IU Listed in Forbes Magazine 30 Heroes of Philanthropy List

What an incredible placement to be on this list and so much more meaningful than how many records sold, how popular, or box office ratings. Korean singer-actress IU has made the just released Heroes of Philanthropy list compiled by Forbes Magazine which is best known for thei richest people lists so this is a nice change. IU has apparently donated more than 900 million won ($800,000 US) in just the last year years 2018-2019 alone, and has contributed very deliberately including donations this year to deaf children after she did a movie playing such a role and to the victims of a devastating wildfire. That’s a real chunk of money to donate even for a high earning celebrity so she’s a true role model and I hope her giving reaches those most in need.


IU Listed in Forbes Magazine 30 Heroes of Philanthropy List — 7 Comments

  1. I can’t understand why good article like this still have some bitterness comments. Instead of embracing people good deed and spreading good vibes, Some people still have some negative things to say about others.
    @cherryberry: you donate less does that mean I should discount your effort and contributions? I’m not PSH fan but your comment is so Inappropriate and irrelevant.
    IU is talented, love her voice, it’s really amazing when every time her live show is like a star stud event.

  2. Good for her! I actually went to Forbes to read the article (cannot paste the link). She’s the youngest on the list. It’s truly an impressive accomplishment! Kudos to her!!

  3. She’s a star through and through. Lovely, talented, kind. She deserves the recognition. And PSH too and all the rest of celebrities and other people that gives and lend hand.

    I wish people can back off with the negativity. It’s almost Christmas. Be kind.

  4. It is so nice to see many are join the cause to help people in need. Does not matter the title , what counts is the action, giving big or small , just the emotional support, or landing a helping hand, a word of kindness, know that it will make a big difference in many life, many times between death and life. Spread love, and love yourself! ❤️??God love us all equal!

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