Cast of Parasite and President Moon Jae In Criticized by K-netizens for Holding Celebratory Luncheon at Blue House

Consider this one an overreaction by K-netizens and really a huge about face from pride to consternation. The cast of Oscar winning box office hit movie Parasite attended a celebratory luncheon at the Blue House with South Korean President Moon Jae In this week, in honor of the film winning Best Picture and multiple other awards as a first for a foreign language film at the prestigious Academy Awards. K-netizens are angry at this happy prideful celebration being held when there is the new coronavirus outbreak that has sickened a few dozen people in South Korea though the majority of the infected remain from Mainland China. I dunno, this seems like not a national emergency in South Korea so clearly not a reason for all things to come to a halt. But then again, this celebratory luncheon also wasn’t urgent and could be held at a later time when this fear has subsided.


Cast of Parasite and President Moon Jae In Criticized by K-netizens for Holding Celebratory Luncheon at Blue House — 19 Comments

  1. Most cases are in Daegu. If K-netizens are so concerned, Close all public places, Close all restaurants, Close their airports. See how their economy will suffer.

  2. It was really unncessary on presidents part and irony of parasite movie played out in real life how elites dont give a fck about poor

    • People are getting infected with virus and the cases are increasing rapidly, but the president is having a party for a movie success. Lol of course people gonna get mad

      • I still don’t get the connection. If someone wants to hold a party as planned long time ago, just let it be as long as everyone washes their hands before & after. Life still goes on.

      • He’s the fu*king president of the country. Not just random company president throwing party..

      • Oh I c. Let him be fu*ked by his own citizens then. Does not sound like he is very well liked. Lol.

  3. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Maybe a scaled down, more low-key version to reflect the general mood is more appropriate. Some events got cancelled too in NZ even though we haven’t had any confirmed cases so far. The situation in Daegu is a fast evolving one which caught everyone by surprise. Pray that everyone is looking after themselves and that this virus will be vanquished as soon as possible. Just so worrying it seems to be spreading to more and more countries. Take care everyone.

  4. A slew of cancellations and postponement for music awards, concerts, fan meetings, etc just been announced. The domino effect would result in less K-dramas/films getting made on schedule and aired. However, health and safety come first for everyone. Let’s all hope that this virus be busted soonest possible. Even Hyun Bin issued a letter in 4 languages acknowledging fans throughout the world and Asia out of concern and worry for their safety. He also praised those working hard to eradicate the virus. What a guy.

  5. Other countries were laughing when China started their outbreak. They felt they deserved it and it will never touch their country. How naive, it’s a virus and without a vaccine it will eventually reach your country. Unless all movement of people are restricted which will never happen in the modern world of travel.

    • That’s a bit of a stretch. I have never read about other country laughing at China with the thoughts that Covid-19 won’t reach their lands. Most were indeed laughing and mocking China for suffering the karma for eating exotic wildlife animals, even have specific market for such which is incomprehensible. If they really thought the virus won’t reach them, why the hell are they banning entry of the Chinese and other visitors who had just traveled from China?

      It’s a pandemic and everyone has rights to be panicked about it.

      • It’s still not classed as a pandemic by WHO as yet. Comments in the daily mail don’t think COVID is that scary. They reckon it’s scaremongering.

      • The WHO is useless in reporting. Cases in Daegu has since jumped 8 fold in 4 days, now over 400 cases with a mental health facility patients and workers infected in nearby Cheongdo. Death cases continue to rise in Iran and in Italy dozens of cities are in lock-down. Look to websites like Zero Hedge and

      • Agree. Do not listen to WHO. The spread of virus is now totally out of control. WHO should spend more time in doing research for a vaccine and a cure instead of plain talking.

  6. South Korea has the most cases of the Virus after China, so I understand the netizens feelings and fears even though I think the celebration is harmless. It’s just bad timing.

  7. It is just an official lunch, I don’t see any fancy celebration being held. The president probably has these kind of lunches every other day with foreign dignitaries, officials and whatnot. I personally thinks it is thoughtful to honour the cast and crew, after all this is a ground-breaking event, like winning the Olympics or something.

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