Married J-stars Watanabe Ann and Higashide Masahiro Separated After He’s Caught Cheating on Her with 20 Year Old Costar Karata Erika

This sucks, why can’t men be faithful or simply not get married and make a promise they can’t keep. J-ent is starting the lunar new year off with a major scandal as a tabloid reported that married acting couple Watanabe Ann (daughter of Hollywood Japanese actor Ken Watanabe) and her actor husband Higashide Masahiro are separated. The reason is due to him cheating on her with his much younger costar Karata Erika from the romance film Asako I & II, and when she was only 19 years old which is considered underage in Japan. The couple has been married since 2015 and have 3 (!) kids together, and the cheating started in 2017 when Ann was pregnant with their third child. Netizens are skewering the cheaters who have separately released statements apologizing and reflecting on their behavior which is basically confirming the news. All my condolences to Ann and I hope she has the support to get through this, kick the loser to the curb and move on.


Married J-stars Watanabe Ann and Higashide Masahiro Separated After He’s Caught Cheating on Her with 20 Year Old Costar Karata Erika — 40 Comments

  1. When she was in drama Gisou furin (fake affairs) I keep thinking about Masahiro rumours.

    It’s Anne, aaaah I feel so sad for her.

  2. When the news came out I was shocked by how long the affair between these two dirtbags lasted 3 fucking yrs. For three years this man was cheating on his wife with this “innocent” looking actress, the most distasteful thing was how Erika would publicize her romance with Masahiro on Instagram (she deleted the pictures than her Instagram). 3 years long is no accident, it more like Erika is trying to steal this man from his family. My mom has always told my brother and me… if you do not love your partner get a divorce before creating havoc and ruining the life of your partner and your children.

    More news has come out that Masahiro was making moves on other actresses (Honda Tsubasa and Maki Yoko) while dating Ann, and even after married with actress Nagasawa Masami. Additionally, that Masahiro would never help Ann with caring for the children and how he has a certain way he wanted his meal prepared. The effects of their actions are already demonstrating results for Masahiro, he has lost three sponsors the dad’s image will not work anymore and his recent drama has lost 3 percent of viewership. For Erika, she dropped out of the drama and apparently per reading some articles in Yahoo Japan her family is being harassed by media outlets.

    All I can say as a big fan of Ann, kick his ass to the curb, divorce his ass and get alimony, and find a strong support system and raise your children

      • He’ll figure it out, should’ve thought about it before the affair started ahole. Did he care, what the hell was he thinking, he wasn’t thinking about his wife or children, all so young. He should’ve been there for them and not her. He actually destroyed more than he thought he had, it’s too late now to make amends. Divorce is the worse, wouldn’t wish that on my worse enemy, been there with 2 kids, but we managed. This will be the most hateful thing to live down for the rest of his life and as the kids grow up, what do you think, as you get older, you’d like to have your kids around you, all about family, but was the affair really worth all that? Now it’s for life, big huge mistake, can’t be undone. Wish Ann and the kids all the very best. I took care of my kids after the divorce while his went down the tubes, he’s gone now, but last man standing, glad I still had my kids, they they’re here for life.

    • Even though, you went on in your statement to say, how f*** up his long time behavior has been not a only with Erika but also with others, too, I still have problems with the wording of her “trying to steal a man from his family”.

      It just shows how deep the double standards against women are going, since we (as women) don’t recognize it, when we ourselves are using it by judging other women flawed behaviors against men’s.

      You can’t steal something that is offered to you freely. And it was offered freely be him as you pointed out different examples of him cheating or trying to.

      In addition, I can’t remember men having affairs with married women being accused of “trying to steal the woman from her family”. In these situations the cheating wife as a female still gets more shame and blame than the cheating man.

      In the end it’s always the females who are held to higher standards than men. And that is an unfair double standard!

      I’m not trying to say Erika isn’t at fault. She totally is! And it is disgusting in my opinion. She also should have had more self respect then to be the dirty affair.

      Like your Mom rightly said, if you can’t love someone anymore, than be honest and separate with dignity. Don’t exploit both worlds: cozy home and thrilling affairs! Yuck!

      In the end the double standard, will always lead to put the most blame and shame on Erika. Disregarding that fact, that he has children with his wife, while she was solo. His career will better recover from cheating than Erika’s will (if hers will recover at all).

      Is that fair in the 21 century?

      • If she said no, he wont take any further step. They would stop at some point. If she didnt want to steal someone’s hubby, she wont post a pic with him. She would go far away from him. Why would she stick with him? And for f*cking 3 years??

        This man is a sh** and we know that.

        I hope there wont be any work for him in this industry. Amd for the girl, i hope i wont see her in arthdal season 2. She might steal another woman’s hubby, who knows. Some people have the habbit to steal someone else’s. Steal someone’s hubby or wifey.

        Goo for ann, i hope she will go through all this problems and live happily with her children. Duh shame on this scumbag and his mistress.

      • It’s all women talking. Women blame other women while always giving perverted men an excuse. Why?

      • Erika had a date with her co-star in 2018, but in the end she chose to come back with him so I think she knows the consequences if it gets caught by the public.

      • Jesus you don’t have to try this hard to make this woman look less at fault because she’s a “woman”. They’re both disgusting people and she’s a selfish homewrecker. Can’t even say anything about that man and how absolutely disgusting he is

    • Men want regular sex. That’s a fact of life. Some men couldn’t get enough sex when their wife is pregnant so they look elsewhere. Although the OBYGYN advise that women can still have sex when they are pregnant some women don’t want to with all the hormonal changes.

      • That’s not a valid reason. Since their so may different ways of having sex without penetration.

        And there is no one-size-fits-all during pregnancy. A lot of women have even a higher sex drive than before.

        Part of the problem is also, that there are a lot of men who don’t want to have sex with a pregnant woman.

        So, what is the reason some men are cheating on their pregnant women? Who is to blame?

        You comment sounds a little bit off… you’re not trying to give men a free pass or blaming the wifes, right?

      • No eJc, not giving men a free hall pass. Some married men are just douche bags. They can choose to masturbate themselves if their pregnant wives don’t want to have sex (for a myriad thousand reasons, not every pregnant wife is horny). If those married men choose to have affairs to satisfy their sexual needs without their wives’ permission then the men are in the wrong definitely. In some cultures, the wives allow their husbands to have mistresses or lovers or concubines or second, third, fourth wives esp. for Muslim men (they are allowed 4 official /legal wives) or Chinese culture. Look up Stanley Ho the billionaire gambling king of Macau casinos. He has several wives openly resulting in several children from different mothers. One of them is Josie Ho, a HK based actress.

      • … that justifies cheating on your pregnant wife? They can’t take care of their needs without behaving like animals in heat? wtf is this “men will be men” logic.

  3. I feel so bad for her, I’ve only seen him in The Confidence Man and he looks such a cutie. But man major scumbag.

    I hope they officially divorce fast, and Ann moves on.
    And for the sake of the children, I hope he changes his ways, so that the kids can somehow still get a relationship with him, but if he doesn’t change, he better stay away from the family and let Ken be the father figure for those kids.

    I thought last year was like a big scandal for all news bonanza, but this year has just started and man the news on cheating and sleazy men are already coming out across the Asian islands.

    2020, RAT (hehe) out, all those cheating men that are double faced with having innocent image but are scumbags to their wives.

    • Well Ken himself was a cheater. First he cheated on Anne’s mom and then on his second wife. I hope he atleast cares for his daughter.

  4. Correction it was their respective agencies that issued the half arsed apology on their behalf not them personally however subtext was ‘Opps we got sprung 3 years on sorry about it’. Erika Karata is with BH Entertainment Lee Byung Hun agency so I guess when they released her statement “First, we would like to say that we are truly sorry to have worried so many people with this news about Karata Erika. [She] regrets her actions and is currently reflecting [on the issue]. We bow our heads in apology to families, fans, and all those concerned who have been deeply hurt by this incident. Once again, we apologize.” Yeah nah try again umm can she just drop out of Arthdal Chronicles altogether only then her reflection will be sincere and worth it. As for Higashide Masahiro I’m never watching his dramas and films again as I really liked him with Tsubasa Honda in Ao Haru Ride.

  5. Erika is wrong in the first place as she already knows that Anne is pregnant plus having two kids.
    I won’t excuse her young age as she should know better not to be a family wrecker

    That man is also a bastard.

    Luckily I didn’t watch these movies and drama both star in. So I save my dollar

    I think Erika is still bochap and won’t be bothered by these criticisms. She probably takes a leaf from kim Min hee

    • Agree! Erika Karata is a white lotus snake! Apart from posting in instagram, she even has a private sns where she posts her dates, photos, letters, etc. of & with Masahiro Higashide b*stard! She was two-timing in bet. the affair! They can never feign her innocence. And also all those who help hide & tolerated the disgusting 3+ years affair should also be slammed by bad karma hard! They never were truly sorry towards Anne & her kids. If not publicly exposed, Karata and Higashide would have continued w/ their affair. Anne & her kids deserves better! I hope she has the support she needs. And may she be w/ someone better and truly faithful + unconditionally loves & respects her & her kids! I hope that Higashide trash would regret it for life losing Anne (to someone better)! May Anne Watanabe come out of this better, stronger, more beautiful, more successful and more blessed than ever!

  6. there are a lot of reports coming out about how much of a sleazebag he is and how he hits pretty much every actress he meets all while he had a wife and 3 kids waiting at home its disgusting really

  7. appearances are so misleading, he is so charming and good looking with a perfect son in law imager yet started cheating like one year into his marriage, why get married so young when you are a perv who hits on every woman he meets? I don’t get it, such a crime making children when you know yourself to be such a player

  8. Dude’s a narcissist. I hope she never takes him back. Oh and I remember being 19 and knowing that cheating with a married man was wrong.

  9. This guy is just like Brad Pitt and Erika like Angelina Jolie. Both are in the wrong. Brad was married to Hollywood sweetheart Jennifer Aniston in May 2004 when he was attracted to Angelina when shooting Mr and Mrs Smith with her. Angelina also fell in love with Brad despite fully knowing that he was married. What did these two did? Gave in to their attraction. Years later, Angie gave an interview that mentioned she could not wait to get to work each day because she would be shooting or rehearsing a scene with Brad. Jennifer was really hurt by her remarks as Jen was not aware of that situation during that shooting period of Mr and Mrs Smith. Fast forward 15 years later, karma hit Brangelina as they broke up after having 3 biological and 3 adopted kids. Angie also notoriously seduced Billy Bob Thornton while he was engaged to Laura Dern, a good friend of Jennifer. Same thing happened, Billy was shooting a movie with Angie while Laura was shooting her own movie. When Laura came back to her house, Angie had already moved in with Billy. Both Billy and Angie had no conscience towards Laura. Laura had to ring her friend to collect all her belongings from the house she shared with Billy.

    • What’s not known is that Jennifer Aniston later pulled that same thing and hooked up with a man who had a longtime partner and dumped that woman for her, but just because Justin Theroux’s ex-gf was not famous, no one even noticed or cared and no one went “karma” when Jennifer’s second marriage split.

      Let’s not bring unrelated parties into this or put out misleading self-righteous narratives, thanks.

  10. So if we are getting our source thru tabloid, correct me if I’m wrong from what I’ve read Jennifer Aniston is a home wrecker as well. Justin Theroux was in a long term relationship with someone till Jennifer showed up in the picture.

  11. I kept trying to think which movie I saw him in. Turns out he was in the live adaptation of Ao Haru Ride. Fuuuuck. So nasty now. That movie will never be the same after his fuck up. Smfh.

  12. I hope Ann leaves him. He is a scum and does not deserve her and their kids. As for Erika, she is likewise a scum as much as the guy, 3 years is plenty of time to reflect, grow up and leave him, but nope, she stayed in that affair – her being “young” is not an excuse.

  13. UGH I was a huge fan of Ann Watanabe from xxxHolic (which, ironically, stars Masahiro as Doumeki), she went through so much because of her neglectful father as a teenager, now her husband is pulling this bs on her? What a dirtbag. I hope she kicks him to the kerb, she deserves so much better than a cheating scumbag like him. Wishing nothing but support to her and the kids.

  14. I’m a person who was cheated on and yeah, I divorced him. It takes 2 people to cheat but I was only married to one. My sole concentration efforts were on the person who said the vows “forsaking all others” with me. Was he sorry? Probably. But my attention was healing myself and our son, whom he abandoned. I wish many future blessings, peace and healing to Ann and the children. For the estranged husband and mistress, your lives will always be labeled as “that person” in the public eye. I hope that is used to make yourself better people.

  15. One night stand, in the heat of the moment or depending on the situation kind of relatable or understandable… while lying and cheating for years is absolutely despicable, abominable and unforgivable… He’s an irresponsible, selfish and autocratic and scrupulous coward without having the balls of a minimum of morals, decency or honesty… A father of 3 kids? A husband? Show some respect, man! Leave silently and live your life in self reflection… trying to become a better person. I don’t criticize people who break up and get a divorce… it’s human… but betraying your family for… shame on you… what comes around goes around, Higashide Masahiro… and Erika, karma never fails…

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