Lee Min Ho Shines Through Saturated Color in January 2020 Dazed Pictorial

I want to raise a glass to toast K-actor Lee Min Ho, he looks great in his latest pictorial for the January 2020 edition of Dazed Korea and he’s managed to survive and thrive past the early heady days of success past the bumps and missteps. Going from rookie young actor to biggest thing since sliced bread with his breakout role in Boys Before Flowers could have pigeonholed him and also could be a success he could never match again. And yet he’s done more than fine and even served his two year military service and is back to star in the most high profile K-drama scheduled for 2020 in The King: Eternal Sovereign with hitmaker Kim Eun Sook. I’d say he can swig straight from the bubbly bottle if he wants, good job in staying on top.


Lee Min Ho Shines Through Saturated Color in January 2020 Dazed Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. He might not be best actor but his star aura is just unbeatable. He has got so many endorsements across whole asia after comeback including shishangee hotel or something which are from koreas top business family and when his show airs next year with number one writer, they will explode to another level again. He selects best scripts and eye for hit shows not only in korea but overseas as well. Gong yoo is still reaping benefits of goblin. King show is another hit show in lmh’s kitty. He knows what works for him. King. Superstar is all written over his aura. No matter what people say

      • same florinda. he is my first korean crush like most girls of our gen as we start kdramas with boys over flowers. UFFF he can get it anytime!

  2. Yes it will be weird if he dont make it on top after King. I think he will be fine as long there’s no other big actor who have comeback in the same time slot. 2020 will be full with big actors btw. Good luck!

  3. Agree, he may not be the best in acting, but his star quality shines brightly across the universe 🙂 Hope The King: Eternal Sovereign lives up to the high expectations from the writer and the cast.

  4. LMH sorry that it took me just this year to discover you in LOTBS and yep you’ve got me hooked line and sinker. Keen for your next drama as my girl Jung Eun Chae and boy Woo Do Hwan have been cast as well. You’re looking seriously handsome as always.

  5. He has his charm Korea is lucky to have him most foreigners started watching kdramas more because of his hit dramas.. Legend of the blue sea, heirs then later we started searching more then later people here founded out about descendants of the sun soon he’s the mood setter you can say

  6. My 1st crush after watched God Doctor..his gaze, appearence really touched my heart Daejanggg, eventho GD not popular in korea but his acting really touched me when ‘whacking’ action were ‘on’…keep it up daejanggg!!!luv u.

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