jTBC Melodrama Chocolate with Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won Premieres this Friday November 29th

I’ve been waiting patiently for Chocolate much like a kid saves the best for last during a meal. The primary reason is screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee, she who always tugs at my tear ducts and heartstrings with the way she can craft true K-melo the old-fashioned way which frankly still satisfies when done right. Chocolate brings together Ha Ji Won and Yoon Kye Sang, two contemporaries who haven’t worked together until now but later is better than never especially with a Lee Kyung Hee script. He plays a surgeon who wanted to be a chef but now she’s a chef and together they must have some really compelling back story as kids which develops into adulthood so that their many interactions seem teary or at least very melancholy. Scene-stealing second male lead Jang Seung Jo is also there as a fellow doctor to look sad and rather stern and if you ask me Ha Ji Won always gets the men around her worked up lol.

Long preview for Chocolate:


jTBC Melodrama Chocolate with Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won Premieres this Friday November 29th — 16 Comments

  1. Not really related to this topic, just want to say Happy thanksgiving to you and your family Ms. Koala and also to all the readers on this blogs.

  2. Ha Ji Won is so down-to-earth, happy and contented. She has just gone to make kimchi with her mom at her aunt’s house in the countryside. Watching her regular vlogs in Youtube brings so much joy to me. Can tell she really loves spending time with her family, cooking together and basking in the outdoors amongst nature and sunshine. These values are the secrets to a long and happy career in K-ent industry that I hope the younger idols will emulate. Get out of Seoul, head to the mountains or countryside, spend time with loved ones doing things together and get some sunshine on your face. HJW’s values will translate well to her character in Chocolate. Can’t wait for the drama tomorrow morning in the southern hemisphere. Happy dreams!

  3. Watching the preview, truly sure this is a good romantic drama to watch, considering both lead ACTORS, are well known for its professionalism in the field of acting. Waiting for its airing, good luck!

  4. @Thank you Joy for the post! Now I know how Dorothy felt when she was off to see the wizard. I’m in high spirits knowing I’ve got Chocolate and HJW on Netflix awaiting me. Life is beautiful right now. My love for K dramas has been resurrected knowing HJW is back to do her thing.

    My fave K actresses are starting to flock back to the screen I couldn’t be happier. ❤️

    • Ginger Crunch – You are welcome!

      I have love and still love Miss Ji Won since her Damo and SHIB (not to mention some of her movies) till today. I’m also elated that she is paired with Yoon kye Sang. Regarding the the 1st and 2nd episodes, so far so good. The second episode revealed a little more, the ebb and flow of feelings is like a sea yet it relaxes me in some way. The other characters are doing a great job portraying their part. I love MCW’s brother he’s the lighter side of the drama even though he gives her a headaches. 😉 Also, I noticed that when they do upload the new episodes it’s around 10:00 am for sure, PST time zone. Good day!

  5. Just finished episode 2 and re-watched episode 1. It was purely because of how good the child actors are in portraying young HJW and YKS. Likewise, I was mesmerised by the tantalising food scenes that drew me in immediately. I was entranced and enchanted at the same time. The cooking itself already healed me with their wonderful colours and details. Acting wise, everybody seems to get into their characters without getting over dramatic. Nicely balanced amount of action, comedy, suspense and romance. The flash backs and time jumps jarred my sense of balance and me threw off a bit. Hope PD won’t use this technique too much or else show’s narrative would be suffer from it. Verdict: A-.

  6. So far so good! If you think of it the first 2 episodes were just like a flashback or narrative. But the PD was able to execute it without making the audience feel bored watching it. And its drama’s visual and OST are so amazing and very soothing, it is indeed a healing drama coz you’re finding comfort while enjoying your drama.

  7. Back again here because of Yoo Teo. He was Jerome in Vagabond and Ragazeu in AC. He has all the vibes of a megastar yet wasn’t even introduced at the Chocolate press con. Secret weapon of Chocolate. After researching his background, absolutely gobsmacked by his incredible pedigree. Born and raised in Cologne. Germany. Studied acting in Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, New York at age 20. Trained at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art London. Acted in Russian film Leto in which he spoke Russian although his lines were later dubbed (only 3 weeks to learn Russian) which premiered to critical acclaim in Cannes Film Festival. Now he’s playing Ha Ji Won’s boyfriend in Chocolate. Please give this man the first male lead role already and please please give him more screen time till the end. Sobs.

    • Yes @Kimchi Ajumma TAEYOO is an absolute godsend and I totally did not expect to see him pop up in the first episode of Chocolate. I first laid eyes on him in a movie called ‘Seoul searching’ its on Netflix and I am keen to see him in lead status some day…However I’m enjoying the 2 episodes so far so good and yes best not to watch this drama on an empty stomach.

      • Thank you Ginger Crunch for introducing Seoul Searching to me. Aren’t the food and cooking scenes in Chocolate a real delight? In another note, I discovered 2 awesome actors in one month. Do watch Shopaholic Louis and Reply Me 1997 in Netflix. They starred the amazing Seo In Guk, a singer songwriter turned actor who developed a cable cult following with Smile Has Left Your Eyes (Hundred Million Stars from The Sky) and Reply Me 1997 which became a hit in 2012. His duet of the signature song “All For You” with Jung Eun Ji still has faithful views today in Youtube. I absolutely adore Seo In Guk’s versatility in being innocent dorky, cute puppy dog to dashing corporate man to epic melodrama man. He is the male version of Ha Ji Won. Swoon. Highly recommended.

      • I think we’re related @Kimchi Ajumma I’ve been a massive fan of Seo In Guk since Reply 1994 and more so Smile has left your eyes. If you want to check out his you tube music video korean version of A ha’s Take on me with So Ji Sub and Jung So Min that’s my lil pressie for you ❤️However I agree the close up shots of the food prep in Chocolate is to die for!

      • Ah thanks so much for the early Christmas pressie, kindred spirit. Floating on cloud nine. Thank you drama gods for making the year end filled with joy with Chocolate, Crash Landing and Seo In Guk’s immense talent. Oh, I am still angry with Netflix for cutting the scene where Seo In Guk as Louis is singing the Korean version of This Is The Moment from Jekyll and Hyde musical. He was playing the piano too while singing. ERGHH.

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