MBC Drama People With Flaws Arrives for Viewers Looking for Exaggerated Style Rom-com

MBC has been very weak in the Wed-Thurs slot for quite some time but the last drama Extraordinary You was one of the extraordinarily low rated ones despite the younger skewing cult fan base. This week comes People With Flaws (Love With Flaws) which is geared towards adults trying to navigate the tricky social life of work and love. Starring Ahn Jae Hyun, Oh Yeon Seo, Kim Seul Gi, and Goo Won, the drama pulls together a lot of opposites in personality and tastes with the leads. Ahn Jae Hyun is a good looking man who judges people by their looks and Oh Yeon Seo hates handsome men so of course K-drama logic dictates they are meant to be. with Ahn Jae Hyun’s very public divorce during the late summer to Gu Hye Sun the scrutiny on this drama was for negative reasons but hopefully viewers will judge it for it’s substance now that it has premiered. It’s a little too slapstick for me IMO.

Long preview for People With Flaws:


MBC Drama People With Flaws Arrives for Viewers Looking for Exaggerated Style Rom-com — 11 Comments

  1. I hope this is good. I’ve been waiting for this one.

    AJH broke up with Go Hye Sun and have asked for divorce, that’s a fact.To me, GHS has the reason to be angry at him. The feeling is being abandoned is not easy. But that is their private and I hope viewers will watch the drama not looking at the actors private affairs.

    I wish this drama goes well. I wish the best to all the cast and crew. Now I am off to watch drama.

    • Haven’t watched but not surprised. I have watched both leads before in other dramas and it is always others that are not leads that carried the drama ala Jang Bori, where the villain second lead won best actress instead of the main lead and well, AJH, he was always overshadowed by others in most of the dramas I watched that has him in it.
      Well, Guess I dont have to waste my time as Kim Seulgi is awesome in every role. Too bad.

  2. Awful, I cannot even finish half of the long preview. Even 2 minutes feels too longgggg…. the female lead totally overacts. the male lead is playing with farts, how childish. what kind of plot is this? it stinks. and I never once find him handsome. I will go back to my re-watch if nothing good upcoming.

    • Agree with @candycane, i never once find him handsome too and i even find that his looks are weird but it’s my opinion. But most importantly , his “acting” is non existent. And if he was a woman, i dare say that he wouldn’t be able to star in the drama as a lead ( too much bad press about the divorce).

      • Wow, you came off as misandrist and misogynistic. Also since men usually don’t publicly throw around unfounded allegations nor vicious truths about their soon to be exwife, that’s the reason you can only speculate. Because you’ve never seen it happen in Korean media. He didn’t get enough bad press because he never trashed that heifer. Meanwhile you’re over looking “dare I say”, how Goo was able to still come off as a victim even after she released damning texts of her gaslighting, passive aggressively, domineering and towards the end trying to financially bankrupt him (claiming she may never be able to work again, then retiring) and downplay his depression when all this man wanted was a divorce. But he got the bad press? Dear, misandry is real and you definitely have it.

  3. I’ll go for the story to check it out but it’s getting good feedback on Soompi so that’s a plus for them and I’ll keep an open mind in the interim. Supporting AJH and the rest of the cast and crew ❤️

  4. Wow you sound misandrist and misogynistic. Congrats. Men largely don’t do (throw allegations) this anyway, hence why you can only speculate about this happening to a Korean actress. Also Goo came off looking crazy.

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