Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Again Deny Dating Rumors After Netizen Spots Them Holding Hands Under the Table Filming Crash Landing on You

These two might set a record for number of times there is a new dating rumor between them. And for the record this would be the third flare up of this rumor enough to make the news. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin just finished their mega hit drama Crash Landing on You and right on cue there is a new dating rumor surrounding them. In a BTS video of the two filming a scene earlier in the drama, eagle eyed netizens spotted what appears to be the two of them holding hands under the table. His side has denied the dating rumors and says Son Ye Jin was holding her own hands together but eh that’s not the case since it’s clearly two different colored jackets over a white shirt in the hand holding. If these two aren’t dating then awesome way to keep up the guessing game and play with all their shippers, and if they are dating then they better have a story for later when they make a public announcement for why so many denials in the past.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Again Deny Dating Rumors After Netizen Spots Them Holding Hands Under the Table Filming Crash Landing on You — 41 Comments

  1. I think they are dating but I don’t think they held hands under the table. They are professionals, unlikely to make that kind of mistake (in front of the camera? I don’t think so). Looks to be son ye Jin own hands?
    they might have something about each other. Maybe still deciding, maybe dating, maybe friends first or even maybe just broken up ha! Whatever it is, chemistry is off the charts and I applaud the spirit of denying to the end. Stay out of the limelight and just be happy. *hearto*

  2. @ockoala i love it that u seems to be following every news regarding BinJin couple,. I love both of them. I would ask nothing but for them to find their happiness and it would be perfect if it would be with each other.

  3. the video was from BTS for ep 5 and 6, and i was actually looking for it in tvn’s youtube channel but can’t find it unless it was one of those restricted-to-specific region videos. Though it was available through Swoon with eng sub, i still want the original version, anyone?

  4. they might end up like song song couple denied dating rumours and make a spark with engagement or wedding announcement.for i think they are dating?

    • Both actors signed an agreement from their agencies not to reveal their relationship status until the agency agrees to it. It’s painful to See both hiding their love that is undeniably oozing with love for each other.
      One day, we will all wake up to hear an engagement announcement. I will bet my lst centavo on this!! The love between this two are for keeps. Let’s watch and pray desperately!???

  5. Having them be an actual couple would delight all the shippers and Crash landing on you lovers including myself, but I don’t think they are actually dating. Granted the chemistry is off the charts, but let’s not forget they are really good actors, looking like they are in love is what they do for a living. Plus there are a couple of clips online (for example screening of the last episode at the wrap up party where at the end, everyone claps, and HB gives YJ a quite hug/tap on the back) that screams ‘friends’) Would be so happy to be proven wrong though

    • I feel the same…dunno but I have a hunch he’s still/got back with his ex(Kang Sora)I’ve browsed her insta and she was also in Switzerland in August 2019 (around the time CLOY was filming…same spot->Lake Brienz)Coincidence or not, it’s rather fishy. Oh well, none of that is our business after all. I loved CLOY to bits and their chemistry was everything, that’s all that matters. So looking forward to their next projects.

      • omg, my gut told me the same (but i hope it’s not true!). i visited her instagram around december, out of curiosity, and found that KS was also there for vacation in August.

      • Some fans will read into any situations that support their hunch/gut feeling/instinct. Could be a pure coincidence. Just like Dean Koontz novel The Eyes Of Darkness which talked about man-made Wuhan 400-virus before the real virus happened. It was originally named Gorki-400 (1981) but the writer changed it to Wuhan-400 in the 1990s long before any bio-engineer lab was built there.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m just giving my two cents here. I’m not into shipping real life people (outside of fiction) and I just wanted to point out that there’s a possibility he might have gotten back with his ex in the end, not that’s it’s the absolute truth. And I could care less tbh because it’s none of our business what they’re doing in private. All I want from them is to keep entertaining us for many years to come. Of course, I also wish them the best in their respective lives.

      • Kang Sora and her mom had left Switzerland by the time the CLOY cast and crew got there.

  6. Evidence A – just look at the still shots of the two of them in Switzerland … shipping hearts do not stand a chance. Personally, I don’t ship anymore because all my ships sunk!
    However, the random pictures of them doing grocery in LA made me curious about them which led me to CLoY. Chemistry is insane … there were smiles & looks on HB’s face that I’ve never seen on him before & he looks genuinely happy. She is the harder one to figure out but my sister, who’s a chemistry expert ?, thinks she likes him, too. So whatever they are to each other, that’s their own business! But if they are together IRL, WOW – the beautiful dramas & babies they can make!

  7. Goodness me. This vicious cycle of dating rumours would never end. Marketing ploy or teasing shippers? The hug thing during wrap up party looked professional to me but fans blow it up as evidence exhibit A. HB did the same thing with HJW during a BTS for episode 14 SG Christmas party kiss scene. After the director yelled cut, HB and HJW were still holding hands. At one point the camera crew followed them as they walked towards the director asking whether they should shoot the kissing scene again, at this point HB’s hand was still resting on HJW’s waist. Hence HJW was accused of breaking HB’s relationship with SHK. Sometimes I wonder if the BTS are rigged to make it look real creating more hype for the dramas.

    • Totally irrelevant because this scene is when they are not even in love yet. In fact Hyun Bins interpretation of the scene was a different type of like versus SYJ “yoon se ri likes ri jeong hyuk” and the feeling is mutual version. Theres no physical intimacy from his end required for this scene at all. Rather than the sleeve situation, the bigger giveaway is his incredulous expression when the “cut” happened. Both realised then only that the cameras were rolling when none of them had a clue. She even expressed surprise they were shooting.

      • Thanks for the clarification. My old nana eyes can’t see too well, lol. This will be the Holy Grail of their unconfirmed dating relationship then. The mother of hand holding “scandal” to end all hand holding scandals in years to come. Just looking at it with a cheeky Kiwi humour. it’s very entertaining though for those suffering from CLOY withdrawal symptoms.

    • You are absolutely right. These actors and actresses are paid to make sure that there are enough juicy stories around the drama and/or movie that are about to and during the screening time. So that there would be some free promotions for them. Of course, I love Son Ye Jin and know that she does not need this type of promotion and yet, it won’t hurt to have them. Hyun Bin is also well known and no need to have this type of promotion and yet, it is okay to have it during the drama is on. Hyun Bin and Tong Wei kissed so passionately in the movie “Late Autumn” that made fans felt that they were in love in real life as well.

      • That kiss in Late Autumn holds the record for the longest kiss in Korean cinema. Lol. Seems like HB is the ultimate professional in getting everything perfect including BTS interviews, promo videos, premieres, OTP scenes, kiss scenes, creating chemistry, etc that fans fall for it screaming it’s real, it’s real, heehee. Onward to his next movie set in Middle East about hostage taking thingy.

  8. Some professional actors remain in character even when they have stopped shooting a scene. The look on his face was almost sour, so intense/concentrated, mouth curved downward. Didn’t seem to match the hand holding mood beneath the table. SYJ looked more relaxed and smiley cheerful.

  9. What great actors! I think they are just friends.there was one interview of the two that showed HB not knowing about something he should have known if he were the boyfriend. Something related to the action on the show. I also recalled how HB was in World’s Within where it was revealed the leads were in a relationship while filming. The restraint they showed for CLOY was admirable. True to their characters. Happy to be corrected in the future though.

  10. If they were able to get away with the grocery pictures, they can deny everything else.

    This is like Song-Song couple once again, with even more palpable chemistry on and off cam. Shippers must be careful as too much attention in their dating life, if there’s any, can backfire.

    They honestly make a good couple. Best of luck.

    • Sorry to disappoint you including myself but They are not holding hands under the table.. Those are Son Ye-jin hands clasping together..

      • If that is true, why is her thumb on the wrong side of her left hand in that picture? He is obviously holding her hand. However, that does not indicate they are dating.

  11. I dont think getting compared to Song Song couple is a compliment now considering that both had some bitter divorce in the end. I dont wish BinJin to go on the same route as them. For now, I do believe they’re not dating and dating anyone. Let this issue rest.

  12. All these rumored-denied-rumored-denied things are quite bizzare within K-showbiz. It can be concluded with many possibilities. they’re dating, they’re not dating, they dated before but then broke up, or they’re in a stable relationship with someone else (even got back with ex), all these opinions are possible.

    We enjoyed their chemistry in this drama, but better refrained urself from meddling with their life.

    Maybe it’s the time for us believe them, accept what they’ve served and stop embarrassing these professional actors.

  13. they are at the right age to decide. i just wish their respective agencies would let them be happy. they might be protecting their image, but what about their future family. should they be restricted. if Korean stars wants to be acclaimed globally, they should be open minded.

    • in case you have no idea about it, both HB and SYJ are labelled as Hallyu Stars long before this drama aired.
      Many people watch this drama mainly because the leads are A-list and well known actors.
      Not necessary to reveal their private life into public to be acclaimed globally, they dont even need that. They’ve been known as credible actors from their respective works.

  14. Honestly speaking I don’t really understand why some people are so engrossed in proving if they are really dating. And what if they are dating? What is wrong in them holding hands under a table while filiming? gosh, why can’t people let a sleeping dog lie?, let assume they are dating but do not want to make it public, what is wrong in that?.I think they should do what ever makes them happy and protect what ever they cherish, it is much better for them. You two are really good and effective in what ever you do and we love you for that. Please Huyn Bin do not disappear for too long from us please.

    • Holding hands? lol sure they have lots of time in their hands. Maybe those shippers should rewatch episode 13, it’s part of the scene. They should realize that at shoot it could be a longer holding hands scene, but it became shorter it the final cut.

  15. I Love them both Hyun Bin and SYJ their perfect couple i dont care if there dating or not but for me they had a good chemistry together how i wish there will b season 2… or another Romantic Love story drama for them.. ??? God Bless for both of you..

  16. this the first time i watch oppa hyun bin drama but its been the third time watching nonna son ye jin….I know you guys will play along in another drama,meet new people, but “” crash landing on you” fits you guys….. I hope you guys date and marry. you look good together

  17. Both actors are very professional.They might have built a deeper friendship especially when filming Crashalanding.It is normal to get to know someone while working together,in fact it is healthy.They are both mature people and regardless if rumors are true or not, let’s not forget to thank Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin for giving us the best and most inspirinf love story in the history of Korean Drama. BOTH OF YOU TOUCHED OUR HEARTS IN SO MANY WAYS. SARANGHE

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