Kim Woo Bin Attends Blue Dragon Awards in First Public Appearance Since 2017

Savor this moment ladies, you’ll remember where you were when Kim Woo Bin made his shiny return to his entertainment career. I’ve been a huge fan for his entire career, this funky looking lunk has talent as tall as his frame and unfortunately had to take a prolonged hiatus due to a serious medical scare involving cancer. His break came at the height of his career though he would have had to go to military duty at some point but now is obviously exempt so the last 2.5 years has passed in the blink of an eye. Word is that he’s coming back with a movie in 2020 but first he’s back at one of the most prestigious events in Korean film the Blue Dragon Awards. He didn’t walk the red carpet and arrived on stage to present an award. He looks soooooooo handsome and healthy, welcome back my boy!


Kim Woo Bin Attends Blue Dragon Awards in First Public Appearance Since 2017 — 5 Comments

  1. So happy to see Woo Bin again. Love him since The Heirs. Double happy that my baby Park Hyung Sik also made an appearance in his military uniform. And yes, he was Woo Bin’s sissy sidekick in The Heirs.

  2. I’m so happy to see him back again! He looks so happy and refreshed, I’ve missed his movies. Hope his health remains good, and wish him all the best!

  3. I loved him the most in gentlemen’s dignity. I never forget his famous line in the final episode “which one is worse: to have a crush on your father’s best friend’s woman or your best friend’s father’s woman?”

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