Honey Lee Gets K-netizen Flack for Attending Parasite Cast Win Party and Posing with Director Bong Joon Ho’s Oscars

I can’t tell if K-netizens are being serious when they got mad at K-actress Honey Lee this week for literally being a supportive friend and fan to the cast of Academy Award winning movie Parasite. She was in Los Angeles, with good friend Gong Hyo Jin as well, so when the movie took home the major wins at this past weekend’s Oscars she got to celebrate with the cast and crew. She posted giddy fan girling pictures on her SNS showing her with the cast and one with her solo with Director Bong Joon Ho and holding his two Oscars. That’s so normal after the Oscars, from family, friends, and heck even just fans lucky enough to be around a winner to ask to hold it and take a commemorative picture. But Honey was lambasted for riding the coattails of the cast since she wasn’t in the movie and also for daring to hold Bong Joon Ho’s Oscars. She deleted the pictures and apologized. Damn it netizens, can you stop being dumbass wankers and just let people enjoy something that wasn’t wrong to begin with. And also Honey Lee starred in the second highest grossing K-movie of all time so she’s not a nobody but an A-list actress herself.


Honey Lee Gets K-netizen Flack for Attending Parasite Cast Win Party and Posing with Director Bong Joon Ho’s Oscars — 21 Comments

  1. K netizens need to get laid and remove their frustration.
    Lol this was her year with a blockbuster drama of year and blockbuster movie of the year. She doesn’t needs someone’s fame for her self

  2. Sheesh – let them all celebrate. Its cute that she’s fangirling. I really don’t know much about her but A list or not, isn’t that what Korea is about – being proud of their collective accomplishments. Seems like she was just posting her excitement that a Korean movie won first time. What’s the difference btw what regular Korean fans would do and her if they had the chance? Double standard.

  3. Knetz are a totally different breed. No wonder the entertainment industry environment there seems so stifling. Let these poor woman enjoy her country’s victory ffs.

    Starting to think knetz are nothing but pathetic lowlives with a keyboard. Only in Korea do celebrities have to apologise when they do harmless things like these, and more bizarre is they also apologise when they announce they are dating somebody. What in the actual f? It’s that constant apology that gives these faceless keyboard warriors the power to spread more hate. I say these celebrities should live their best UNAPOLOGETIC life. F—k the knetz

  4. I didn’t realize that’s how “bad” the situation can get with the Knetz that Honey Lee had to apologize and take down her post. Wow, that’s scary. It highlights that K-ent celebrities find it very challenging to just be themselves and live an authentic life. I hope things can change for the better and these K-ent superstars be the agent of change.

  5. They work in the same field, of course she felt happy when her colleage won something as prestigius as oscar. She is lee honey fgs, she didnt need ridding anyone tail. Even if some random actor/actress party with parasite’s crews and took picture with those oscars it should be fine. Thats very human.
    Knetz should stop putting parasite’s crews on pedestal, as an elite that anyone who close to them labelled as social climber or whatever

  6. That reaction is jealousy. I honestly think that is so much what this type stuff is about. They cannot be there so they tear someone who has access. Maybe Bong’s next film can take that on.

  7. K netz really do know how to ruin a good thing going! It’s called a celebration whereby you congratulate the winner because that’s what you do. But no we have to give it to the K netz to pull the happy plug and kill the party. Honey Lee is a former Miss Korea who was 3rd runner up at Miss Universe 2007 and she is no stranger to the entertainment industry. She’s a brilliant actress too so how dare they make our Honey submit and apologise for sharing her photos for the world to see. I seriously think Knetz really do not know how to be happy for anyone’s success other then their own. They’re such killjoys.

    • Honey Lee is tremendously accomplished, both as an actress and in other fields – she holds a degree in traditional Korean music from Seoul University and has performed at several concerts/recorded CDs, you would think these jerks should be proud that someone like her is a representative of traditional Korean arts. But no, they nitpick instead, and on two of the most successful actresses of the last year!

      Btw I’m her fan forever after her sageuks but she was wonderful in The Fiery Priest, I still mutter “ah, stRESS” in her style when I’m stuck in traffic sometimes ?

    • Goodness me, I agree. Some K-nets are truly scary. She would have won Miss Universe had the translator not bungled her answer to a question that was vital for scoring final points. Anyways, she is a beautiful and talented actress with Yoon Kye Sang of Chocolate as her long-term bf. Maybe some people are just jealous.

  8. ….I’m dumbfounded, are they not even allowed to congratulate their colleagues for something so huge? Of all the petty nitpicks to pick…

    Good on the netizens who stood up for Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Hani though. The actresses did nothing wrong, and in fact the Parasite team even had to issue a statement saying they invited them over because they were in the area – I hope the nitpicking netizens are ashamed of themselves for marring a historic occasion for Korean film woth such pettiness.

  9. K netizens have to be some of the most toxic bunch of people on earth! No wonder so many idols and actors from Korea commit suicide after their vicious bullying!
    Honey Lee is gorgeous and talented, and I am glad she had a good time with her friends!
    K netizens can gtfo!

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