K-actress Jeon Hye Bin to Get Married this Week in Bali to Non-celeb Fiancee

What a surprising announcement but so welcome in a spate of bad news from K-ent in recent months. K-actress Jeon Hye Bin is getting married this week, the ceremony will be overseas in Bali and her husband-to-be is a non-celebrity. The two have been dating for two years, though prior to that Jeon Hye Bin dated Lee Jun Ki after the two met on the set of Joseon Gunman. I’m sure Jeon Hye Bin will be a beautiful bride and congrats to her, having such a great year with two dramas Liver or Die (What’s Wrong, Poong Sang) and now the K-remake of Leverage. Wishing her a heartfelt wedding and a happy life long marriage.


K-actress Jeon Hye Bin to Get Married this Week in Bali to Non-celeb Fiancee — 13 Comments

  1. I remember when her relationship with Jun Ki became public, Lee Jun Ki’s rabid fangirls bullied her to no end, abusing her in instagram…..in to that joined in fangirls who were shipping Jun Ki with IU from Scarlet Heart and doubled the abuse down……..it was a mess and eventually they broke up…..So glad for her she found her happiness again.

  2. With all that mess she had to deal with those LJK fans before, congrats. Hoping for a happy marriage. And it’s quite good that she’s going to marry non-celeb to avoid that kind of worthless drama caused by crazy fans.

    • I think your comment is uncalled for. It’s good that she finally found “the one”. And it’s true that she definitely deserves better than those hates that she got for dating Lee Jun Ki. But with you mentioning “someone better”, you are implying that LJK is not a good person. We never know for whatever reason they broke up to simply suggest that LJK is not a better person.

    • Didn’t LJK go on a dating program and flirted with Park MY (even if it was just for the show) on TV while all the time dating Jeon? The girl was definitely ill used, and I am glad she has moved on and found true happiness.

      • It wasn’t a “dating program”. It was a silly show where, in theory, you didn’t know who you were talking to (for all he knew the person could have been 50 and married). I think they’d even had married people do the program before. I like JHB just fine,and I wish her a happy life with her new guy. I just don’t think LJG deserved what he got from not only his own fans mad about the dating, IUs fans mad about who he was dating, or PMYs fans thinking he was a cad.

        I will say that if JHB and LJG’s relationship wasn’t strong enough to survive people being mean on social media, it probably wasn’t going to go the distance.

      • @Kat
        Excuse me?!
        What do you mean by: “IU’s fans mad about who he was dating.”
        By all means, none of us that I know were upset when his relationship with JHB was revealed by Dispatch. He could as well marry her and we wouldn’t care. The JG-IU shippers was the only group of people who was upset about his dating news and went on to launch a vicious attack on JHB. We were extremely upset that the dim-witted shippers kept linking IU to LJG even when he had already admitted that he indeed dated JHB. And we were upset too when JHB sort of dragging IU into the picture by suddenly following her on IG & posting video of her playing with slime (IU’s very well known hobby by that time). Her antis immediately lashed out on her & for sure they mentioned IU alot too. This made many people started to question if IU was indeed involved with JG, which was and is NOT TRUE!
        So good for her that now she’s married. I hope she finally finds her happiness, and it will be very much appreciated if she stops mentioning about IU ever again. Her claiming on national TVs that she’s an IU fan doesn’t really show in her real life actions. A true fan will never throw her bias under the bus the way she did 2 years ago.

      • @Jebbikot
        Who the heck are you dictate what Jeon Hye Bin should be doing or not? 90% Koreans love IU, mind your own business, she can like her too and be vocal about it if she wants to. You sound as bad as those shippers who hounded her back then. Take your conspiracy theories elsewhere.

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