First Look at Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young at Script Reading for I’ll Find You When the Weather is Good

Right now the weather is not so good, cold and dreary in the dead of winter but I’m in the mood for this kind of melancholy vibe. Not every day needs to be bright, sunny, and cheery. It will warm up in coming months and right in time for 2020 romance drama I’ll Come Find You When the Weather is Good. The cast sat down for the first script reading lead by leads Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon who look perfectly coordinated together. I loved Park Min Young’s bangs, great change in her usual high forehead look and suited nicely for a drama about a slower pace of life in the countryside. I’m really looking forward to this drama and also curious to see if Park Min Young’s smart drama picking streak continues.


First Look at Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young at Script Reading for I’ll Find You When the Weather is Good — 14 Comments

  1. PMY is an actress I used to be indifferent to (I didn’t really get Healer’s appeal to ifans) but over the course of years of smartly picked and well acted dramas, I somehow became a fan – I realised I really like her voice, it’s so clear and well-modulated.

  2. I like PMY with her new bangs. A change of hair colour too. Looking forward to the country-side setting. I think this is the beginning of a new trend in K-dramas. E.g When Camellia Blooms and Chocolate.

  3. I like Park Min Young and tend to watch most of her dramas. I also watched Watcher recently and Seo Kang Joon did a good job. I can see them being compatible. Somehow PMY always has good chemistry with her screen partners.

  4. Will wait and read up on the articles here when the drama starts. Not overly fussed though already going through the wringer with Chocolate so will need a break before I tackle another healing drama. SKJ and PMY do make a good match though.

  5. I like them visually and acting wise, both possess good chops so of the writer does not produce a snoozefest, its got all the right elements for a nice romantic drama. Throw in it boy Lee Jae Wook… its gearing up to be my must watch 🙂

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