Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, and Woo Do Hwan Spotted Filming The King: Eternal Sovereign at a Seoul Basketball Arena

It’s always neat to see early behind the scenes pics of highly anticipated dramas and no other 2020 scheduled K-drama is probably trending as high in buzz as the Kim Eun Sook fantasy romance The King: Eternal Sovereign. Two months ago fans saw male lead Lee Min Ho literally personifying Prince Charming riding a white horse and now we see him playing basketball as well as the first look at the other two leads Kim Go Eun and Woo Do Hwan. Kim Go Eun looks badass in what appears to be a female bodyguard type outfit and Woo Do Hwan is equally sharp in his Neo inspired suit. The drama has tons of filming needed with the huge budget and parallel universes story line so I look forward to more sneak peeks!


Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, and Woo Do Hwan Spotted Filming The King: Eternal Sovereign at a Seoul Basketball Arena — 125 Comments

  1. So much hype for this drama! Let’s see how it with turn out! After CLOY’s ending this week, I need a new good Drama to watch. I already tried Itaewon Class, the plot is so predictable and it is so boring for me. Hope this drama will air soon.
    My girl Kim go eun is here??. I will definitely watch this. For LMH, I never liked him in anything except City Hunter.
    WDH is pretty promising in My Country, maybe he will surprise us and steal the thunder from LMH, just like KWB did in the heirs.

    • kwb stole no thunder from him. It was lmh who benefitted the most landed cf deals all over asia. Lmh antis and their theories.. wdh is b list and noone will watch for him.

      • Um, he’s the reason why I’ll be watching. I’m not a fan of Lee Min Ho at all. Let people have their opinions. They’re not hurting you.

      • I can have opinion on people’s opinion.lee mim ho is the draw of the show not some b list actor lmao.

      • So does lmh haters who r trying to discredit him when he is the face of all these dramas. Kwb was noone before heirs. It was sold on lmh name

    • adyjunjihyun is like a LMH bubble wrap. Lives and breathes LMH 24/7. Go stir crazy if you are one inch off the center of her LMH obsessed worship. Probably unemployed cat-lady sitting at home all day commenting on every single koala’s post. She’ll be flying the flag for LMH from now till the drama over 4 years later. Lol.

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      • -ten its called having smart investments when u r making money n live peacefully. I am not a slave of cooperates like u anymore. 😉

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      • Shall I be your Shah Rukh Khan and you be my Kajol? I am crushed you prefer Lee Min Ho over Salman Khan, you are making a lot of Indian guys very jealous on Valentines Day.

    • @ten lmaoo none of those actors interest me a bit ! Nope i love myself and i dont want to be any actress! u have a lot of love for murderer salman khan. I have no interest in your idols and their supporters. !

  2. These two guys have similar vibe. Since the first time I watched WDH, he reminds me of LMH so much. Maybe because of tall figure and build. Now we will see 2 of them together, I don’t know why, I don’t even get excited. KGE is the only reason that I will wait and try this one. She is such a talented actress. Hope it doesn’t have goblin vibe (same writer and same lead actress) again.

  3. Looking at this stills, I kind of wish Kim Go Eun was paired with Woo Do Hwan. I can feel Second Lead Vibes aplenty just from this shot alone, lol. It looks really cool. I can’t wait to watch this.

    • she is lead actress and she wont be paired with second lead. . it is kim eun show where male lead gets everything. And their dressup is making them look good together. When show becomes success it will be main lead’s success not second lead!

      • no hate towards wdh but he just looks like a side character next to lee min ho. if you look at other stills lol .

      • @sherpa yes thats why he is side lead not main lead. such actors r made for playing second eads in big budget shows. simple

      • No he isn’t. He is just a b list actor and yawn inducing lmh is biggest korean actor worldwide. Thats why he is main lead not that other guy

      • Most second leads are better than LMH. Look at KWB in Heirs. Your opinion is always so biased.

    • @joker most second leads ate not better than him. He is the onr who comes out as winner from each show and face of the show. Second leads are made for second fiddles and b list dramas like than drama of kwb with suzy. Blist. So does this guy . At 27 lmh has already given 5 hit dramas wheras this guy last drama averaged 4%. Kim eun soom has hired him for second lead and he will always be one. Whereas superstars like lmh come out as winners. Haters like u can dream

      • Am I a Hater? U must be joking. I am just saying what I can observe here. Do u want to leave your nth comment as if you have not said enough trash?

      • You call your opinion as fact and mine biased? On what criteria? Kwb was wooden in show with creepy eyes and it was lmh who endorsed 100 cf i nezt 2 years after heirs not kwb. If he had overshadowned lmh he would’ve got such deals . Nope no he never lvershadwoed him and yes u r a hater

      • Do you know where KWB has been the past 3 years? Seriously, could KWB work even if he wanted to?? You are stupid.

      • KWB absolutely the winner from the Heirs. KES trying to cast him for dots before, and he got another offer for Along with the gods too. He always got good offers from drama land and movie land. Now he will work with Choi dong Hoon PD. LMH? he struggle in movie land and I can see clearly KES give him the same character again. This is will be KGE drama.

      • @Maya Exactly. It must be a hard concept to grasp for her that the world doesn’t revolve around LMH and his CF deals lol. That user acts holier than thou but is actually the one who drags and downplays other actors/actresses the most on this site lmao. And apparently she’s a working adult? I thought I was talking to a teenager like myself.

      • @joker his sickness i know but my point was he waa not on same lecel deal with it
        @maya he was winner ti get lead roles but not on same level of lmh level. His roles were nevel of same level
        The bsolute winner will be lee min ho like he was after heris. He is the main leas and her dramas revolves around him. Actresaes has nothing much to do expect serve props for male leads. Lmao he gets mega blockbuster dramas so dont wory about his career. And how do u know it is same role ? It is double role amd different lmao. Kim eun soom gave him drama because she knows his star power. She isnt doing any charity and he has 2 hit movies and will have more in future and haters like u cans eethe. He is buggest halltu star ecen by govt poll deal with it. Who is kwb? A has been
        @marie coming from a woozie fan who uses her cf deal to drag others. She is nothing more than lmh ex ex outside korea u know. Lmaooom got dumped hard

      • @maya u wish he was on lmh level as much as u want! Imagint thibking kkm eun sook giving dramas for big heart lmao. She needs to sell it and lmh will sell it.and he brings overseas sales. It will be lee min ho drama. Kim go eun will just run around him like she did in goblin he will walm with all cf deals and awards. And anti like u will seethe

      • @Maya, @Marie and @Joker, adyjunjihyun is a Hindi speaking fan from Bollywood thinking she is an expert on K-actors. Look at her last post speaking to her good friend Shrusti in Hindi. The K-drama world must revolves around her world.

      • @ten racist must? so international viewers cant express their opinion? Yes i m an expert for sure bcoz u r getting pressed big time lmao

      • @ten u r such a sissy calling out them for help and arguments. lmao and then act like a macho. Hialrious!

  4. Lee min ho all d best oppa. U look handsome as usual. read your last month interview where u said injuries has taken toll on your health after u worked a lot in 20s and your body is not same anymore ( he had accident before he became a star when he was bed ridden for a year ). I wish it become a success so u get relax and shoot many cfs for years and comeback when u r healthy again. All d best. your health matters more. Lol all d antis here. He is main lead n no one is taking that from him . Cant wait it to become biggest hit of the year!

      • I doubt he will be active after reading interview. He said he isnt physically fine like he was used to be in past. And injuries has taken toll over him when he was in accident during teenage when he was bedridden for year. After king airs, i can see hin shooting cf for some years. So less schedule longer the career. Amd as fans we need to support him

      • Clara most new gen of k drama fans start with boys over flowers which started second hallyu wave altogether

  5. lee min ho i will always love you. even if people on this blog keeps hating on you. they are just sorry ass people who cant see you succeed in life. you will always be the king just like the title of your new drama. keep slaying and make this people hate on you more.

    • This hate is due to fact they are worried he is coming with biggest project of the year not their fave. Thats why. just enjoy the meltdowns!

      • I’m not trying to put oil on the fire but I’ve been reading a lot of your comments (as your are commenting so many articles), and you can’t seem to acknowledge the fact that people’s opinion may diverge from yours, why ?
        I have no problem with LMH but I do honestly think that he isn’t the best Korean actor at all. He may be one of the most famous but it doesn’t mean that his popular projects are good quality dramas). We all know singers who are really popular yet we don’t understand why. That’s the same for me here.
        Unless he really improves his acting skills, I can definitely swear that he would never win an Oscar or some international prize.
        Because I write this doesn’t mean that I am LMH’s anti, I’m just trying to express my freedom of speech. I don’t have any peculiar favourite Korean actor to defend. I just don’t understand why you can’t tolerate people who don’t share your love for LMH or BTS…

      • @not lmh anti it is public discussion forum and i m replying to those who indiectily putting him down. You got a problem?
        You dont find him good actor is none of my concern. He is good actor to me whose successful projects as well as s some little less successful projects like faith, gangnam has different character shades. so he is versatile for me.
        U think he is on par with idols. we have to disagree
        He doesnt need oscar or any international prize. He is good at his asian fanbase and that is what matters .
        No ur not but my replies r not for u. Some people here tried to discredit his success in previous dramas saying second leads carrried those dramas. which is fales and i will call it out, simple
        I hope u got my point!

      • And please dont compare him to idols. @notlmh anti. Idols companies buy them roles. He earned it from small dramas and made it big with bof. He is self made actor. Dont compare him to golden spoon fed idols. same for bts who came from small company and made it big.

  6. WDH face looks like it was chiseled from clay, I’ve always thought his face was exquisite. But why does looks lit look like those sunglasses don’t even fit KGE’s face properly and why is she wearing a suit and dress shoes that looks like they were made for 15 year old boy, please treat our girl better.

  7. Hwz kim go eun career going in korea? She has acclaim , quite gud movies and read more.movies r lined up, 2 hit dramas with goblin becoming overall international success and now this drama lined up. It means she is surely doing well but i mever see the hype. She is good actress so i hope she gets more interest . Though i read her interview where she said she is very selective at endorsememts and dont wanna known as cf actress. That is quite strong resolve

  8. Whoa LMH and WDH! Then KGE and Jung Eun Chae this is going to be mint! Onwards and upwards people another stellar drama is heading our way ❤️

    • I hope so. He said his body isnt in gud shape right now and he isnt feeling same like he did in 20s. That accident is taking toll over him now. I hope he does work when he is ready. With kings success he can just do endorsements for another 4 or 5 years n do a movie bcoz movie shoot is easier than dramas.

  9. people here trying to downplay lmh r just hilarious and suddenly new fan of side kick lmao……. sad fact for them. He is the main lead and her dramas revolve around male lead. can’t wait for it to air to see more butthurts!

    • All of your comments show your desperation. LMH is a bad actor and supporting actor is worthy of lead roles. WDH will have much longer career than LMH.?

      • My desp? Lmaooo. Lmh is superstar for 11 years. Who is wdh lmao? By wdh age lmh was already a super star for years with massuve dramas pan aisan success like bof n heirs. His underperformed dramas like faith n personal taste has done better than any wdh projects. Lmao wdh doesnt belong to that league!lmao N lmh is at top for 11 years n started new decade at top. U haters can dream! Wdh will have long career as side kicks who wont get such massive prjects as lead whereas lmh will keep getting such dramas because he sells them everywhere. Star power which wdh has none! And nope he is a good actor for millions of people! Lmh fans has no need to be desperation wdh fa girl. Edh last drama averaged mere 4%
        Loll he is just a b list actor. That is truth!

      • And he is going army after this drama.
        Lmh is topping polls even after years of absence and signed millions of dollars endorsements which wdh can only dream of. So dont talk about ny desp. When your b list fave cant even touch lmh success! When wdh get a blockbuster drama as main lead, then even put him in league of park bo gum types because lmh ksh r on the level he can dream of
        So wdh fangirl its u who r desp.
        Hard fact for u
        lee min ho is male lead
        Wdh is second lead in lmh’s drama

      • What do you mean by longer career.LMH has been in this industry since 2006.
        So that’s 14 years already and he is only 32 and still the most popular actor in Korea.
        Lmh can go on for like the next 10 years. Even if dont like him, u don’t have to be a hater.

      • Idiots !
        What I mean WDH will act for longer time-period than LMH.
        All of you are dunb who can’t comprehend a regular English comment. ?

      • @female he can act longer with small roles whereas king lmh will keep rocking with big budget projects as lead. Uu r the one who is idiot and failed at shade

    • @lk and 11 years as top most actors and face of k dramas everywhere. Topping government official poll besides being in army. Also add this kkng dhow which is going to be success, means starting another decade at top

      • When someone is saying bad against lmh then u r just abusing that person then why r u jst showing ur hate against wdh

      • @ria i abused those who abused me. I m just giving lmh haters their own dose of medicine who suddenoy hecame fan of this unknown b list actor lmao

  10. I live in Oklahoma in the USA and I recently found kdramas on youtube. I have bought several of the different series and so I can watch them whenever. The kdrama that got me following is Boys Over Flowers. I, of course, don’t speak Korean and use the English subtitles. LMH and Kim Hyun Joong are my favorites. SS501, love watching them on youtube. I will be ordering The King when it becomes available.

    • Boys over flowers was the show which started second korean wave im 2009. The channel made so much money from it worldwide. The pretty boy or flowerboy which we use it in k pop was developed here with 4 boys. It made lee min go a apan asia star which he never lost and signed killions of dollars worth endorsements all over asia. Infact bof is known for starting ahow for new k drama.fans most of the time

  11. I’m sure that LMH, KGE and WDH are not sitting at home saying (Why did they say that about me). We have a right to our own opinions. REAL TALK the only opinion they should deeply worry about is the man that signs their check. We are going to be at home watching them on the big screen making thousands of dollars. I say they are all great performers. I wish the best for all of them. So LMH, KGE and WDH do what only you can do. Im excited. I can’t wait to see ” THE KING” Sending Blessing

  12. Would you look at that. Lol no one stole any thunder from lmh drama. You’re just being deluded to think that. Lmh was all over asia after heirs. He peaked new career high after heirs. Kwb fans and lmh antis only think they stole thunder from lmh. But keep on hating cause the king is coming back and making you guys butt hurt more..

    • After heirs lee min ho shot 120 cfs in next years. They wish their fave get same level of success. They are mostly park bo gum , lmh ex suzy, song joong ki, kim soo hyun fans who r bitter with lmh getting kim eun sok drama. Hate is coming out. They know after this drama he will start another decade at top . They are scared

  13. humm…I was quite hype after after hearing about the story. But now, those hype go down slowly after seeing most of the sneak peaks. It’s suggesting that’s not your cup of tea drama…sigh~

      • Mera pyaar Adyjunjihyun, lol. So you outed yourself as from Bollywood speaking Hindi to Shrusti. Acting holier than the rest of us as if you are the number one authority on LMH and K-actors. Namaste meree bahan.

      • @ten i never hid it lmao? what r u talking about? if i had to hid i owuldve never written in desi language. lmao what r u ever pointing out? I love lmh and i will keep supporting him from haters like u! No i m not inetrsted in any type of relation with u creep

    • Bollywood? i am from india not bollywood. It is small filmcity in mumbai… shows ur ignorance and racism. Bw doesnt interest me a bit!

      • did some upper caste boys dump you? is that why u r so bitter towards bollywood type males? ooooo, this is getting really interesting.

      • Lmao ten why r u so much intersted in my personal life? Truth is guys cant afford me if u wanna know and i dump them if they dont meet my standards .;) anyways my personal life is none of your business and dont expect any reply on my personal life from me. Be a decent man and stop asking women about their lives on internet. It makes u look cheap and creep. Will reply u in few hours if u have questions related to blogs and lmh . My life is none of ur concern

      • Men like u stalk and harass women on internet and spam their inboxes. Just disgusting creeps. U r Just male chauvinistic pig. Pathetic who is trying to poke his nose in some womens lice on internet. Creep alert

    • What expose btch? U r so pressed about my comments i can understand your pain not so funny dumb assss. I wrote openly . How is it a expose? Lmaooo u people r surely dumb lmh antis!

    • And racist odiots like u showing your true selves! There is nothing wring with me writjng in hindi to my country men and you look down on toher cojnteies n people shows ur menatlity and how racist people on this blog r including u! I am proud of my roots not so funny btch

      • Racist idiots* writing* other countries* . Tell me btch what expose? When did i hide it ? Tell me dumb asss? Racist cuntt

  14. Who else wrote in hindi expect me? So why r u acting iversmart dumb asss when u lack brain cells to be one? U r more than dumb and u r lame. Change ur username btch. Lmao u calling me one wont make one. Who r u? A wanker in ur mothers basement

  15. Awww… lee min ho ?

    Funny story, i remember hate him once because my mother love him so much after watch BBF. Lol. Jealous kid.

    But i’am glad he still acting, hoho… lets watch this together mom.

    • He looks hot to many of us so dont pass it as fact and he is good actor for millions of fans. Yeab such a bad actor that pds offered him biggest project of 2020 on tv lmao

    • Bad actor? Why he receive a lot of award and nomination? Not only for popular award but there are, best new actor, most talented, most promising actor, best asean actor and so… Are they who give the award dumb, blind, or not professional?.

    • Agree with @eleven. LMH has a wide and bloated face. @Not k-drama fan Suzy gets a lot of awards too, and do you call hers “acting”? I am a dramafan so I can tell who can act. Not LMH in my opinion. You can disagree but I don’t care. One delulu fan thinks she can represent millions here is the biggest joke I have read today.

    • @dramafan junkhead and u n ur minions represent majoity ? Lmao u think u know better than kes n top producers.. suzy plays showpiece roles, mh sells drama on his starpower and acting. Millions love him thats why he is top star. he is handsome and uglies like u can keep seething. He will top this year with biggest drama of year and u haters can keep crying. He is great actors and yes millions think like me delusional tard

      • Yes millions think like you are delusional. I never say I represent the majority nor I want to speak for my minions. I have my own assessment. LMH cannot act, his crying scenes are the worst, his kissing technique is woodpecker style… KES only writes cheesy dramas. Ratings cannot beat Sky Castle and now Itaewon Class will also surpass.

  16. Bad actor? Why he receive a lot of award and nomination? Not only for popular award but there are, best new actor, most talented, most promising actor, best asean actor and so… Are they who give the award dumb, blind, or not professional?.

  17. @drama fan u r deldu passing your opinion as some sort of factt. He is great in those scenes and when majority agress that is what it counts. U can watch ur 2 % rating actor because u r just pressed ur fave cant touch his success. Stock holders pds, and kes who is biggest writer in korea thinks otherwise n that is what counts not just pressed opinion dumbo!

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