Kim Bum Joins Lee Dong Wook and Jo Boa in Tale of Gumiho After Military Discharge

I really like Kim Bum but I can’t believe I forgot he was in military service for the past two years. I just thought he wasn’t working lol, but am glad to be reminded he was busy serving his duty and will be back soon. He’s already lined up his first project post discharge, joining Lee Dong Wook and Jo Boa in the fantasy romance Tale of Gumiho. Like Lee Dong Wook, he will also be playing a male gumiho but one who is haughty and disdains humans. Hope he’s not an antagonist and merely an uppity demon who needs to learn some human TLC.


Kim Bum Joins Lee Dong Wook and Jo Boa in Tale of Gumiho After Military Discharge — 15 Comments

  1. I thought he had a hereditary illness, it’s why he didn’t work so much and why he was a service worker instead of army.

    Boys over Flowers was one of the worst versions of all I watched but Kim Bum and Kim So Eun were the best part for me.

  2. Most of Kim Bum’s post-BOF work has been disappointing to me. I don’t know why, I had high expectations of him post BOF – which I truly feel has been his one of his best work so far. All his other roles that I’ve watched has only succeeded in putting me to sleep. I couldn’t get past the first two episodes of Padam Padam, and couldn’t stand his acting in Hidden Identity (he was too intense and I felt that he was miscast in that role). I read that he had rave reviews in Mrs Cop 2 but haven’t watched that drama yet. I did try to watch the Detective Dee C-dramas, but once again, I found it boring and had to drop it. I do believe that he has a lot of potential. Maybe one day he’ll finally take a role that I’ll be able to connect with.

    • Agree. His high profile dating with MGY might have hindered his career too? Like @Sayaris and @Oki, I actually like him the most in BOF… too bad his career does not turn out bright, and now a lot of younger actors have surpassed him.

  3. I saw him only in BOF and That Winter The Wind Blows. Thought he was not too bad and had potential. Most of his other dramas didn’t seem to ring a bell to me. Will catch it if this on Netflix.

  4. Oh my….,this is beautiful to see kim bum back after a long time,hope this move he’s gonna make will keep him on going coz it has been a while without seeing him act.

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