going to be sad there is no more Train to board next weekend. The OCN drama ended with a sweet and to the point 12-episodes of tightly written narrative, the sci-fi parallel worlds bit never really made sense beyond being a conceit since the story was so small in scale. Like all parallel worlds it turns out to be a multi-verse and jumping around toe fix what went wrong in one world turns out to be probably unfixable and maybe even accelerating the events. I loved Yoon Shi Yoon‘s performance here as both Do Won’s, our scruffy hero and his drug addicted but equally tenacious counterpart. Kyung Soo Jin ended up being more reactive but she still brought Seo Kyung to life and we needed that to root for Do Won to catch the killer and keep her safe. The ending was mostly shoe-horning a possible happy future for our leads into existence and I love that because we watched one compact and cohesive story and in the end make sense or not I just want poor Do Won to have a place to call home with a Seo Kyung who loves him beside him.

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Yoon Shi Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin Exchange the Tense Darkness of OCN Drama Train for Cheery Marie Claire Korea Pictorial

Thanks to the addicting and well-drafted parallel worlds thriller drama Train, I’m over my Kyung Soo Jin allergy and reinvigorated with my Yoon Shi Yoon love. The drama is tightly compacted in its mythology about the parallel worlds and probably … Continue reading