Married Stars Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Happily Joined at the Hip at Lunar New Year Rehearsal Refuting Marital Trouble Rumors

I truly feel bad for Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao because I feel like the C-media or even C-netizens have it out for them. They are really low key during dating and especially after marriage but the marital trouble rumors have been nonstop towards them moreso than other married C-stars. I originally found the pairing odd but seeing their interactions after marriage have totally changed my mind, they are a really sweet and normal couple who seem like a way better fit than I expected. Of course they could fall victim to the dreaded celebrity marriage curse but four years now into their marriage and with a toddler son they appear to be just fine thank you very much. The couple made a cuddly and laugh filled joint appearance at the rehearsal for an upcoming lunar new year celebration and it’s nice to see a happily married couple sending positive new year mojos.


Married Stars Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Happily Joined at the Hip at Lunar New Year Rehearsal Refuting Marital Trouble Rumors — 8 Comments

  1. In my opinion, the way I saw it, he was on the rise with a promising career then he married her. Now he’s a nobody. Hope he’s truly happy with no regrets. Because I know I feel the regrets for him. Dont really care that he married, but that it held him back due to who he married because of the lack of approval from c-netizens. Maybe someday he’ll rise again.

  2. More speculation because of what Yu Zheng posted a few days back. He’s producing a drama based on real love life and C-netizen speculated that it was about Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying. About two actors fell in love while working in a drama together. The actress loved the actor so much, and while she’s getting more and more popular, the actor didn’t get far so he felt suffocated. They broke up and now both married somebody else. One day, the actor confessed to his friend while drunk, that he only love that one actress that got away, but he was young and hot headed then.

    So, that’s why C-netizens are keeping an eye on this marriage.

  3. I think they’re so cute. Idk why ppl are so interested in others business. If they’re happy, leave them alone. From the looks of it, they’re doing just fine.

  4. I hate the fact that other people pulled down this couple for falling in love and getting married. They are both consenting adults, they can make the decisions for themselves.
    I am quite proud that he stuck through he guns and stayed by her despite all the negativity that people throw their way. Will definitely add them to my prayers now.

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