Secret Garden Shopping Scene Gets Gender-swapped as Hyun Bin Returns to the Department Store in New Stills for Episode 11 of Crash Landing on You

I can’t believe the screenwriter found a way to flashback to one of Hyun Bin‘s most successful dramas and a scene that was quite memorable and problematic there but now gets a gender swapped redo. In new stills for episode 11 of Crash Landing on You, Son Ye Jin‘s Se Ri takes her North Korean hunky bodyguard Jung Hyuk shopping at the department store, not because he can’t do his job unless he’s got a new wardrobe but because she clearly wants to dress him nicely for her own enjoyment. Seeing Hyun Bin strolling through a department store in a suit brings back total Secret Garden flashbacks, and of course his angry forced makeover scene on poor Gil Ra Im as he dragged her around a boutique and threw tossed expensive clothes at her. This time he’s the one getting pressured to look high class, lol.


Secret Garden Shopping Scene Gets Gender-swapped as Hyun Bin Returns to the Department Store in New Stills for Episode 11 of Crash Landing on You — 13 Comments

  1. Ah, I love the throwback to Secret Garden forced shopping scene featuring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. So deliciously delightful. This writer is genius. Seri could corner Captain Ri and have a steamy encounter locked up with him in a tiny changing room too. On a side note, how I wish HJW as Kim Hang Ah would make a cameo too even though her character is from an alternate reality. She would be the most beautiful North Korean officer to drag Captain Ri back to his father, lol.

    • Inserting the excerpt part of the Secret Garden has literally lose touch meaning the originality story CLOY series has created. It would be effective if the CLOY writers allowed RIRI to attend (front row seating) huge popular Paris brand men fashion show gatherings to purchase Capt Lee suit clothing style. Copy cat is boring idea….Overall can’t wait to watch Seri and the squad.

      • I’m glad didn’t watch SG. CLOY and SG shouldn’t be compared.
        So sad to think that CLOY has only 16 episodes. More of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin pls

    • No. You need to let the tension builds up before they get onto the next kissing scene. That’s the fun If it. I rewatchedbthis scene twice. Hyun Bin looked so good and the cleverness of it all is they make him stand beside the poster model for best effect. Totally showcase Hyun Bin’s attractiveness. Love the way Seri’s eyes lights up literally when he came out in the black suit. He is definitely GGW. Thoroughly enjoyed this drama, defo on my A list. Yumyum yummy.

  2. Finally the wait is almost over. Two weeks of wait was a torture.

    Not related to the post but I hope Hyun Bin will be paired with Gong Hyo Jin in his next drama.

    • I totally think they’re amongst the greatest in their craft, a pairing that should be a movie connesiour’s delight with the right script ofcourse

  3. Two weeks of waiting!! Really too cruel! Can’t wait to watch the next episode. Hoping for a truly ingenious happy ending. Love Hyun Bin and Yo Se Jin. Birh are good actors but she is in a class by herself. Loved her in Pretty Noona/Something in the Rain.
    Best of luck CLOY!! Enjoying it so far xoxo

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