Taiwan Reportedly Remaking Goblin into TW-drama with Jerry Yan and Mike He

Okay, this is just a weird everything but news enough to report on the rumor. Chinese-speaking news is reporting that Taiwan is planning a drama remake of hit K-drama Goblin, two years after the popular series aired. The male leads will reportedly be Jerry Yan and Mike He, two of the OG male actors that grounded the Taiwan idol drama decade of 2000 to 2010. I think this male lead pairing is weird because it just doesn’t have the visual and personality symmetry and synergy that Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook projected. Not to mention Mike and Jerry are so different in vibe I can’t see them in the same scene much less having a bromance. Of course if this turns out to be true I’m so watching it until it goes off the rails lol.


Taiwan Reportedly Remaking Goblin into TW-drama with Jerry Yan and Mike He — 16 Comments

  1. I love Mike He but I’m not a fan of Jerry Yan… I don’t think he has the charisma and the humor of Gong Yoo. I would prefer Ethan Ruan, Vic Chou, Joe Cheng, Joseph Chang, etc.

    • I hope Jerry Yan reunited with Barbie hsu in movie..until now many fans still want them..???meteor garden the original still fresh ♥️♥️miss them together

    • I think you’r picks are on point Ethan can be intense and dramatic and very funny, Vanness has the funny down with his personality you would never guess then he’s the King. I like it very much. No offense to Mike who I absolutely love he would do a good job as the kikg, I think he’d make a good Reaper he’s got a goofy kind of attitude and still pull off the intensity. Jerry would make a good goblin but I don’t know if the chemistry would be there for them, lets hope it works.

  2. why the remake?! make an original one already! why do tv production love remaking?! I love these two but when you remake a beloved series it will be compare!

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