Gu Hye Sun Continues Posting on SNS and Garners Attacks and Support

It’s times like this that I wish I could do more. I wish I was friends with Gu Hye Sun so I could counsel her to just retreat into her friends and family and get through this tough patch before emerging back into public life. Because no good can come of judgmental netizens and a very he said/she said divorce situation. K-actress Gu Hye Sun continues to post on her SNS accounts regularly and she clearly wants/needs/likes the attention. But honestly it’s so empty and meaningless, the chasing for feedback from a faceless void. I don’t even care who is more at fault in her divorce with Ahn Jae Hyun, I wish the two of them a practical uncoupling and a sensible moving on. But it’s hard to see the vicious cycle of Gu Hye Sun constantly posting on social media and getting a combination of criticism and attacks along with unconditional support. It’s like such a mental mind fuck and so bad for anyone going through emotional turmoil. I hope K-netizens just lay off her, let her do what she wants and stop with the unnecessary responses whether it’s legit or not.


Gu Hye Sun Continues Posting on SNS and Garners Attacks and Support — 29 Comments

  1. Does she have no friend/family? If not, that’s really sad and depressing.

    For a person like her who is going through mental issues, it’s probably better for knetizens not to respond to her unless it’s a comment of well wishes and prayers and not veiled criticism. Just wish her well and move on. We don’t need another death that got triggered by insensitive comments.

    • I don’t understand why ockoala are attacking her though. Knets have more mental issues than her by the looks of it. Why can’t butthurts Netz leave her alone?

      • Bc posting on SM won’t help someone who is emotionally unstable! It will worsened it & koala isn’t attacking her, just stating the facts. GHS had a very public divorce, she should not be on SM looking for attention Bc she should seek professional help Bc bish is crazy af…..

      • That’s what you think that isn’t attacking her but she it. She is indirectly encouraging the bullies actually, re-read her post and check the tone of her writing.

      • I see it as constructive criticism. Anyone posting on social media open to the public is inviting comments whether positive or negative. If one cannot stand it, just close the account. I cannot read any tone of attack. You are too sensitive. GHS obviously enjoys the attention by always posting her full face, so just let it be.

  2. Judging from the photos… it’s not a selca so clearly whoever taking these photos has no intention to stopping her. I just don’t understand, I mean she rarely update her instagram before the divorce so why now….

  3. If she’s just posting pictures, what’s the big deal?
    As long as she’s not dragging his and her name through the mud anymore I don’t see an issue with it.

  4. Hey stares and the aura doesnt feel alright at all If we hear bad news in future months I wont be surprısed :’c Its not lıke I love her or Im her fan but still I always wish there were people who cares for people with mental health problems..

  5. One positive thing I can say from these pictures is that Gu Hye Sun is really very pretty. She’s got lovely skin and beautiful features. On to other things… it’s a pity that she’s posting her private business for public consumption… because the public can be kind or very, very mean. I guess there’s no one on her side who can intervene and shut down her instagram? That’s a shame, because she appears to be very attention deprived and if she had close friends or a good support system, she wouldn’t need to go online to get validation from the public or her fans for her life choices. And I agree with @yarnie, her stares in these pictures don’t look quite right. I hope someone close to her will take her to a mental health professional for counseling so she can get the help she needs to get through this.

  6. I don’t see a problem of her posting. At least we know she is still alive and healthy. She is no longer referencing her soon to be ex on her posts.
    This article is the same as telling women to stay quiet and silent.

    I hope Gu Hye Sun comes put of this triumphant in her career and hope she finds someone that truly loves her in the future.

  7. She seems to feel the need to garner overwhelming support and BOTH positive and negative replies encourage her to continue. It’s not the healthiest way to be. We don’t know what happened in her marriage but she needs to step away from the limelight for a bit and get some help to get back into a more level state of mind.

    • Don’t spread lies, you’re adding fuel to this already blazing fire. Hopefully you also don’t post your hate comments to her. Some people are justifying their hate comments just because they don’t like her, y’all don’t care what you say can push someone whose already mentally unstable over the line. Celebrities are human too and make mistakes and go crazy, it’s just that they have everybody and their mom in their business.

      • @Le Pfft I’m just worried about Anju the cat. Yes yes you’re right life is beautiful right now and I’m happy with all the great news Mz Koala has posted so please go tell the wind your sob story. I’ve moved on so I suggest you do to. Good bye ??

  8. I finally had time to watch his Beauty inside drama, but everytime I looked at him all I could think of is their dramatic divorce.

    Her friends or whoever advise her is doing a very bad job. Her image is broken already, she clearly needs help with her mental health asap.

    If I would be him I’d sue her for defamation. Her actions are clearly harming his reputation as an actor and as a man as well.

      • Well, that’s the point. It doesn’t matter because we don’t really care, it should only be their problem to solve, don’t you think so?

        Btw, if he is that guilty, why would she want him back? I think she should stop using the social media as a weapon. Can you imagine what other men might think of her? Her reputation also counts.

    • No….his acting speaks for himself…both leads on the drama is not exactly known for their wonderful acting. So the drama failing is really on them and the production team. Pretty sure this drama would not have garnered as much attention without Gu Hye Sun outting the divorce.

      He wanted a divorce, he is getting one. She is no longer talking about him on her posts on social media. People posts pictures on Social Medua, it is normal. Now that she is only posting pictures, she is still getting flack.

      People need to leave both a line and reserve whatever hateful comment thrown at them. They both were not meant for each other, and here us hoping for their speedy divorce.

      • I agree, neither the drama nor him was good, but I so did not want to think of their RL drama whenever I looked at him. That’s my problem I know, but still.

        It’s okay then. I didn’t know that. Thanks.

        Yep. I wish them both a better luck next time.

  9. He owes his popularity to her. Before their marriage, he was a nobody, but she’s already popular. She always seems like someone who just be herself, and does not care what other people say but she was never an attention seeker prior to this mess. When they were dating, i am sure he knows her personality already, and yet he still pursues her so he seems irresponsible for me now. Nobody is perfect in this world, if he trully loved her and a matured and reponsible man, instead of treating her like that, he could help her, warn her, get help for her etc. I pity her and trully hope people can help her gain her confidence and that she can return to her successful self. May all his projects failed, not because of her, but because he was not a good actor to begin with.

  10. Totally agree. Divorces are difficult for everyone involved. No single person is responsible for the breakdown of a relationship – it takes both sides. Focussing on continual external attacks distracts from the painful healing process everyone has to go through.

    Playing this out by hurling abuse at either of the parties involved is neither fair nor helpful. I wish them both well as they come to accept it and move on.

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