MBC Drama The Game: Towards Zero with Taecyeon, Lee Yeon Hee, and Im Joo Hwan Confirms January 2020 Broadcast

The first new drama to arrive in 2020 sounds like it will be The Game: Towards Zero, or towards hopefully a good year for K-drama ratings. The drama is scheduled to air in January 2020 on MBC Wed-Thurs and stars Taecyeon in his acting comeback after two years in the military. He plays a prophet who can look into people’s eyes and see the moment before their death, I’m guessing the person is already dead because that’s useful in catching the killer. He pairs up with police detective Lee Yeon Hee to catch a serial killer mastermind and with Im Joo Hwan also in the main cast I’m already crying assuming he’s playing said serial killer. The drama is helmed by the PD of Time and written by the screenwriter of King of Dramas.


MBC Drama The Game: Towards Zero with Taecyeon, Lee Yeon Hee, and Im Joo Hwan Confirms January 2020 Broadcast — 11 Comments

  1. Sheesh, can they give poor IJH a break?! How many times does he have to play a serial killer before they finally cast him as main lead?

  2. *sigh* Who did pair IJH with Taecyeon? The latter one is a cutie and proably a nice person but acting isn’t something like him doing. I hurts me how much he is trying and failing. For IJH, please someone give him a leading role next time. For being a killer again, it was his decision. Probably he does like doing roles like that. There are a few actors I love to hate but he isn’t one because of his puppy eyes. He has that lost little boy aura, even when he is playing the bad guy.

  3. lighten up everyone, look at the bright side. be entertained by IJH’s killer acting and TY’s nice body. good visual is guaranteed as all casts are tall and pretty. great eye candies to start the new year 🙂

  4. I like Taecyeon, he did pretty good in save me, dream Hugh, and let’s fight ghost. He may not be awards quality but his charisma is oozing.

    • I introduce you to watch the movie Marriage Blue (2013). It’s about 4 couples, TY & LYH is one of them, great visuals although acting is really subpar… But don’t worry, Ma Dong Seok is there to cheer you up with his well recognized great acting! This is a nice movie to watch with wine & cheese over the holidays.

    • @candycane, thanks for mentioning Ma Dong Seok. I heard about his good acting in Squad 38/Task Force 38/Police Unit 38 along with Seo In Guk. It’s a very low-profile crime drama but according to some critics very well written and developed. No romance which is incredibly rare in K-dramas.

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