Joo Jin Mo’s Phone Hack Reveals Sleazy Texts with Jang Dong Gun and References to Similar Behavior of Other Top K-actors

Man, this isn’t disappointing it’s just flat out a seminal moment in K-ent, almost a second wave of the Me Too movement of 2018 when many male K-stars were outed to have harassed, assaulted, abused, and even raped women during their career in power. Last year it was the younger stars like Seungri and Jung Joon Young revealed to have shared sexually explicit videos of women, and some of the men involved even had sex with the women while they were incapacitated. Now it appears the younger men were merely emulating their seniors as this week’s phone hacking scandal main star Joo Jin Mo who went public first had his Kakao talk posted to chat boards and it’s a doozy.

The chat is from 2013 and involved Star A, who was today confirmed to be the rumored Jang Dong Gun, and the two men basically talk about hooking up with young pretty girls at bars and clubs and trade pictures of women in sexy poses. References are made to other male actors including Song Seung Hun, Hyun Bin, Lee Jung Jae, and Jung Woo Sung in various contexts such as going to hang out with one of them or knowing those guys also are regulars at the same club/bars that provide special services. Joo Jin Mo was single in 2013 but married as of last year but Jang Dong Gun was already married to Go So Young in 2013 and she was pregnant with his first baby.


Joo Jin Mo’s Phone Hack Reveals Sleazy Texts with Jang Dong Gun and References to Similar Behavior of Other Top K-actors — 61 Comments

  1. Very disappointing but I had expected this much. Its always the more in power more popular that gets what they want. But, I feel like if it’s a fair trade, women get something men get something, then it’s just how the entertainment business works. Not just Korea, it’s probably everywhere.

  2. So mad that Hyun Bin’s name got dragged into this scandal. Big fan of his in CLOY. Always think he has a clean image, professional, etc. Reminded me of Lee Min Ki who was accused of sex assault charge when he went to a Busan club. He was later cleared when the complainant dropped her charges. Ji Chang Wook had his photo taken with the infamous madam at the Burning Sun club. List continues. Man, when will this ever end?

  3. Go So-Young was pregnant with second baby in 2013. First one born in Oct 2010. To think that Jang engaged in sex talk and visiting such clubs make me sick. Liked him very much in All About Eve and Gentlemen’s Dignity. Him being such a close friend with HB makes me puke too. Make movie together in Rampant.

  4. For some men in SK, going to bars and clubs are just part of their social life which is also happening in many parts of the world. This case is not the same as the Burning Sun scandal.

    • Trash talking, sexualizing women and recording molka is not the same thing? People like you are the reason powerful men walk away free with their image intact. Disgusting.

      • @Tao The difference is that those women on the Burning Sun scandal were not able to give consent, because as now we know most of them were either drug or the videos were taken without their knowledge.

        So far from what I gather from the combos between this group was of them talking about their hook ups with consenting and willing women.

        The sexualizing of women and trash talking is done not only by men in power but men in general and I’m not saying that just because I’m a fan of this or that oppa or because I have low self esteem, believe me I’m a very secure, competent and very loved in my 30’s female. I saying it because the other day I was at my brother’s house and while we were watching a football game a coworker of his send him and to other of his male coworkers pictures of him with a naked porn star. I promise on my mortal soul that I’m not making this up. Apparently this man had send similar pictures with other woman to his coworkers and some of the message were funny to very rude and disgusting. Needless to said I did ask my brother 27 years old brother, why does he not told him off. I was told that is what he does and he is not doing anything against the law because is pictures of himself with women posing for the photos which he was right because there was pictures of this naked female sitting on this guys lap. So how can I get mad when there woman willing to pose naked in picture with man and they can be share with anyone. The cherry on top was when I mation this to my significant other he chuckle and said that he an his friends did something similar and share pics with their hookups in their my spaces.

        The point I want to make is if you going to hold this two man to such ridiculous standards I hope you do the same to the general male population and start by any man around you.

      • Tao people like Selene believe in the moniker boys will be boys and also believe that if women give ‘consent’ it isn’t rape because manipulation doesn’t exist in their dictionary. Nor do they know what power of coercion is. You’re breaking your head talking to bigots who will live and die by patriarchal world views and literal definitions because they have lived in privileged lives without ever being violated. By the way ALL MEN who talk about women in a derogatory manner are TRASH and should always be treated like TRASH and constantly made to feel shameful and ridiculed for having these thoughts which every man in my country is criticised for so at least I live in a country where woman don’t accept patriarchy but your country and up bringing are TRASH if you see nothing problematic in these messages. Tao you’re right these people are disgusting and is the reason why men never hesitate to rape. TRASH supports TRASH.

      • @Mia you have the best comment and @Tao you go girl call out men for what they really are. Slut shaming men will never get tired of blaming everything on women. Mean are the problem 99% of the time women don’t go around sexually assaulting men nor do they have the power to do whatever they want. It is women who are subject to the disgusting male gaze and who always suffer shame when in reality men are the problem in almost every situation.

    • @Tao @blazingphoenix – from your perspective, there is no woman in the world trash talking men? No woman talk about men in a derogatory manner? Dirty talking is not a crime especially these texts are private conversation. No indication that this case is the same as the Burning Sun. Your imagination and accusations are already stepping into the territory of defamation. Many women like to pose sexy and upload photos on IG, and you want men to stop talking?

      • @blazingphoenix – according to you, half of the world’s population is trash. I am glad I don’t live in your country. There are men reading this blog, please be respectful in your language. I never violate any woman.

      • @blazingpheonix No I don’t believe on “boy will be boys” but things are not just black and white as you made it seen there is a great deal of grey like the situation I mention.

        I believe in consent. If a women is been coarse of course the choice has been taken away from her and men who do that are disgusting and should be put in jail but if there are women willing to exposed themselves in that manner, who am I to criticize their choices but every choice have a consequence. Think of that.

        Also, You are deluding yourself if you think man in your country are any different than any other man from any other country and chastiseing them for having those thoughts outloud don’t change the fact that they are having them in the first place.

        You know what your problem is. Your expectations of the human race are probably realistic for an Utopia not for the world we live in were bigotry, discrimination and hate exists and is practice by man and woman alike.

        @Kenny you have a point woman talk trash and sexualize men just the same. I have heard female coworkers talking about male coworkers and their bottoms and is all hihihi hahaha because is woman talking about men.

      • @Kenny When women say men are trash, we obviously don’t mean that ALL men are trash, because of course certainly not all men are trash. However instead of calling out these men who are actually trash, you take your time to call out women. If this ain’t male fragility at its finest. I’m not saying that there aren’t any women who are trash, because there are. But how is it that whenever other women try to stick up for other women or themselves when they’ve finally had enough like @blazingphoenix is trying to do, we always get shut down? Because lord help if a woman ever calls out that men are trash (because these men are) men like you (who we are not even calling trash) will always come rushing to defend your fragile male egos. However women on the other hand like these girls who are talked in derogatory manners don’t have that privilege do they? Why? It’s because of men like you and people like @Selene Alai @Dick on.

      • @Mia Spell out what you ‘MEAN”. You women think the whole world can understand you? I am just copying what women do here in this blog.

  5. Hyun bin…Like why .. I see that at the moment the text just says he’s at the Golf club with him and he’s not in those chats. As of now it doesn’t implicate him much but you wonder too since they were good friends.

    Let’s not be naive – these guys including hyun bin have the money power and looks to play around – what’s bad are those who are married and the way the conversations shows how they view their behaviour and the women. Plus I think it’s pure stupidity and mistaken ego to send pictures like those on mobile. He should have paid off the blackmailer – the fact he didn’t probably indicated maybe that’s all

  6. Thanks 4 the link.ridiculous how a private conversation between 2 people back in 2013 is remade UK into a scandalous thing. Is there no privacy in South Korea? Boys talk and nothing more. Different than burning sun. With a actors killing themselves over depression & everything uttered is a scandal how does Korean entertainment survive? Or is this considered yearly culling of stars to make way for new in some unseen quota? Until I read something damaging like drugging women or forcing them or paedophiles, all these stars are guilty of is immorality, affairs, prostitution or having random sex with random wanton girls.

  7. Why Hyun Bin is involved in this? His name as Bin only mentioned by JDG about going golfing with him. I know that he is so close with all of these actors. Moreover, his drama is currently airing. I feel bad.

    • Better prepare for the best and expect the worst. Many of the translators of those articles are literally not shielding anyone as of yet as they believe more might be released… and putting a disclaimer right now especially on their “news as of yet” – disappointing is for sure. I have been reading. Song Joong Ki and Cha Tae Hyun is in that famous 7 golfing club as well.

      • Yes, last year in June, Koala published an article about Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun and a few others at the airport flying to Jeju Island to attend Joo Jin Mo’s wedding. That time, SJK not announced divorce yet. The photo published show all of them travelling together without their wives accompanying them. Like in a all male trip for a stag night outing.

      • It appears that song joongki is newly minted in their “dirty circle” considering that he attended joo jin moo’s wedding last year. You don’t invite random people to your wedding, So I wouldn’t be surprised if jang dong gun, joongki’s co-star in arthadal, influenced joongki with this cheap lifestyle despite their marriage. Song hye kyo finding out about joongki’s prolictivities may have led to the divorce. Better find out sooner and cut ties rather than be dragged and be publicly ashamed like go so young because of this.

      • @keisha
        Yeah, Let’s dragged SJK here too!!! The first crime this dude do by marrying mighty shk, second “crime” by divorcing her! So whenever you can get a chance,ambush him with tons of rumours! May God always bless you! ?

      • @Mou what more funny is that it’s only song hye kyo fans who are dragging him, rest of other aren’t giving any fuck.

  8. Hyun bin is known to be very close to these 2. Urgh he’s single and he can be a player all he wants – and lets not kid ourselves that someone with a face like that is chaste and innocent. But for these 2 – first being married and it’s just how they speak about women that’s an issue. I wonder why he didn’t pay off the guy,
    Perhaps that’s all to it? And when will men learn, 9 out of 10 get caught with chat groups!

  9. JUNG JOON YOUNG chatroom was CHOI JONG HOON.not SEUNGRI.none of seungri charges about the molka. Stop dragging seungri name in that molka issue.JUNG JOON YOUNG MOLKA GROUP ALREADY SERVED IN PRISON.take note geniuses.

    • There were different chatrooms. Those who have already been convicted, have been convicted for on the main charge of rape.

      There is still Seungri, Roy Kim and Eddy Kim who shared pictures and molka (they didn’t film themselves).

      • So song hye kyo fans are dragging song Joong ki in this scandal because he is good friends of jang dong gun and joo jinmo and are entrusting their opinion on song song divorce based on a sleazy conversation that took place 7 year backs. Common sense is a luxury these days.

  10. If all this is true, i hope that all them will be banned from projects for their misconduct. I don’t understand why some celebrities (females !) were blacklisted for more less than that, others suffered so much just because they were young women who refused to be just “beauties “… Time to see that korean celebrities are not better than others.

    • True , it’s not a crime but once again they will not be affected .If they were Women celebrities it would not be the same !!! I prefer someone as Di Caprio who doesn’t hide a womanizer side, or celebrities that divorce than all theses cheaters ! That’s all.

      • I agree… the women JDG slept with had to know he was married. Also, two consenting adults isn’t illegal. The hacking is illegal. To have their married life up ended for something he did 7 yrs ago is ridiculous. JDG’s wife would be foolish to leave him over past indescresions. Women of a certain age need sleep and security more than sex.

  11. Men talk about women like this with friends and it is thier personal chats. Even we discuss about men like this. You can call them a**holes that doesnt make them criminals

  12. I dont care about the single ones.. i mean, they were single, so what. But a married man, duh.. a no no.

    I dont expect them to be all clean, but at least do have morale when it comes to ‘marriage’ and ‘relationship’. Cheating is just for loser.

    Well, for the rest of other names.. they’re single, so whatever. It’s not like I’ll get married to one of them, lols. I will continue watching their dramas or movies.

  13. Technically speaking, as long as they didn’t ‘rape’, they did not commit any crimes. But that, of course does not mean they aren’t trash. Single or married.

  14. I don’t condone this behaviour at all. I’m against any trashy talks, be it by men or women. But stop blaming JUST men for this. And what about those sleezy texts made by women towards men? Does it not count as trash as well? Why are those accepted and not being labelled as disgusting too? Why only men the blame for trash talking but okay for the women to write filthy things over men? Isn’t this gender bias?

    • What you’re saying is true , but there is no equality when it comes to the judgement ! Women are considering as sluts when men are womanizer and their wife should be grateful to have ” money security” and sleep well !!! As far as i’m concerned, i never talk with my friends about filthy things over men . Men Women all is about personality, selfrespect, …Being a human with some dignity as no one is perfect.

  15. Song JoongKi is like the closest to Jang Dong Gun right now ? and he seems rather closer to that ahjussi than he is with Kwangsoo, Jo In Sung, etc.. now ?

    • That’s prolly the reason why Sjk beat Shk to the filing and announcement so he can control the narrative of their divorce. Bec he did some awful things with his new circle ewww.

    • You two acting as if Song Hye Kyo is the victim when in reality, she is definitely not victim.

      There is no villain in the divorce. Sometimes, marriage falls apart b/c of personality differences. You and @Andy need to grow the fuck up.

  16. I agree… the women JDG slept with had to know he was married. Also, two consenting adults isn’t illegal. The hacking is illegal. To have their married life up ended for something he did 7 yrs ago is ridiculous. JDG’s wife would be foolish to leave him over past indescresions. Women of a certain age need sleep and security more than sex.

  17. Apart from a percentage of really good guys, this industry is filled with sex perverts, attention seekers and gays. Very normal.

  18. I see there is lot misinformation going on. Hyun bin is not involved in this chat. He was only mentioned by jdg for golf outing. Other celeb like Lee jung jae, hyun bin, jungsoo, are dragged into this because they all are best friends since decades. Whereas shk fans who never leave any chance to drag sjk only because he is close to jdg are wasting their time as Knetz know about sjk newly formed friendship. Infact I saw gew Knetz defending him when some name drop him in comment. I doubt he knew about their sleazy personality considering he only close to them since 2018. It’s only shk fans who are playing fake drums to defame him.

  19. It’s normal for an adult men or women to fantasize and appreciate each other body. Appreciation and not humiliation I would say. Any female who willing to take a nude/semi nude should bear the consequences of chances the keeper to be share it out. Especially in this internet savvy era. Never trust on anyone including your bf/husband or any man.

  20. If it proves to be true then being married to a man without good character or integrity, someone who has a different understanding of honesty would be a life of painful experience for the wife. And yet many wives stay. If she isn’t leaving she must be staying and living with the humiliation, for the sake of the children. So sad.

  21. What did fans and people expect from normal guys? Difference is that in this case there was No rape involved. I do not condone trash talks, but these are ladies making a living by providing “extra service”. Anyhow…Some of the most respected actor/actress were in rate R movies with lots of sexual content and we don’t throw rocks at them..They can also go back to fluffy innocent ROM Com..So..Yeah, do I think women should be wary around him yes…Do I think he should be banned from Entertainment

  22. I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong but guys talking about females is common. Vice versa, girls do it too. Plus I think it’s not wrong for a man to go to the club. So I don’t see what the big issue regarding JJM is. He wasn’t even married in 2013. So all these people saying he’s a cheater needs to get their facts checked. Stop linking things that don’t correlate. I would only hope JDG didn’t actually sleep with anyone. That would be a huge disappointment But again, this is my opinion.

  23. Common sense says these men who did not marry and do not date because of their fans got to be getting it from somewhere. The only surprise is it took this long to be revealed.

  24. Common sense says these men who did not marry and do not date because of their fans got to be getting it from somewhere. The only surprise is it took this long to be revealed.

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