Godfrey Gao Reportedly Already Married to Rumored Girlfriend Bella Su and Filmed 17 Hours Straight for Variety Show Before Collapsing

This kills me, he didn’t have to die and there are even more people mourning him. Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model Godfrey Gao passed away this week from a heart attack, collapsing in the early morning hours on the streets of China surrounded by cast mates and crew filming the variety show Chase Me. His agency confirmed he recently had a physical to prepare for a new movie and was healthy, but reports from the set of the variety show confirm that filming started at 8:30 am and the entire cast and crew worked for 17 hours until nearly 2 am when Godfrey collapsed. It was also a physical show where the premise was a two team chase.

Bystanders have said there was no medical personnel on set to perform CPR until minutes passed when emergency services arrived. On an even sadder note, multiple sources are stating that Godrey was actually married, secretly to rumored girlfriend 22-year old Bella Su who shares a similar background to Godfrey and was introduced by mutual friends. Her Instagram frequently features Godfrey’s beloved dog and also group photos with mutual friends. I’m so sorry for his family and friend’s loss, so many stars are speaking out on how kind and sweet he was ALWAYS to everyone. It’s always the best ones….. Sources say Bella and Godfrey’s family have arrived in China and will be taking his body back to Taiwan for funeral services.


Godfrey Gao Reportedly Already Married to Rumored Girlfriend Bella Su and Filmed 17 Hours Straight for Variety Show Before Collapsing — 15 Comments

  1. I’m so speechless, shocked, and lost of words. I was hoping he will make it out alive, but it was too late. 17 hours filming took a toll of his health and what killed him. I hope the his family sue the variety show. He has so much ahead of him and also a upcoming wedding to attend as the best man at his friends wedding. Life is so short, and u never know when u will take your last breath. You never get the chance to tell your love ones behind that you love them. RIP Godfrey. You will be miss!! 2019 hasn’t end yet, but so many death. Suli, Goo Hara & Godfrey.

    If he is indeed married, I feel bad for Bella to be a widow at a young age.

  2. The broadcast company is trying to weasel their way out amongst public outcry, busy putting out reports with decreasing time response of the CPR administration. It was first reported that CPR only started 10-15 minutes after he fainted, then now it becomes 5-6 minutes. It’s ridiculous how the cameramen continued filming after he fainted and medical team couldn’t get there faster because the roads were obstructed, the production team didn’t bother to leave an open path for emergencies. The hospital said that Godfrey’s eye pupils were fully dilated when he finally arrived at the hospital.

    • Even if Medical Team is not around when he collapsed,CPR should have been performed ( STAT) immediately after the collapsed .

  3. For a show that test physical strength it just plain crazy there is no medical staffs on standby right there in case of ER ….every seconds matter cause u be brain death otherwise the longer u wait and sadly here it’s the worst out come ???…….

  4. May he Rest in Peace. I thought something was off when one of the Chinese YouTube channels had a banner that said “Hello Lichuan, good bye “Godfrey”, may you have peace in heaven.”
    Then I read the news on the Chinese Entertainment blogs I follow.

    His family and friends must be devestated.

    This is very heartbreaking, he is a very good looking actor. I dont think I can watch the melodrama that the youtube channel MZTV is showing, as it didn’t have a good ending.

  5. Could he have had an Aneurysm? Those, are silent killer time bombs. Doesn’t matter how fit you are.

    17h straight would be stuff guys who have gone through Army training: Singapore, Taiwan etc.

    All condolences to his family, and loved ones. It is a tragic shocking blow – a lifetime tragedy for them, that will be near impossible to recover from. May they find some peace and closure, one day.

  6. How could guys running with him not be able to preform cpr! That is the reason he is dead. you don’t wait until the rescue team get there to preform cpr! I am really hurt by this.Godfrey” could have been saved! my heart and prayers go out to his family and his wife or girlfriend. I know that she is devastated over losing him.May he rest in peace he will be missed.

  7. Everything about this situation is sad and enraging, the producers of that show have Godfrey Gao’s blood on their hands. There was no reason for an otherwise healthy young man to die, other than their wilful negligence and lack of care towards their participants – 17 hours straight of filming, and no medics on the set? And I don’t buy that he had some underlying condition, he was big on fitness right from a young age. The production shouldn’t try to weasel out of their responsibility by blaming the victim!

    I’m so sad for his family and rumoured SO, I hope they have support during this time.

  8. There was an article in Today Online which stated Godfrey had the flu two days prior to his passing. The production should at least made sure there was a medic on standby. With that kind of gruelling shooting schedule anyone could pass out or be injured.

    Another online article also mentioned someone I can’t remember who had a leg injury on the same day Godfrey passed away. Which only proves that production crew are totally unprofessional and unmindful of their guest getting hurt or injured. All they care about is the ratings.

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